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Artificial Nails

About Artificial Nails

With a fascination towards artificial hair, lashes and most importantly, artificial nails, it’s now easier than ever to access everything you once wanted. The best part is you can wear and take it off as per your convenience and how you like it.

What helps, in this case, is that salons located anywhere can do it for you. You can also choose to change the colour and style as and when you need to. Women love to style their nails for a special occasions. With artificial nails, you don’t need to worry about maintaining them. Just take them once you are done. The long-stay nails last for a good couple of months, too, depending on how you care for them. Especially for important events, using a set of nails that look impressive can be very appealing. Some of the nails are easy to buy online, and you just need to glue them on. The glue is sturdy and won’t cause any accidents as such. You can also keep sets in different colours to suit your outfits. There are other accessories like nails, jewellery and embellishments that work along with artificial nails. 

Different types of cheap and fake nails that you can get today 

The fascination for wearing artificial nails has grown so much because women don’t find the time to take care of their nails. Plus, going to the salon even once in two weeks can be pricey for some. Manicure, nail care, polish change and nail art are a business these days and can drill a hole in your pocket if you keep up with this health & beauty lifestyle. Plus, if they stain white eating or cooking etc. then they look bad, and you need to get a polish change immediately. Those in corporate roles need to look presentable at all times, and that is when artificial nails come into the picture. The concept is simple, and they are inexpensive as compared to all the care for real ones. Be it French manicure nails, gel polish or glitter nails, you can choose anything you fancy. They should also work for your attire. 

Natural-looking nails 

For those who don’t want to be bothered by colourful nails, then natural look best. It’s common to find different options for natural fake nails in salons. While you can stick to the standard ones, you can also dress it up with glitter, stickers etc., so your nails look unique. Either way, they look fantastic, and the experience is so much better than heading to the salon steadily, and you save both time and money. They are also sturdy and a big boon for women who face the issue of wear and brittle nails. Such nails chip easily, and you have to cut them short and wait for them to grow back again. With natural fake nails, you can say goodbye to all the issues that come with managing nails and just have them look pretty again. 

Gel polish artificial nails 

The latest trend is artificial nails with gel polish. This kind looks super amazing as the nails are dressed in the polish that has a gel-like shine, hence the name. They are expensive, however much cheaper than going in for a gel polish regularly. In the same way as other fake nails, simply apply glue and put them in place. They are shiny, and you can get them in a matte or glossy finish as you need to. For natural nails, each time you need to change your gel polish, you have to visit the salon. This can be avoided in the case of artificial gelish nails, as it’s possible to do this right at home too. There are many different kinds of gel polish nails now, with embellishments, nails art and more. 

Toe artificial nails 

Just like nails for your hands, artificial nails for toes are also available and very common today. While the popularity is not much as hand nails, a lot of women consider them today. Especially if you step to work in sandals or open footwear, then your feet are noticeable. In such a case, if your hands don’t match your feet, then the combination can end up looking a little odd. The best way out of this is to dress your toenails too. You can get artificial hand and tow nails in a set together and use them when you are going out. Just like hand nails, they stay on for quite some time, too, depending on how you care for them. With the longer ones, wearing closed shoes might not be a possibility since you might end up damaging them. 

French manicure artificial nails  

Commonly known as fake white nails, French manicured nails are a classic style statement that never gets old. If you don’t want to be caught with different coloured nails that don’t match your attire, then this way is the best out. French manicure today has seen quite a lot of changes and looks terrific! You can wear whatever you want without worrying if your nails will match or not. There are fantastic options these days, even with French, like pink tips glossy or glitter tips which are its newer variants and look brilliant as well. You can change them as often as you like too. A lot of salons will also be able to do French manicures on your natural nails if they are long enough. 

Tips on how to buy Artificial Nails

With all the trend that comes along with flaunting fake nails and the aspect of convenience too, there is absolutely no reason why you should not consider them. You can also get multi-packs now that are just as great, to match whatever you are wearing. Some brands even allow you to re-use the nails several times, so you can detach them at the end of the day and stick on a different one the next day. Make sure you consider all aspects before you buy any.

