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About Nail treatment

Nails are the body part that does not get the suitable consideration they need. Clean nails not only look good but are also a sign of your overall hygiene. The secret key to healthy fingernails is timely nail treatment and care. Let us explore some quick ways to do that!

We use our hands for almost all the chores we perform. Thus, nails, being a prominent part of the hands, need routine care. We should trim, wash, clean and moisturize them regularly. However, small negligence can lead to fungal infection, the formation of pus, ingrown nails and many other severe problems. Nail problems also occur as a result of injury, nail-biting, skin picking and nutritional deficiencies. However, one does not have to bear the pain for a long time these days. There are many nail treatment methods available at nail care centres or clinics out there. Alternatively, you can yourself do it by bringing some specialized kits home. What’s better than that? So, let us find out more!

All about nail treatment for thin nails or damaged nails

Strong nails indicate good health. Although, there are a lot of causes due to which they become dry, thin and brittle. Too much moisture or exposure to remover, detergents and even household cleaners can damage them. Thankfully, we have several treatments options available readily. Keratin is a popular choice accompanied by wheat protein, calcium, vitamin A, C, E boosters, and other nourishing and strengthening agents. You can find them in the form of gels, lotions and even oils. Read on to know about how to replenish and give a new life to your nails.

Keratin nail treatment

Keratin is a well-known protein that strengthens nails, saving them from peeling or weakening. The body naturally produces it. However, due to less production, one might experience weak and brittle nails. Fortunately, a keratin treatment is there! The keratin treatment kit will find various balms like cuticle and nail balms with keratin restorer and protector. They generally come in the form of brush-ons infused with keratin protein and nourishing oil. For the best results, make sure you properly clean, cut and file nails before applying any serum.

Nail treatment lotion

Your nails are made of a protein named keratin. The layers of keratin get damaged due to overexposure to moist weather, water, nail polish, remover and other chemicals. The good news is that nail care is easier than ever before, even if you skip your manicure sessions. Treatment lotions are a solution here! They come with natural soothers like shea butter, myrrh extracts, sesame seeds and glycerin to strengthen your nails and skin around them. These lotions get deeply penetrated into nails and keep them hydrated for a long time. Using nail care lotions regularly can even help your nails minimize the signs of ageing.

Toenail treatment

Common toenail abnormalities include fungal infection, ingrown nails, discolouration, nail-patella and whitening of the nail plate. A variety of toenail treatment ointments or creams are effective if you experience such a condition. They soothe pain, makes you get rid of any fungus, and aid in restoring the nail and skin around it. Toenail treatment options do not stop here. You can find them in the form of balms, foot wash, nail polish and other solutions. The non-clinical treatments include tea tree oils, snakeroot extracts and oregano oil.

Tips on how to buy Nail Treatment Kits in Dubai

There is a wide assortment of nail treatment options out there for nails, including balms, ointments, liquid solutions, creams and lotions. They might vary as per ingredients, brands, suppliers, affordability and more factors. If you had a hard time searching for an appropriate one, here are some tips that would help you narrow down choices.

  • Nail problem Your nails can be affected by many problems ranging from fungal infection and discolouration to white streaks. Some treatment kits are commonly used to treat cracked, brittle or thin nails, whereas some specialize in combating specific infections. So, while picking a nail cream or ointment, consider your nails’ present condition.
  • Ingredients While purchasing any cosmetic product, it is essential to look past what front banners show you. The front labels of any product are generally designed to catch the attention of the buyers quickly. However, they show you more than what the product can do. So, look for the ingredients. Nail creams/lotions/balms generally contain shea butter, jojoba, coconut oil, passionfruit extracts, tea tree oil and more. Avoid things your skin might be allergic to. Going through ingredients would give you a clear picture of what is exactly inside the solution.
  • Brand Beauty and wellness products can contain the best natural extracts from all sorts of dangerous chemicals. You never know what you apply and what results in it might bring. So, go for popular and well-known brands only when it comes to cosmetics. Kocostar, Sephora, Lorenzi, Alessandro, Eveline and Sally Hansen are some brands that have consistently delivered positive experiences for the past long.
  • Source of purchase You can find nail treatment kits in any local or online cosmetic store. However, in the brick and mortar store, you will find limited options. In contrast, many online stores sell various nail treatment creams, lotions, ointments and even nail polish. You can get your hands on a huge number of products without roaming here and there. So, consider ordering your kit online.

Now that you know much about various nail treatment options available out there, you must be eager to purchase one. You do not have to move anywhere else. Right here on, you can find a vast collection of nail treatment kits comprising of balsams, creams, lotions, oils, nail paints and the best nail treatment gel to buy. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore a humongous collection offered by popular online stores. Moreover, you can use features like price comparison and filters to narrow down your choices. So go ahead and find the best hand and foot care products.

Question & Answer

What is keratin nail treatment?

Keratin is a protein that the human body creates itself. It is a vital part of the structure of nails, hair and skin. Keratin production can be affected due to a range of factors, including hormones and environmental conditions. Due to a lack of keratin, nails go brittle and weak—keratin treatment rise as a solution here. The keratin treatment kit consists of brushes on products with keratin that bond with the natural keratin of nails. Along with keratin, the treatment also includes nourishing agents like natural oils to condition nails.

How do you treat damaged nails?

You can treat damaged nails in many ways, such as soaking them in olive oil, using cuticle cream at least once a day, wearing gloves to do dishes and other chores, and eating biotic rich food. Avoid nail paints for some time as prolonged use can suffocate nails. As a result, fungus, bacteria and other deposits might start developing. Clip and file your nails properly. Apply nail nourishment cream or oil over the nails and cuticles regularly. For quick results, you can even go for a keratin treatment, a well-known nail treatment supplying a crucial protein, i.e. keratin, to your nails.

Can bitten nails grow back to normal?

Nails are formed within nail beds that is a skin lying beneath them. Nail-biting would not affect the normal growth of nails as long as this nail bed remains intact. However, when the fingernail separates from the nail bed, the growth would probably stop. The nail disorder you get due to this is called Onycholysis. It starts from the tip of the nail and progresses back. It is important to have healthy nails. Strong nails indicate good health. Although, there are a lot of causes due to which they become dry, thin and brittle.

Where to buy nail treatment kits?

Nail treatment kits come in a wide assortment ranging from oils and moisturizers to fungal, keratin treatments and even cheap toenail gels. You can find the treatment kits at any local or online cosmetic store. However, in the local stores, you will get limited options. In contrast, many online stores are selling a wide variety of treatment kits. You can explore a massive collection without roaming here and there. An easy way is to log on to Over our product search engine , you can find over 500 trustworthy online stores that sell nail treatment kits at affordable costs. You can even compare prices and use filters to narrow down your options.

Nail care is essential for the health of our hands. Dirty or damaged nails do not only bring fungal or bacterial infections but also affect your overall health. We have Nail treatment kits by our side! Find a range of nail treatment products, including balms, lotions, keratin restorers and nail gel for sale right here on On our website, you will find products offered by reputed brands operating in the industry. If you feel overwhelmed by the options, you can use filters and sorting to narrow down the choices. So, quick go ahead and grab the best kits and other health and beauty products while stock lasts.