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About Handkercheifs

Handkerchiefs are totally enjoying a comeback! Whether you want to wipe off your running nose, clean up spills or even accessorise your suit for an evening party, a variety of handkerchiefs come in handy.

Do you remember your mum taking out a hanky to soak up your little running nose? Those were also quick saviours in times of serious spills! Not only then, hankies never make you realise a shortage of tissues even now. However, their uses are much elevated in a way these days. Along with cleaning stuff, you can even use them as a smart pocket square and beautiful headbands. Furthermore, you can customise them to contain your name or any symbol you would like to sport. So, let us explore some must-have varieties.

Exploring prominent varieties of handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs vary based on fabric, size, design, and even quality. Some are lightweight and soft, whereas others come with a sturdy weave to ensure ultra-durability. There are different hankies for snuffling and cleaning up spills. The one used as a pocket square is altogether a new form. All handkerchiefs are the same. Hence, it is essential to understand its types not to feel overwhelmed by a range of choices out there. We will unveil every piece of information you need to know to buy a handkerchief on this page.

Cotton handkerchief

Have you ever known a habitual handkerchief user without a white cotton hanky? It’s that common! A handkerchief made up of cotton is versatile and convenient. It is hypoallergenic and the best absorbent as compared to other commonly used materials. Hence, when you have a runny nose or sweaty brows, cotton hankies can be a better choice over tissues. The best part about cotton hankies is that they are easy to wash. You can spend many months owning just a couple or three pieces. In addition, cotton itself has many varieties like cotton sateen, poplin, organic, jersey and more. If you want to buy a cotton handkerchief online in UAE, you are in the right place.

Personalised handkerchief

Personalised handkerchiefs have initials, monograms, special messages or anything else printed or embroidered on them as per buyer’s preferences. Several hanky sellers give you an option to customise products and send your special requirements. Personalised hankies make a wonderful gift. The great artisans at handkerchief shops quickly turn around a wedding, engagement, or birthday gift. Moreover, the fun patterns make personalised handkerchiefs a practical present for a gentleman.

Silk pocket square

A pocket square is excellent at adding sophistication to your suit or shirt. Whenever you are going out for an evening party, a nice colour pocket square can give life to your ensemble. You can fold a silk handkerchief in several ways to use it as a pocket square. The most basic method is the “Presidential Fold”. This fold works best for elegant attire like a formal business dress, and a white shirt clubbed with a black tie. Another way that is popular to fold the pocket square is the “one tip up” fold. It is triangular. This fold suits most the type of pocket square and even dress codes. Sometimes you can also fold it with two ties up for a unique yet sophisticated look. Get a range of silk pocket squares for sale right here.

Tips on how to buy Handkerchief in Dubai

A handkerchief is a must-have accessory that serves various purposes, from wiping off fluids from the skin to completing your suit a pocket square. This small quintessential accessory comes in materials like cotton, flannel, silk and even bamboo fibre. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and colours. Hence, when you step into the market to get some, it can become an overwhelming experience for you. However, going through the below guide would make the task easier for you.

  • Material – When it comes to hankies, material matters the most. It can be of cotton, silk, cotton fibre or even flannel. Each material has different properties to offer. For example, cotton is an excellent absorbent and convenient to carry. Also, it is one of the cheap suit handkerchiefs to buy. Cotton fibre is excellent for kids as it does not hold the odour. Flannel is soft, whereas silk looks good, and people often use it as pocket squares. So, choose material as per your requirements.
  • Quality – It is essential to choose high-quality handkerchiefs as they often contact fluid and dirt. A low-quality material can come in worse condition after a couple of uses. So, whether you go for cotton, flannel or silk, make sure it is durable.
  • Brand – Whether it’s about dresses, footwear, or any essential accessories like a handkerchief, brands consistently provide a positive experience. On our website, we have the best brands that supply quality handkerchiefs in the market.
  • Source of purchase – You can get a handkerchief in any clothing and accessories store, either click or brick. However, in a brick and mortar store, you will feel out of options soon. In contrast, online stores let you choose from wide varieties ranging from plain cotton to silk and even cotton fibre. This way, you can find the best suit handkerchief to buy. So, consider ordering your handkerchief online.

A handkerchief is necessary when you have a blocked nose and when you want to wipe your hands, wrap something, or even clean your glasses. However, purchasing one can be a daunting task due to the wide variety in the market. Therefore, on, we have made it easier for you by bringing together over 500 online stores that sell the best handkerchiefs. You can browse through the collection and narrow down your choices using filters and price comparison features. So, go ahead! Grab the best hankies and other health and beauty products while stock ends.

Question & Answer

Why is handkerchief called a handkerchief?

Handkerchief came from the word ‘kerchief’, a triangular cloth tied around the head or neck. The term ‘kerchief’ has been taken from the French word couvre-chef, in which couvre means “head” and chef means “to cover.” In ancient times, kerchiefs were used to cover the head. Then in the 16th century, Europeans started using kerchiefs to wipe their foreheads and nose and keep them in pockets. So, to differentiate this form of kerchief from the basic one, the word “hand” was added.

What material is best for a handkerchief?

The handkerchief can be made up of any fabric ranging from cotton, flannel and bamboo to linen and silk. The best fabric for a handkerchief depends upon where and how you want to use it. For example, cotton is best for regular use as it is a good absorbent and easy to care for. Flannel hankies are soft and great for babies and even other age groups with sensitive skin. Bamboo fibre is another excellent choice for kids as it does not hold odour. Linen is known for its good looks, whereas choosing silk when it comes to pocket squares.

Is a handkerchief a good gift?

If you believe in superstitions and other rituals, you should not gift handkerchiefs to your loved ones. Gifting a handkerchief brings back bad luck and invites sobbing. According to Thai beliefs, a handkerchief is used to wipe tears, and hence, anyone who receives it as a gift loses their tears. Some people even believe that giving handkerchief washes or fades affection between giver and receiver. However, for non-believers, a handkerchief can make a great gift. The giver does not have to think much about the preferences of the receiver while selecting a handkerchief. Moreover, it is a thing that can be instantly used or kept for later use.

Where to buy a handkerchief?

You can find handkerchiefs at any online or physical clothing and accessories store. However, in brick and mortar shops, you will get a limited collection to choose from. In contrast, online stores are huge in number, and each bears a vast collection. You can browse through different stores without roaming here and there and even discount bulk orders. If you are looking for a specific pattern, you can find it using filters and sorting options. One such store is where you can discover handkerchiefs offered by the best online stores.

Handkerchief comes in a wide assortment of sizes, patterns and fabric. The variety you get in the market is so vast that it can become an overwhelming experience for you to choose one. If you are unsure about where to start, come to us in You will find the best and most durable handkerchiefs offered by reputed brands in the industry on our product search engine . So, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab the best products at an affordable cost today!

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