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Coriander Liquid Hand Soap, 200ml
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Basil Hand Soap, 250ml
This no-frills, thick-textured, liquid hand soap by Le Labo gently cleanses without stripping moi...
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Hinoki Hand Soap, 250ml
This no-frills, thick-textured, liquid hand soap by Le Labo gently cleanses without stripping moi...
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Grapefruit Liquid Hand Soap Refill, 1000ml
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About Hand Soaps

Hand hygiene is by far the best way to keep yourself free from dirt, oil, and even disease-causing germs. Washing hands with running water and hand soap serves as the first defence line against the spread of illness. Let us explore various hand soaps with the best results. 

We use our hands in almost all the chores. Hence, it is of most importance to keep them clean and germ-free. The most important part of hand hygiene is handwashing. Using soap and running water to wash hands help remove dirt and microbes from the skin. Soap increases the cleansing properties of water and kills germs by penetrating the bacterial cell membranes. Hand soaps come in a wide variety ranging from scented bar soap and antibacterial solutions to organic cleaners. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about soaps before purchasing one. 

Exploring widely used varieties of hand wash soaps

Keeping hands clean is one of the easiest ways to be healthy and prevent the transmission of diseases. Handwashing is an act of washing hands using a liquid or soap. Soap helps lift grease, microbes, dirt and other disease-causing germs from our hands. Health professionals recommend washing hands with soap as it increases the cleansing properties of water. The basic recipe of manufacturing soap has not been changed for the past thousands of years. It is a combination of oils or fats with alkali and water. However, soaps come with antibacterial and antifungal ingredients. They are now accompanied by skin-friendly agents like shea butter, cocoa, aloe vera, and various perfumes. So, let us explore some widely used varieties of hand soap.

Antibacterial hand wash soaps.

Antibacterial soaps contain hydrophobic molecules like triclosan or triclocarban that penetrate the bacterial cell membranes and destroy them. These soap solutions inhibit bacteria and even some viruses, thus preventing us from deadly infections. However, many drug administrations across the globe have limited the usage of antibacterial ingredients due to lacking information about their long-term health benefits. So, antibacterial hand washes now promote natural agents like clove, cinnamon, honey and apple cider vinegar. 

Organic handwash soaps

Many additives in conventional soaps like sodium laurel sulphate and other surfactants can be very harsh to the skin. The chemical used in soaps can even cause irritation and allergic reactions sometimes. That’s when organic formula comes into the frame! As the name suggests, organic handwashes are of only organic materials. These soaps have natural ingredients, and hence they are gentler to the skin than chemical soaps. An organic soap uses antibacterial agents like tea tree oil, lavender and lemon. Moreover, they are healthy and have better cleaning properties. As there are no toxins or chemical preservatives used to manufacture organic cleaners, the leftover gets easily disposed of once used. 

Sanitiser hand wash

When you are not in access to soap and water, hand sanitisers come in handy. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and even deadly viruses. To make sure it kills most germs, your sanitiser should contain at least 60% alcohol. Sanitiser is used differently than soap and water. You have to apply the product all over your palm and rub it until your hands are dry. Remember that accidental swallowing of hand sanitiser may lead to alcohol poisoning. 

Tips to purchase Hand Soaps in Dubai

Traditional hand soaps used to come with a basic formula of fats, alkali and water. However, present-day soaps have additional elements like strong antibacterial agents, fragrances and colours. Once you head out to the market or browse online, you can get your hands on a wide variety. Some claim to kill 99.9% of germs; others tell you about their organic ingredients. You might feel overwhelmed with the number of options you will have at the front. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you buy the best hand soap.

