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Nail art is something every girl wants these days. But getting it dried natural is quite a time-taking and annoying process. And most of the time, ladies end up causing some damage to the design while checking to scratch a bit to replying to an urgent call or text. As a result, one of two nails is left worse than ruined and smeared.

All of it means that all the long hours of dedication and hard work is wasted. And we are sure none of you wishes to experience that, especially when it is completely avoidable. Hence if you wish to enjoy the full of your nail art, it is time to buy a professional nail dryer. These Special nail polish dryers’ help you dry off your nail paints quickly and without any damage or mess. A quality nail dryer is efficient in several ways. You are hence making it a worthy investment and addition to your beauty routine. Today we will speak about the possible benefits and reasons you must have a nail dryer at your home.

Reasons why nail polish dryers machines are worthy investments

Drying off your nails can is surely a frustrating process. Specifically, if you have placed a lot of time and effort into decorating your nails – layer by layer, this is why a quality nail dryer’s machine or lamp is highly recommended. These are small machines that won’t take much space in your wardrobe but can do miracles. These gadgets are specifically designed to quickly dry off the nail paints without excessive heat or damage to your nail paint, skin or nail. Besides being helpful in the drying of nails, here are some other reasons why you should have a dryer of your own.

Time efficiency

These nail dryers are time efficient and can dry nail paints faster than regular drying. When the natural drying can take up to hours, and the fan will also fail to serve without causing damage, these dryers will take a few minutes. In fact, some of the advanced machines can help you dry off your nails in 35 to 400 seconds. Hence these machines are ideal for a girl who is always on the go but loves to look best. Moreover, if you can afford and get hands-on a UV LED nail dryer, nothing can beat you in enjoying new nail decorations every time you step out of the home.

A finer finish

On average, two layers of nail paint take almost 4 hours to dry off completely. And a nail decoration involves several layers of paint. Hence take more time to dry off. If you let them dry, naturally, it is more than obvious that any damage will occur to the design and paint, specifically on the edge of nails. At such times, a nail dryer can help you deal with the problem efficiently. With a dryer, you can dry off as many layers of paint on your nails as you want. Plus, the drying process will cause no damage to the style of art you have applied to the nails, making them pitch-perfect every single time.

Avoid accidents

We all know our phones will ring at times when we are not in the condition or mood to respond. But some calls and texts are important. Let’s say an email from your boss that needs an urgent yes or no. Now imagine replying to those emails without causing any damage to just applied nail art. A nail dryer can help you do that. You can complete the application process and put your hand in the dryer for a few seconds. And you are done to move on with your daily chores and replying to those more than important and urgent calls or emails.

A budget-friendly luxury

To many, a nail dryer may sound like a luxury beauty item. But it is necessary, and it is economical. Interestingly, as compared to the number of benefits and comfort it offers, these dryers are economical. Plus, they are available at a variety of prices with varying models. The prices of these machines vary according to the brands and the mechanism it works on. But you can also find some real expensive dryers with incredibly advanced and smart options to help you get salon-like treatment and feel at home. No matter what, the decision rests with you. 

Tips on how to buy Nail Dryer online in Dubai

Are you looking forward to the most luxurious and best nail dryer to buy or wishing for a cheap nail dryer online? We believe can help you with all. Here you can find top stores with bestselling products available in the global market. However, the wide collections, the available options and the variety in mechanics can make the buying process a bit overwhelming. This is why today, we are here to help you clear off the fog and make some smooth buying decisions with our tips. These tips can help you stay focused and get hands-on with a nail dryer as quickly as it will dry off your nails.

  • Know your needs – An ideal nail dryer for the salon will never be a viable option to use at home. It is thus important to decide if you want to use the dryer at home or looking forward to using it for professional services.
  • Look for recommendations – If you are unsure what is an ideal option for you, consult your friends or look for professional advice from your salon. They can give you an idea about what products you can shortlist and consider buying.
  • Compare options – It is always a good idea to compare products before you finalize paying for any. Review the market in detail and find what other possibilities are. Read out the usage, benefits and limitations of the product and decide what suits you the most.
  • Consider price – Like any other machine available in the market, the price of a nail dryer varies. The variations are based on the brand and features of the machine. You can decide based on the benefits you want to earn and the least need you have.
  • Review product – It will be an ideal step to review what other customers have to say about the machines. It will give you a clear idea of the real-time performance of the machine. Plus, read the product description section to know everything about the operations and parts of the machine.

If you wish to buy the best yet cheap nail dryer online, retail search engines are the best option to consider. Here you can find a wide range of nail dryers for sale from globally known brands and manufacturers.

Question & Answer

Which nail dryer is best?

Some of the bestselling and high-performance nail dryers available in the market are The Ked sum 12W LED Lamp Nail Dryer, the SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail, and The MelodySusie Portable 6W LED Nail Lamp. Other options may include The USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer and The USpicy Macaron 36W Nail Dryer & UV Lamp. For more, you can explore to find and choose from the latest machines in the market.

Where to buy nail dryers?

Right here at you can find the most variety of quality nail dryers for sale/. Here you can enjoy exploring options from global brands. Some to name are SKYUV, Sunpro, Burano, Famirosa, and Melodysusie. Plus, you can also use a one-click price comparison tool. This tool can help you find all the possible options from these brands set in your budget limitations. Hence, making your online shopping easier, efficient, smart and economical.

Does UV nail dryers work on regular polish?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a no. Any regular nail polish requires air drying, whereas gel polish contains a polymer that must be ‘cured’ by a UV or LED lamp to become hard. Regular nail polishes can’t be used with UV or LED lamps, and they won’t dry any quicker from being put under the lamp.  Therefore if you are a salon owner that offers gel polish to the clients or you are expert enough to do that at home, a LED nail dryer will be a better choice, to begin with.

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