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About Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are small devices, also known by the name nail trimmers, nail cutters and more. These are common household hand tools mainly used for trimming, cutting, and shaping fingernails, toenails, or hand nails.   

The nail clippers are usually made of stainless steel, but they can also come in aluminium or plastic construction. They have two primary varieties known as compound and plier types. Traditional style nail cutters come with a miniature size filer fixed to them. These filters help to smooth the rough edges of the nail that generally appear after cutting. Mainly a nail clipper consists of a head that can be convex or concave. They also have a cutting head that lies either perpendicular or parallel to the principal axis of the cutter. Despite so many options of nail cutters online, this core constructional principle remains the same.   

Must have nail grooming tools 

While your nails impact your overall health, the way you take care of the toe and fingernails tells everything about your hygiene. It is a fact that nobody likes a filthy hands or feet. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of the look and cleanliness of your nails. Luckily, with some essential tools and techniques, you can get the job done right from the comfort of your home. The list of these nail grooming tools is quite a bit long, but here we are doing without mentioning some of the most important nail care tools, including nail cutters, cuticle clippers, toenail clippers and adult or baby nail scissors.   

Nail cutting tools  

A standard nail clipper always remains top on the list with a wide range of nail cutter tools. These are strong, hard- and sharp-edged blades offering comfortable nail cutting. They can be really smaller in size, compact and this easily portable. You can find these clippers in many styles known as French, standard, and ring lock. Besides, there are options available according to age. Hence you can find a special type of baby nail scissors and cutters. However, nail nippers are the least commonly used yet an important tool for cutting nails.   

Nail cuticle nippers  

A cuticle nipper is a special tool designed and used to deal with the hangnails, dry skin, and rigid cuticles around the nails. This tool offers excellent precision for reaching smaller pieces and trimming all the annoying ingrown nails from the base. It also enables the removal of unwanted soft tissues painlessly. To use it properly, you need to start pushing back the cuticle and then use the nipper to get rid of them. If you have tiny pieces of skin around the nail bed, use the nipper to trim the unsightly skin.   

Nail buffer  

Everyone wants naturally glossy and smooth looking nails. If you’re going to get rid of the dullness on your nails without harming them, a nail buffer is what you need. It also helps gently remove any dry and dead ridges or peel on the nail by smoothing them out. The primary purpose of this tool is to polish nails and give them a consistent look. But before you start using a buffer, make sure the nail is soaked and cleaned well. Also, do pat dry them before applying a buffer and always buff in one direction.   

Nail filers   

These tools are used to grind down the edges of the nail and make them smoother while helping in reshaping them. Just like nail clippers, there are different types of nail fillers available in the market. Among many options’ emery boards and plain metal files are the most commonly used tools. It is also suggested to use emery boards as they are the gentlest type. On the other hand, the metal files tend to be very harsh on both the nail and surrounding skin. Once again, make sure you are using them on dry nails because wet nails will split easily.

Tips on how to buy Nail Clipper sets online in the UAE  

When it comes to hand and foot care tools and accessories, including nail clippers, the choices are unlimited. There are dozens of brands out there offering a hundred types of each hand and foot care tool. Therefore, if you need to buy the best nail clippers, you need to do a market search. Explore any retail search engine online, and you will find the best nail clippers for men, women and babies at the best price and features. And to choose an ideal option from the list of available products, here is the list of points you will need to consider.

  • Consider the age and gender – Both male and female bodies have different delicacies and thus demand different accessories to look after them. Likewise, a product suitable for an adult can be harmful or painful for babies. So, before you start searching for a nail clipper, consider the age and gender of the people who will be using it the most.
  • Consider your skills – Skills are of great importance when dealing with delicate and smaller body parts like nails. You can find everything from a beginner nail clipper set to a highly professional set at Shops. Always consider your nail clipping and cleaning skills and choose a clipper set accordingly. It will help you do the job nicely and harmlessly.
  • Consider your budget – Professional accessories are always a bit expensive. Likewise, if you are planning to buy from top brands, you should keep a higher budget. But if you wish for a branded item at an economical price, use the price comparison tool at to find a reliable, genuine and high-quality item fitting perfectly in your budget.
  • Read the product carefully – Once you have had hands-on an ideal nail clipper set, it’s time to read and understand the product. You can explore the product description section to find what items the set includes, the cleaning and care specifications, size specification, and other such details that can impact your purchase decisions.

For additional help, you can consult the customer review section to find what other users have to say about the specific set and items included in it. A pro tip is to pick a product with a higher customer rating and better comments from consumers. It is important to spend some time studying and knowing your product before you pay for anything. It can save you from the hassle of returning or exchanging the product if it is not up to your expectations.

Question & Answer

What is an electric nail clipper?

It is a modern mechanized cutter to offer comfortable and secure nail cutting. These cutters have a special type of nail cutting blades that ensure the safe trimming of nails. These cutters are safe, innovative and pain-free, offering well-trimmed nails in few seconds. Some of the bestselling options you can buy online include NC1 Electric Nail Trimmer by Pursonic, the Roto Electric Nail Trimmer and the Spasonics Electric Nail Cutter.

What nail clipper is best for a newborn?

If you are a new mother, you need to be extra careful while buying grooming and personal care products for kids. In terms of nail cutter, you must choose something from safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper, nail-Frida snipper clipper set or the first years American red cross deluxe nail clipper with magnifier. Other options ideal for your newborn is the Rhoost deluxe baby nail clipper, Piyo baby nail scissors and the Zoli buzz b electric nail trimmer.

What is the best nail trimmer for dogs and cats?

Pets also deserve an equal amount of care and attention. Therefore, it is vital to buy the best and most appropriate grooming items for your pets. When it comes to pet nail clippers, some of the best options include Safari professional stainless-steel nail trimmer, the Shiny pet nail clippers, Epica best professional pet nail clippers, and the Urpower rechargeable pet nail grinder.  You can also look for items like Gopets nail clippers, Rresco original pet nail clippers and Millers Forge Nail Clippers for your sweet little fellow.

Where can I buy a nail clipper for newborn?

Even the smallest health and beauty care product like nail clippers comes in a wide range in style, size, material and more. Therefore, it is better to do a market search to find the right type of glove with economical rates and exceptionally high quality. To do the job efficiently, you should consult a retail search engine online. At, you can find products from top brands like Tweezerman, Revlon, Oster, Farlin, Wahl, Sally Hansen, Conair, Japonesque, Mehaz, and Opi.

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