  • Consider your lifestyle – Are you a corporate professional? Or an artist and use your hand‘s lot? Your lifestyle and profession can have a significant impact on your nails, so choose wisely. See which one would work better and look right and then come to a conclusion. There are plenty of artificial nails styles that you can choose today.
  • Simple or colourful – While simple looks excellent and is a classic style, bright nails are trendy these days. You can choose what you like. Sometimes contrasting colours like grey and pink, lavender and mint also suit well.
  • Ease of application – If you want nails that you can attach yourself, then consider the process and how long it takes you. The glue should be used well, and don‘t do it before cooking or eating, as it can be toxic if it gets in the food. Keep all these matters in mind before you purchase.
  • DIY or salon nails – While salon nails last longer, they are also more expensive. However, the DIY ones are also good as you can do it by yourself but might not give the same finishing as when you do it at the salon. Either way, it‘s a call to make before you go ahead.
  • Check out a couple of options – There are so many different styles and choices of nails that it would be a sin not to consider them all before you go ahead. Everything from nail piercings, to adding in dried flowers and more, you can do so much. So, check out something that works well for your convenience and style and then proceed.
  • Read reviews and buy online – Don‘t forget to check online options for kits and nail options. Manicure kits are also available now if you want to do everything at home. They save time and money and look fantastic as well. Reviews will help you decide the best one and don‘t forget to try them over time and then choose the best one.

It helps to go with simple artificial nails and style them with nail art sets. This works out more economical, and you can also do them your way as you need to. Hygiene is a concept that is very important when you consider artificial nails. With everyday use, a lot of dirt can accumulate under and around the nails. So, making sure you know how to care for and clean them is a significant bit. For this very fact, easy to wear nails are the best kind instead of the more permanent options.

Question & Answer

Which are the best artificial nails online?

Artificial nails are something that a lot of women consider for various reason. The good thing is that you can quickly get several DIY options to try on at home. Some of the best ones today are – Kiss Glam Fantasy, Dashing Diva Magic Press, NailHur Nail Makeup, Marmalade Nails, The Nailest, ESZakka Nails, ImPress Press-On Manicure, Très She Talons Press On Acrylic Nails, Kiss Products 100 Full Cover Nails, Tip Beauty White Black Nail Kit, Mirror Fake Acrylic Nails and Aaviland French Ballerina Coffin Pink Nude White False Nails.

Which are the best manicure kits?

With a manicure kit, you don‘t have to shell out cash each time to visit a salon. Plus, if you have done your fair shares of salon manicures, you know how to use the tools buy now. The best thing is apart from the clip-on nails; you don‘t need to replenish other supplies as much. The devices are long–lasting, and it‘s essential to select good brands, so you don‘t damage your nails. Some fantastic options today are – Seki Edge Craftsman 6-piece Grooming Kit, 3 SWORDS GERMANY 8-Piece Manicure & Pedicure Kit, Niegeloh 7-Piece Set, Seki Edge Takumi No Waza, Zwilling J.A. Henckles Luxury Set, Aiwogep 16-Piece Kit With Case, Familife 11-in-1, Olive & June The K.I.T. Kit, Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit, t and Sephora Collection Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit.

Are cheap and fake nails harmful?

It all comes down to the material and how you take care of the nails. Mostly, nails are crafted from polymethyl methacrylate acrylic, along with other substances. This makes their texture very similar to real nails; however, they are much sturdy. The material is also good to stick and easy to handle. However, with good hygiene, you should not face any issues. Also, if you can, then do for the removable ones, instead of the long-lasting nails, if you don‘t find the time to care for them. Allergies are something a lot of women complain about when it comes to artificial nails, but this all depends on several factors. If it‘s worse, then you should stick to real nails, and manicure them often, so they look presentable. For brittle nails, it‘s best to check with a doctor for any deficiencies.

Where can you buy artificial nails online in Dubai?

There are a lot of great places where you can find artificial nails in Dubai. Most salons will be happy to do it for you. In this there are two ways: you can either buy your set and take it to them for application, or they sell you one of the sets they have with them. You can check out It is a terrific product search engine with more than 500+ options online. It’s really the best way to shop in Dubai and you will be confident of getting the best prices. Brands like Kiss, Elegant Touch, Nova, Kocostar, and Walmeck are some terrific ones!

There are many more brands you can find upon your visit to our platform that is Check out now and see interesting products worthy of your shopping cart!