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About Light therapy

Light of different wavelengths or colours can fight a range of ailments and diseases. Various light therapy equipment has made this treatment non-invasive and surprisingly beneficial. Let us explore how.

Light therapy refers to using different invisible and visible lights to treat many diseases. The concept of using light is not new, though. It is something that humans have used time and again across centuries. In popular beliefs, Niels Finsen is considered to be the father of modern phototherapy. In his experiment, he used short-wavelength light to treat a skin infection, i.e. lupus vulgaris. Phototherapy has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Please continue reading to find out its effective results in today’s world.

All about light therapy equipment and their benefits

Phototherapy is well-known for treating skin disorders and improving metabolism. It even reduces pain due to joint injuries and muscle strains. Its broad range of benefits is turning it into a suitable treatment for patients who want non-invasive solutions. The patient sits in front of light therapy equipment and is exposed to artificial light during the therapy. Light therapy equipment comes in a wide variety ranging from white light to LED, infrared, and red light therapy lamps. Let us explore their uses separately.

Professional LED light therapy machine for skin benefits.

LED phototherapy is a non-invasive facial treatment. It uses a narrow band of non-thermal LEDs to trigger the natural cell process of the body. LED therapy is generally recommended for sun damage, eczema, and many more conditions. You can even consider the treatment for the overall renewal of your facial skin to reduce the signs of ageing. LED light treatment machines are based on phototherapy technology. It combines seven colours of LED light having different wavelengths to treat various skin problems. For example, yellow light is for photo-rejuvenation, red light is for dynamic phototherapy, whereas green reduces pigmentation.

Infrared massage heat lamp to alleviate muscle pain

The infrared spectra emitted by massage heat lamps offer deep heat to the skin. It also improves blood circulation and alleviates muscle soreness. If you get the best massage heat lamp to buy, we must tell you that it is cheap. Also, it is an effective alternative to red LED phototherapy or expensive saunas. You can use them to eliminate any pain like joint pain, spinal pain or even sports injury. They are also good at combating a range of skin infections and huge disorders. Most of the lamps emit not only infrared waves but also red, orange and yellow light.

Red light therapy lamp for anti-ageing benefits

Red light treatment solves a range of skin issues related to ageing using low wavelength red light. Many experts believe that it deals well with skin conditions like an age spot, wrinkles and even pigmentation. Red light penetrates deep into the skin so that cells can absorb it and use it readily. Red light treatment lamps promote collagen regeneration and rejuvenate skin for a younger and shinier look. Not just that, some models even work for fatigue and muscle soreness caused by excessive work or stress.

Tips on how to buy Light Therapy Equipment in Dubai

Phototherapy is a way to treat seasonal disorders, skin conditions, and even muscle soreness. Due to its non-invasive method, a lot of you must be attracted to it. Well, the good part is that there is a huge amount of options out there. Through them, you can take this therapy in the comfort of your home also.

  • Treatment required – Different phototherapies have different benefits to offer. Like, seasonal disorder, jet lag, skin disorders, dementia and depression. So, while choosing equipment, you must consider your health condition. For example, infrared spectra are effective at improving blood circulation and immune functions. But, visible light like blue and red are great at combating acne.
  • Type of light – When it comes to visible phototherapy, each colour has some unique benefits. Choose red light if your skin has an overproduction of sebum causing acne. Blue light is great at combating bacteria, whereas yellow works for melasma, i.e. dark spots. You should talk to your dermatologist for the best-suited phototherapy as per your skin condition.
  • Brand – There are many products in the market available at different costs. But, the primary thing to look out for is a product that meets safety standards. So, it is essential to go for a well-known and trusted brand. Like, one of the popular drugstore brands, Neutrogena, has launched an acne light pen. EMS LED, a phototherapy Device, is a multifunctional option that works on acne, wrinkles, and tightening of the skin. You can even choose from brands like Acne, Kingdomcares and Sonic for the best products.
  • Store – You can find phototherapy devices at many stores ranging from physical retail to online shops. However, in brick and mortar stores, you might not find a specific variety. So, choose to order your phototherapy device online. To make it easy, in, we have brought together more than 500 trusted online stores.

Find a wide array of led phototherapy equipment for sale offered by popular brands. On our product search engine , you will also be able to narrow down your choices using filters. So, go ahead and have a pleasant shopping experience ahead.

Question & Answer

Which is the best light therapy device?

Phototherapy devices come in a wide variety depending upon emitted light, features and benefits you are looking for. However, choosing the right one is the only key to effective results. So, go for the trusted brands that have been around for the past long, boasting a wide variety of products. Acne, Kingdomcares, EMS, Sonic, and Neutrogena are well-known brands in the industry. They offer the best phototherapy devices. You can find their products here on

What is a light therapy box?

Phototherapy uses a lightbox. It can release up to 10,000 lux of light, 5 to 20 times brighter than a regular lamp. It also works for lower wavelengths of light from the blue to the green areas of the visible spectrum. To make the therapy work, you need to sit in front of the lightbox. While direct exposure is essential, you should not look directly at the light. Maybe, distract yourself by doing some activity like reading a book or sketching. So, make sure to follow all the instructions given.

Does LED light therapy tighten skin?

LED phototherapy is generally used for the healing of skin and the production of collagen. It shrinks large pores resulting in tightening of the skin. The benefits of phototherapy for the skin are manifold. It treats acne, stimulates collagen elastin, regulates natural oil production, and minimizes wrinkles and redness. LED therapy utilizes light in the visible spectrum. Like, blue, red and yellow and even light beyond it. It penetrates different depths of the skin and produces enormous benefits.

How often should you have LED light therapy?

The treatment session for LED phototherapy is generally 15 to 30 minutes. It also depends upon individual needs and the equipment used. Four to five sessions in a week bring effective results. However, again there is a different healing process for everyone. Moreover, collagen cells take time to grow to show good results immediately. Full results may be after three months. This varies as per the skin type. Your skin may respond a bit early or late to the therapy. So, it’s better to consult a specialist.

So, you have gathered much information about phototherapy. Now, you must be eager to get light therapy equipment for yourself. You can get your hands on a variety. It might range from LED machines to cheap light therapy lamps for skin and red phototherapy lamps. On, you can find all sorts of devices with broad applications from home to beauty salons. We have products offered by popular brands operating in the industry, so you can rest assured of quality. If you feel overwhelmed with the range of options, you can filter down results through filters or direct searching. Moreover, compare the price to buy a light therapy lamp online in Dubai under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best health and beauty products at amazing deals.

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