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Libre Hand Cream
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About Hand Creams

With so many different types of creams and lotions today, hand creams are not left far behind. This popular variant is widely popular, and some women use it throughout the day for several purposes. In the UAE, many international brands offer creams for hands.

Hand creams have a lot of different uses – they nourish your hands, heal your nail cuticles and prevent dryness in the cold seasons; it’s easy to find a suitable cream that won’t dry your hands. With consistent application, the issue is easy to resolve. However, during winters, one needs to use it every couple of hours to retain the moisture of the skin. There are some fantastic choices of creams that you can buy today – plus they are for various purposes like skin whitening and brightening, sun protection and more. It’s important to use them in the morning and evening, and after each time you wash your hands. Over time, it gets easy to see the difference and use the best one as per your preference. Don’t forget to check the variety of creams before buying one. 

Different types of hand creams that you can find today 

A lot of people don’t use hand creams and consider a moisturiser or lotion as an effective alternative. While these were extensively used beforehand, creams became a thing; it’s essential to understand the difference between the two. Hand cream is specially designed not to wear off as quickly as a moisturiser. Since the skin of your body and palms and fingers is different, specific products help in a much better outcome. The market is full of some of the best creams today, and it all comes to the skin type of the persona and their preferences when you want to choose the right one. There are also hand creams for men and help in keeping hands soft and healthy

Hand cream for whitening 

Whitening and brightening are no longer limited to our faces because hand creams have the feature too. Hand whitening creams are growing increasingly popular and have a wide range of ingredients. Bearberry extract, liquorice root, lactic acid, citric extracts and many more are some common ingredients that aid in whitening the skin. A lot of people suffer from dark hands due to tanning, hormonal issues and other problems. Excellent hand cream with whitening features can do a lot. In this way, your hands stay soft and moisturised and also aid in making the skin better. You can check for herbal creams that have natural ingredients. Although the time is taken to show results could belong, they are a safer and much better option to consider.   

Hand cream for dry skin 

Skin dryness is another big concern for both men and women. Checking for hand creams for bare hands is the best option in this case. With nourishing oils, the milk can provide moisture for longer, keeping the hands soft and nourished. Again, one might have to use it several times a day, and more frequently in cold climates. You can also rub some hand cream on your elbows, knees and other drying areas of your body to see good results. Use it in the morning, evening and each time you wash your hands. A lot of times, the reason for dryness is also on the climate, diet and other factors, so check it out. Among many others, argan oil, primrose oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, lavender oil, cranberry seed oil etc., are some common ones that are used in a lot of lotions and creams. 

Hand cream for anti-ageing 

For women who cross the 40s age group, anti-ageing is a collective term they notice in a lot of products. From make-up to serums to hair care, there is a lot for women who hit that age group. This is because the body starts to lose its natural tendency to repair itself as fart as earlier, so you need some exclusive products. A lot of people who would not even care about skin nourishment start to do it now. For them, anti-ageing hand creams are the best choice. They can be slightly more expensive than regular ones, but it’s essential to use the right products for your body. Components such as Vitamin C, peptides, grape seed extract, tea, retinoids etc., are some common natural ingredients that you find.  

SPF hand cream 

The sun is a very damaging element when it comes to skincare. The right way to put this is that it can be harmful if it’s in excess. For work and other purposes, however, we all need to step outside, and that’s when it gets to use. We cannot wear long-sleeved clothing and hates and protective gear at all times. Plus, when it comes to spending time at the beach with family and friends, it can be taxing for your body. Thus, today, hand creams with SPF are very common. They are much needed. You can switch these for regular SPF lotions and creams since they will give your hands the nourishment it requires as well. The higher SPF ones are the best.

Tips on how to buy Hand Creams  

Sooner or later, you are bound to come across a hand cream, even if you have never used one before. Much thicker and more luxurious than your regular body lotion, this one is designed for hand care. You won’t’ see it wear off as quickly as regular moisturises do, and you will undoubtedly see amazing results, given you are using a good brand. If you have still not taken the plunge, well, do it now! Here are some tips on buying hand creams.