  • Type of hand soap Hand soaps come in various forms like bar soap, liquid solution and even alcohol-based sanitiser. All of them have a common function of cleaning hands. However, each has separate benefits. A bar soap comes in the form of a bar rubbed on the palm and then washed with water. Liquid soap reduces the exchange of germs between users as no one touches the liquid inside the bottle while using it. Hand sanitiser comes in handy when you are not in reach of soap and water. They prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and even deadly viruses. To use it, you have to take the liquid or gel in hand and rub it all over the surface until it gets dry.
  • Ingredients  Soaps contain various chemicals, including alcohol derivatives, sulfate compounds, complex phosphates, ammonium hydroxide, ethanolamines and more. Have a close look at these compounds, as some might pose a threat to health. For example, untreated fragrances absorb through the skin and bring health risks once mixed with the bloodstream. Parabens, SLS, triclosan are other chemicals that can harm you.
  • Organic or chemical soaps  Some soaps are made up of chemicals, whereas some have just organic materials. Organic hand soaps are gentler to the skin than their chemical-based counterparts. Due to no or minimal usage of chemicals, even the leftovers do not harm mother nature. If you want to buy organic hand soap online in Dubai, you can get a wide collection right here on
  • Brand  Millions of companies around the globe prepare hand soaps, but when it comes to quality, only a few pass the test. So, go for reputed brands that have been around for a long and have passed the test of time. Read online reviews to understand the genuineness and effectiveness of products.

Whether it’s about the washroom or kitchen, hand soap is a must-have element. Washing hands keep crucial importance in our lives as using them; can cut down almost half of the diseases from affecting us. A wide variety of hand soaps in the market can put you in a state of dilemma. Considering the above tips would help you narrow down your choices to a great extent. If you are unsure about where to start, then log on to Here we have brought together more than hundreds of online stores selling best hand soaps. Find bar soaps, liquid wash, organic cleaners and antibacterial hand soap for sale here. So, let us begin and explore the latest collection! Do not forget to jump to our review section to hear about our products from our existing customers.

Question & Answer

Are hand soap and dish soap the same?

No, hand soap and dish soap are not the same. Hand soap is a type of detergent containing antibacterial and antifungal ingredients accompanied by glycerin and fragrances. The formula of hand soap strives at making the hands free of dirt, bacteria and grease. On the other hand, dish soaps are effective at removing oil and grease from dishes. Dish soaps have high foaming surfactants, scents, dyes, brightening chemicals, and even rinsing agents. Hand soaps come in a wide variety ranging from scented bar soap and antibacterial solutions to organic cleaners.

Which is the best hand soap?

Hand soaps come in a wide variety depending upon the user’s ingredients, properties, fragrances, and even skin type. However, some hand soaps have been accepted globally for producing the best results. Attitude Living, Estiara Passion, Memo Paris, Aesop, Baylis & Harding, Grace Cole, and Acqua di Parma offer the best hand soaps in the industry. These soaps come in different fragrances and ingredients to suit various skin types. You can find them all here right here on

What is the most gentle hand soap?

A soap with low alkali levels and high moisturising agents is gentle to the skin. If soap is made up of conditioning oil rather than too much fragrance or cleansing oil, it would be mild. Many cleansing agents such as palm oil or coconut oil can super clean the skin and even remove the skin’s natural oil, which is not good. Also, avoid soap with colour additives if you are looking for something gentle. You can find them in a wide array of options online. So, go ahead explore

Where to buy hand soap?

Handsoaps are available in any departmental store or pharmacy. You can even order hand soaps online. Over online stores, you will get more variety in comparison to physical stores. Also, if you do not find a specific soap over one store, you don’t have to roam here and there. You can browse through various shops through a few finger taps. At, we have made the process even more smooth. Here, you can find products offered by over 500 reputed online stores. If you feel even a bit overwhelmed by the number of options, you can quickly narrow them down with the help of the price comparison feature and filters.

There are many types of hand soaps manufactured by various companies. They vary on the grounds of ingredients, fragrances, physical state and many more factors. The variety out there is so vast that it can be an overwhelming experience for you to go for one. An easy way is to log on to You will find high-quality products manufactured by the best brands in the industry on our product search engine. Get liquid hand wash, sanitisers and the best antibacterial hand soaps at affordable prices here. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best products before you miss some astounding deals. Also, find cheap foaming hand soap here if you have budget constraints. So, why wait and wonder? Go ahead and find the best health and beauty products here.