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About Nail Decoration

Nail decoration is all about the artistic application of different paints and materials in your nails. It is a way of decoration, painting, embellishing and enhancing the nails. Comprehensively speaking, nail art is a type of artwork that can be done on a toe and fingernails. The procedure is done usually after a manicure or pedicure. 

Today, the nail art industry is growing rapidly with no clear roots and date of origin of the technique. Since 2012, the world’s leading economies are witnessing the surging popularity of nail art. Even a short documentary on nail art was released with the title NAILgasm. This film gives you are a clear idea about the growing trends and nail arts throughout history. It also explains the preferences of women around the globe and how they like to decorate their nails. Today you can find the trend everywhere, from an office to a fashion runway. Other inspirations can be found on fashion channels and social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and more. 

Essential nail decorating tools 

From Christmas special snowman nail art to anything special for the coming Halloween season, tools play an important role in decorating your nails. There is a list of essential tools that comprise a nail decoration kit. You can find these ready to use kits in any online store. However, before you head to buy on, it important is to know what the essential tools of a nail decorating kit are. Today we will discuss some of the most basic and most needed tools to help you craft any look and feel on your nails. Without these tools, you can end up creating a mess on your fingers or feet. Let’s explore what you need to know before you head or shopping. 

Scotch and striping tapes 

Many nail art will demand the use of stripping and colour blocking tools for nail art decoration. These tapes help to create thin lines of colour in your small nails. However, to use it effectively, you will need to completely dry off the base coat and then apply the tape or strips on it for the second run. These tapes are easy to use, and you can adhere to them in whatever shape or patterns you like to get. Just pain over it and gently take off the tape. These are the most common and simplest tools to add drama to your nails. And for sure, even a beginner can get skills in using it in just a few runs. 

Makeup sponges 

Yes, you will need separate makeup sponges for your nail artwork. Obviously, once used for nail paints, they are ineffective for foundation blending on small pores on your skin. In nail art, these sponges are used for making gradients and for enjoying galaxy nail arts. These are also easier to use, even for a beginner. Using these sponges, one can easily create omber inspired gradients or can paint multiple parallel colours. You can either create some lines and texture on the plate and stamp them on the nail using a sponge. Or you can apply the nail paint directly on the sponge and stamp it on the nails. Do as you feel convenient; results will be awesome in both cases. 

Stampers and stamping plates 

Yet another tool for mastering and creating amazing effects on your nail with the stamping technique. These stamping tools and are available in the shape of kits and packages. However, unlike a simple newspaper trick, these stamping tools and procedures are a bit complicated. Thus, you need to have some great skills, creativity and grip before using these tools in real-time. Plus, they demand some investment and attention while selecting the sets of stamps. The stampers come with a variety of images on them. You can copy those images on your nail using different techniques, as shown in this video

Rubbing alcohol 

Yet another quite mandatory part of your nail art tool kit. It is a must-have if you want to take impressions of real-time objects or images in your nails. Let’s say you wish to have those classy and chic style newspaper nails for your office. Rubbing alcohol is the secret ingredient that can help you get it stamped in just a snap. For sure, the result looks impossibly intricate. And this trick can be easier for those who have enough skill of dealing with the stamping process smoothly. Here you will need to soak cuts of paper on alcohol and apply them in nails directly, as shown here. 

Tips on how to buy Nail Decorating kit online Dubai 

For sure, hands and feet are the true reflectors of our personalities. Today they have become an obvious mean of expressing ourselves. This is why, like many others, the nail art industry is growing rapidly. However, time or money constraints often keep women held from going to salons to get such treatments. But with simple nail art tools and a little bit of skill and time, you can enjoy it at your home. Besides skills, you will need special tools to enjoy different types of decorations. However, finding the right set of the best nail decoration kit can be a challenge for many. But we are here to help. 

  • Know your skills – As discussed earlier, not all nail decoration ideas are easy to implement. But everyone can get experience and expertise with time and as they practice. If this is the case with you, I prefer buying a kit that contains tools according to your level of expertise in nail art. 
  • Know your needs – Your lifestyle defines your needs. Nail art that can work just fine in college might not be a suitable option at the workplace. Hence, it is important to consider your personality and lifestyle before you head to buy a set of tools for nail decoration. 
  • Set a budget – Different brands have different prices. Plus, the price varies according to the type and number of tools or variations in a kit. Setting yourself some budget limitations can help you from wasting your money on useless stuff and shop smartly. 
  • Look for recommendations – If you are confused on what you should select or what will possibly suit your personality, consult. You can go online to get ideas from social media and fashion vloggers. Or you can consult your peers for the suggestion.
  • Review product details – Once you can find a reliable product, it’s time to review it in details. Study the product description section and know what the list of items included in the kit is. It will help you have a clear idea of your soon to be belongings.

Remember, a smart buyer will always pay keen attention to details. Moreover, buying single products is different from buying a set or a one in all kit for any purpose. Hence, when buying cheap nail decoration kits online, you must pay special attention to details. For any confusion at any point, you can consult friends or experts around or head to read customer reviews on that specific product. This is how you will have a clear idea about many aspects that can lead you to a final and reliable decision. Another important point is to look for a reliable retail search engine when you need to buy anything for Health and Beauty.

Question & Answer

What are the different types of nail art? 

Some of the most popular nail art types include sponge art, marble water techniques, splatter techniques, and airbrush techniques. Other admired options include tape techniques, Digi World Nail Art and stamping, stencil methods and Nail Art Decals and Stickers, and the Sharpie Nail Art. However, here important to note is that nail art for fingernails is mostly different from admired nail art for toenails. And it is always wise and fashionable to choose decoration accordingly. 

What is flat nail art? 

These are the sweetest and most sophisticated nail art designs for any time of the year. Plus, they are so clean that you can use them anywhere from the office to party night with your girls. These nail arts are created using perfectionist UV Gel. Normally it is pink over the entire nail bed. You can later choose to apply a floral image or fairy dust on your nail tip in a French manicure fashion. 

Which is the best nail decoration kit? 

Some of the bestselling items that you can find in the market are Shany Nail Art Set, Emori Nail Art Set, Joy July Nail Art Kit, Holographic Chrome Nail Powder, Makartt 3D Nail Art Stickers, and the Saint-Acoir Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit-36W. Other options may include Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit and Dipping Powder N Dipping Powder Nail Kit. Luckily, you can easily find all these products in online stores. And almost all these products come with easy buying policies and options like free delivery. 

How to use nail decoration tools? 

The question demands an entirely separate discussion to address. However, beginners need to understand that every tool in a nail decoration kit works differently. Each tool demands different sets of skills and expertise. Plus, there is a need to have detailed knowledge about the products, including nail paints, that you will be used for decoration. If you are willing to use one such kit on your own, better is to go online and consult video tutorial on YouTube or else.                

However, when it comes to buying a nail decoration kit, we are here to help. Here at, we offer you access to top brands like Essie, Maybelline, Channel, Enliven, and Deborah. These brands can precisely serve you for all your cosmetic, skin and nail care needs. All you know you need to do is to explore and book your dream product with us.