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Dessin Des Sourcils
Dessin Des Sourcils
Keeping brows in line. A dual-purpose tool for well-behaved eyebrows. The precision pencil redefi...
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Touche Éclat Le Stylo
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Dessin Des Sourcils
Dessin Des Sourcils
Keeping brows in line. A dual-purpose tool for well-behaved eyebrows. The precision pencil redefi...
Dessin Des Sourcils
Dessin Des Sourcils
Keeping brows in line. A dual-purpose tool for well-behaved eyebrows. The precision pencil redefi...

About Eyebrow Pencils

No facial feature has gone through as many different changes and trends as our eyebrows. From bushy to over-plucked to back to fuzzy, brows have seen it all. But that's all for a good reason. Changing the shape and highlighting them is one of the quickest ways to improve your look. And one of the popular tools to achieve that desired look is to use the eyebrow pencils. 

The eyebrow pencils have been around for quite some time now, and women all over the world resort to these pencils to shape and highlight their brows. That's precise because the pencils come with fine tips. With such features, you can fill in gaps with hair-like strokes and create the most natural-looking finishes. However, the point to note here is that you need to have a sound knowledge of pencils. Understanding how they work, the shades that suit you and the best way to apply them all play a crucial role in selecting the best eyebrow pencil to buy online. Luckily, this article is all that you need. So keep reading!

Everything you need to know about your brow magic pencil 

As with many other health & beauty products, eyebrow pencils come in many options. How to know which brow pencil works best for you depends on several factors. For instance, you need to consider what you are looking for when contouring your brows, what type of pencil you're looking for, and so on. These factors are only a few that you'd be working with. Some other include, the size, shape, and style of brows. Do you have any allergies, or are you looking out for something long-lasting? And the list can go on. Below we've compiled the various types of eyebrow pencils and what they can do for you and your skin tones.

The perfect shades of eyebrow pencil for blondes

You must've gathered by now that the eyebrow shapes have faced many changing trends. However, one burning question remains the same – what shade do I use? We all know that brows are all about different skin tones and hair colour. Let's take blondes as an example. For blondes, it's usually best if you mix something with a warm undertone. This way, your colour wouldn't look grey. But if your blonde hair has a cooler undertone, then go for the taupe shade when choosing the pencil. It's a great universally-flattering option. Alternatively, if your blonde hair has a warmer undertone, then it's best to choose a warmer shade like brown. It allows you to create shape and fullness easily. 

The traditional style light brown eyebrow pencil

Be it the brown or pitch-black pencils; the conventional style eyebrow pencils are the best for filling and refining. Even though you can find many waxy pencils out there, but none of the pencils fills in the eyebrows with hair like precision as with these traditional-style pencils. The reason for this is that the pencils ingredients enable you to create smooth and even strokes. Besides, using these pencils are much easier than the others. But, here's a catch! You need to make small, quick strokes that match your hair length and direction. Keeping this in mind, while working on your eyebrows, gives you the best results. Besides, it makes sure that you brush your brows after you apply them.

The eyebrow highlighter pencil

Your eyebrows are one of the most features on your face. Therefore, you need to be careful when working on them because they frame our face and features. And one of the most crucial parts in defining your brows is to use the highlighter pencil. They not only define your brows but also create that required drama and longevity. While it might take a while to remove the marker or highlighter makeup, using this highlighter is the fastest way to create an arc with extreme precision. The marker or the highlighter contains materials that make it hard to remove, so make sure keep a bottle on vitamin E oil handy while you try out a new one. For a natural look, create short strokes.

Go vegan and eco-friendly with an organic eyebrow pencil

Just as important as how your eyebrows to complete your look, are the products you use to achieve the look. And even more vital are the ingredients used in them. Eyebrow pencils contain parabens, PEGs, and other common toxins that you can find in skincare products. For instance, many of the pencils, particularly carbon black shade, is linked to cancer and organ system toxicity. Similarly, you'll find traces of heavy metals in metallic and green liners. That's why it's best to go vegan, aka organic products. Natural and organic pencils contain ingredients that you do not have to think twice about. Like all other makeup products, natural pencils replace toxic substances with natural stuff.