  • Understand your skin type – Be it dry, dull, oily, or combination skin, there is a hand cream for it. Yes, with so many brands and countless options, you are sure to find something of your need very quickly. With this factor, it’s’ easy to filter out the best for you and help your hands heal faster.
  • Weight out your other requirements – Do you need something with SPF or for whitening your skin or cuticle care? Whatever be the reason, it’s easy to find it today. Make sure you buy, keeping this aspect in mind so that you can make the most of your hand cream.
  • Check out the best brands online – Countless brands create some of the best lotions and creams, so you are not short on choices. Make sure you check which ones offer the type you are looking at, and then go ahead.
  • Opt for products with the least chemicals – Chemical-filled products are cheaper in manufacturing; hence many brands use them. However, they don’t’ do so good for your skin. Find trustworthy, herbal and natural brans. Read the label and check out what certain ingredients mean by running an online check.
  • A good fragrance always helps – A pleasant fragrance is the best part of hand cream. You can find so many options today and also some interesting ones like tea, chocolate and more. So, try to experiment with them, and you are sure to love the experience!
  • Experiment with smaller sizes – Don’t’ go overboard by getting a large-sized bottle. Start with travel or sample ones, and once you like it, you can always go in for the bigger sized ones.

Once you start using good hand cream, you won’t’ know what to do without it. So, it’s best to check out smaller ones and keep one in your purse, at home, in the office drawer etc. As your skin starts using it to get better, the need will increase even more. If you can, wear gloves after your application at night so the cream does not wear off on your sheets. Making sure you know how to rub the cream well until its completion and well-absorbed are also essential.

Question & Answer

Which are the best hand creams for men?

A lot of men don’t focus on the aspect of caring for their hands, and over time the damage begins to show. Even if you can’t do it a few times a day, even once a day is sufficient to keep your hands in good shape. There are brands today that focus entirely on special hand creams for men. Check out – Duke Cannon Hand Balm, Anthony Hand Cream, Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Cream, Byredo Black Saffron Hand Cream, Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream, Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Repair Cream, Nivea Men Crème, Caswell-Massey Centuries Sandalwood Hand Cream and Gold Bond Men’s Everyday Essentials Lotion.

Which are the best hand cream for dry hands?

Dry skin is one of the prime reasons why people use hand creams. It’s possible to combat the condition entirely by using special hand creams which are for this purpose. Here are some of the best ones that you can consider – EltaMD So Silky Hand Crème, Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream, Cetaphil Pro Eczema Soothing Moisturizer, Bliss Lemon & Sage Hand Cream, Soap & Glory Call of Fruity Hand Food Hand Cream, Mary Kay Satin Hands Nourishing Shea Cream, Philosophy Hands of Hope Nurturing Hand & Nail Cream, Sanseuticals Baobab Body + Hand Repair Cream, Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Balm and Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.

What can you do apart from using hand creams to keep your hands nourished?

You can always care for your hands in natural ways and help prevent damage. The best thing to do is use a nourishing oil like olive or shea butter and rub it on. Do this after a warm shower so it can go into your skin when the pores are open. Always use gloves when outside and keep up with your manicure appointments at least once a week. Make sure you also use a good soap or body wash to prevent your skin from drying. There are also easy find hand pack remedies on the internet that you can consider for hand care.

Where can you buy hand cream online in Dubai?

There are a lot of excellent brands in Dubai that have their very own range of hand care creams. In fact, without even physical stores, a lot of them have online ones that you can shop for, and the products will get delivered to you. This is the easiest way to buy today. Make sure to check out, an incredible product search engine. With more than 500+ online stores and products, it’s really the best way to shop.

Brands like Byredo, L’Occitane, Clarins, Aesop, Farmhouse Fresh, Goutal Paris, Sisley, Elemis, Kiehl’s, Acqua di Parma, Laura and Nivea have some super options in hand creams too.