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Nail files are handy tools for grinding, shaping and smoothening the hand and toenails. The online marketplace is flooded with different nail filing products and kits. And the disparity among various products leaves you in the dilemma of choosing the right product. All you can do now is know them all and come to an informed decision.

It may happen that the best Health & Beauty brand in town do not have the product you want or an expensive one is always the best for you. Let’s just keep aside the budget, features, and brands on one side. Now, the most important thing is to match your purpose of buying a nail file with the product you have set your eyes on. Do you often go to the salon for a mani/Pedi and want a product to just smoothen the nails from time to time. In that case, you might not need a high-end product. In contrast, you may want a professional product to do a complete manicure at home. All in all, list your priorities before grabbing a product online.

Types of nail files grit

This has been the most sought-after queries all over the internet. Not just the types but if there is a difference between them as such. So, starting with emery boards, we would say these are the gentle ones. You can use them multiple times without worrying about your nails turning brittle, which is the case with other abrasive materials. The next is glass, and it is the most durable of all. You can easily sterilise them, prevents nail chipping, and seal the edges. In contrast, wooden files are coarser and good for toenails and acrylic nails. Lastly, the metal products are good for grinding nails but not suggested for your natural nails. Most of the times, when you buy nail files kit online in UAE, you will get the metal file inside. But you can replace it with the product you are compatible with.

Baby nail files

There is no way that you can use adult products on your baby. But nail care is indeed important, which you can start when your baby is about a month old. The nail care kit contains a nail scissor, cutter, and nail file. Out of some adult files, emery bards is the smoothest one and hence good for baby’s gentle nails. But you must make sure of your hand movements to not be fast and vigorous. You can find the best nail files to buy for babies at our online shops, and we are confident that you will find your match.

Professional nail drill

The professional setup is electric with multiple options that match every client’s nail types. You can buy a drill with five to ten metal attachments that rotate and shape the nails like a pro. On top of it, you can also set the speed based on the nail type and the points where you need more precision. Another difference between nail drills is some of them are not portable. They come with a big motor that is not made to travel much. And because these are professional products, you will find them expensive as compared to others. We also have nail files for sale if you would like to take a stroll here.

Disposable nail files

It is a task to clean and disinfect each and every nail file every day in a salon because mani/Pedi are recurring procedures. And you have other products to sterilise too. In this regard, you can invest in disposable files. They are equally efficient in terms of shaping and smoothening the nails than any other product available in the marketplace. With this, not only you save time, but the investment in disinfectant solutions will be less. If you agree, then do not forget to check out some cheap disposable nail files at our shopping platform –

Tips on how to buy Nail files online

Buying nail files do not seem like a daunting task unless you are not aware of your needs. You must take your nail type and their hygiene standards before you dig in the types and their features. For example, a perfect match for thin natural nails is different from acrylic nails or extensions. Contemplating the choices, you should know your priorities first. And that can’t be possible without a list. We have here compiled a few points that might help you have a good start with your shopping drive.

  • Choose the right grit type – You have to remember one rule – the higher the grit number, the smoother the file. 80-100grits are best for acrylic nail extensions, 180grit can shape nails of medium thickness, 240-600grits can remove small bumps or ridges and shape the free edge of natural nails. You can further read more about the benefits under the specifications list and choose the right type.
  • Explore different materials – Glass, emery boards, ceramic, crystal, and metal are some materials from which files come into life. Out of all, glass is the recent development. Some of them are solid glass, while others are merely glasses covered with an abrasive surface. The upside of using them is that they do not splinter the nail like emery or metal.
  • Match your nail type – The health metre of your nails says a lot about the product you have or the product you should be buying. For example, you should not buy highly coarse surfaces if you have thin nails. Other than that, damaged or brittle nails need your attention the most. First of all, you should treat them from a professional and purchase a higher grit for smoothening at home from time to time.
  • Quality parameters – Other than grits, there are other features to consider. A lightweight and pocket-sized product makes it easy to carry. It would be great if the product comes with a carrying case. The durability test is when the abrasive material does not wear out fast. The reusability factor also depends on the easy-to-maintain factor. The debris on the surface should be easy to wash.
  • Additional products to buy – A cleaning solution and disinfectant solution along with the brush are a few must-haves. Cleaning after every use becomes imperative when you share the nail file with family members or friends. Another product you can think of is the carrying case, so you can stow it in your handbag without worrying about other products being poked by some files’ pointy edges.

We hope the tips will prove beneficial in all regards. Starting from exploring the products online to making sure you have grabbed the right one, these tips have something for each step. Moving further, a handy list of brands can further narrow down your search criteria. Some of the names we would like to mention are Oriy, Cuccio, Essie, and others. You can find all these names or even more on our shopping search engine .

Question & Answer

Are nail files bad for your nails?

There are situations when nail files seem like a bad idea. First of all, it is unhealthy for your nails when the product you chose is low in quality. The highly coarse product can chip off your nails, leave the edges brittle, and make your nails look unhealthy. Another thing that goes bad for your nails is your method of treating your nails. More rigorous hand movement can make things worse. All in all, some products are good, and some are made worse by not treating them right. You should be careful about quality standards and brands while choosing online.

What is the difference between the emery board and the nail file?

Nail files are usually thin metal strip with abrasive design on both sides. They have a plastic handle that you hold and do one-direction movement while filing your nails. In contrast, the emery board is cardboard with emery attached on one side. It is like a rectangular block and easy to handle. Both these products are efficient in nail filing. However, the difference is that emery boards are slightly less abrasive than the other, due to which takes longer to do the job.

How to sanitise nail files?

Sanitisation after every use consist of three steps. The first step includes dropping an antibacterial liquid on top of the surface and brushes off all the visible debris and residue. Rinse it properly. The second step involves immersing the product in a disinfectant liquid for five to ten minutes. Time usually depends on the kind of material you are dipping in. For more clarity, you can check the disinfectant manual. Now, the fourth step is to rinse the product properly and let it air dry for the next 24hours.

Where to buy crystal nail files?

You can watch out some brands for this purpose. OPI is one of the premium brands. Its versatile 180grit nail file is ideal for shaping, contouring, and refining nail enhancement. It can give your nails a precise shape as you desire. And because it has a cushioned core, you will have efficient and fast filing motion. You can explore this brand’s page at our online shops and explore other features as well. Likewise, you can also search for more brands like Gelish, CND, and many more.

Our shopping platform that is can give you an excellent platform to search, explore, compare and shop for the best product. Not just the files, but our online shops have more to offer. You can also read genuine reviews to validate your purchase, and the smooth navigation is something you will appreciate too. All in all, this is a platform for a seamless shopping journey. If you agree, you will be interested in checking out other Hand and Footcare products too. So, let’s dive in.

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