Tips on how to buy Eyebrow Pencils online

Now that you're considerably familiar with the eyebrow pencils and their various aspects. It's now time for you to buy eyebrow pencils online in UAE. But what shade should you buy? Or which brand should you opt for? Should you go for the pricey ones or the cheap eyebrow pencils? These are just some of the common questions that every shopper faces when hunting for their favourite eye pencil online. Well, here's a handy guide to picking the right eyebrow pencil to create a look that you'll love.

  • Go for multifunctional pencils– As expected, you'll find eyebrow pencils with different features. A few popular models come with wax, powder and pencil functions all in one. This lets you define your eyebrows without using the other tools from your beauty arsenal. In other words, a multifunctional model saves your time and money in the long run.
  • Check out the ease of application– Things can get quite messy with a makeup product, and the eyebrow pencils aren't an exception. In other words, pick a model that allows you to easily apply them on the brows. Many models these days, come with easy application features. With this in place, you won't have to worry too much about applying the product n your eyebrows and failing.
  • Check for a shade range– As with any makeup the shade range is a critical feature in pencil products. Remember that not all product suit all the skin tones. That makes the presence of shade ranges on the products imperative. Only then you can check your skin tone and purchase a colour that perfectly matches your tone.
  • Look out for the weight of the pencil– People often overlook this feature of the eyebrow pencil. However, the fact is that it affects your day-to-day usage of the product. Ideally, your pencil must weigh 1 ounce. With this, you can sue them without worrying about feeling fatigued with their weight in your makeup kit. Keeping a lighter weight pencil also ensures its portability.
  • Assess the ingredients– Your pencils must be gentle on your skin. That is, it's better to opt for pencils with skin-friendly ingredients or those that won't trigger allergies once you apply them on your brows. Even though eyebrows just cover one small portion of your face, irritating them could lead to unpleasant looking spots and rashes. You could also opt for the ones that use organic ingredients.

To sum it up, investing in the right eyebrow pencils brings in long-term benefits. And we hope the above tips and tricks will help you purchase your favourite product without any hassles. After all, it's your face that you're dealing with. Besides, make sure that you consider the quality of the product too. Make sure that you pick premium quality products and avoid getting low-quality ones for saving just a few extra bucks.

Question & Answer

Is eyebrow powder better than a pencil?

You usually use brow pencils to fill in your eyebrows with precise strokes to mimic your hairs. You'll find thousands of brow pencils in different colours. But, unfortunately, you might find them a little difficult to apply. You could easily end up creating that angry, harsh looking eyebrow arcs. But, applying brow powder is much easier when compared to pencils. You use them to fill in gaps in your brows to give them a fuller look. You can even layer them as necessary to create your desired shape and colour. In other words, brow powders fair better when compared to pencils. But, then, in the end, it's all your personal preference.

What colour eyebrow pencil for blonde hair?

Bold brows and light blonde hair is the contemporary trending look. But then, when it comes to the eyebrows, you must look for an eyebrow pencil that is almost ashy with no red undertones. This allows you to create the most deepening effect that won't oxidise towards the end of the day. Besides, you could also pick a taupe shade which is a super-flattering colour. You can use them on women from blonde hair to women with jet black hair. Further, you can tone down by two shades lighter if you want to create a softer look.

Which is the best eyebrow pencil?

Every single person is beautifully different and their preferences too. That's mainly why the definition of 'best' in each of our books differs too. However, there's one thing that remains constant, and that's the quality of the product. You need to make sure that you buy the best of the best to ensure your safety and beauty. One of the easiest ways to do that is to select the pencils from the reputed brands. Check out popular brands like Morphe, Revlon, Burberry, and Loreal. They offer you a comprehensive collection of premium quality pencils that enables you to create that ravishing look. 

Where to buy an eyebrow pencil? 

Whether be it eyebrow concealer pencil or eyebrow pencil for sale you'll find them all at What's more, you can browse through various makeup products from popular brands and online stores only on our product search engine. Apart from that, you can also compare the features, specs, and prices of various options and choose the one that best suits your needs and the set budget.

We hope this article has covered every hack you need to purchase a suitable eyebrow pencil with you can achieve your desired look. So, start browsing here and take your pick today!