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About Hairdressing Scissors

When you step into a salon, there are endless possibilities. Whether you go in for a haircut, shave, facial or something else, you step out as a new person. Accessories like brushes, hairdressing scissors, mirrors and colouring kits are only some of the many to start.

Doing your hair is a significant reason why you head to a salon. For the more frequent visitors, getting a blow dry or getting a perm are also reasons for them to visit. It’s a common thought that a good haircut can do a lot for your personality. A skilled barber or hairstylist is difficult to find today. This is mainly because even the smallest of errors in communication and understanding can lead to experiences that cannot be reversed. Hence, making sure you are 100% clear and comfortable with your hairdresser is an essential factor in this case. One of the primary requirements for a person in this profession is good quality hairdressing scissors. A good pair can make or break the entire game. An efficient stylist will be disabled without her best pair of scissors, no matter even if he/she has the best-supporting accessories.

Types of hairdressing scissors that one can buy today

Hairdressers or stylists are artists. The looks they can create with a single pair of scissors is remarkable. Sometimes they don’t get the credit they deserve, and their efforts often go unnoticed. With the right person, you can achieve any look with the perfect haircut! Professionals understand how much the right hairdo can do for a person and take the time to analyze it from so many aspects. You need something that suits your face, personality, and the type of profession and it should also be manageable. There are tons of different cuts you can flaunt today. With simple styling tools, it’s also not a big hassle to manage it every day. Good shampoo, conditioner, serums and hair products also make it better. Here are some of the types of hairdressing scissors you can buy today:

The classic hair cutting shears

Most of the hair cutting scissors are the traditional type. They are not too short or long and are perfect for everyday use. These hairdressing scissors are great for cutting hair, whether you use them in a salon or for simple trimming at home. A lot of them are sold as part of a set with other salon accessories. It’s generally the fundamental type, but you can easily handle both wet and dry haircuts with it. A salon may invest in quite a few pairs of these, as a hairdresser would use them regularly. Although it does not have any sharp edges, it’s essential to be careful while using them. Some of the newer ones have rubber finger inserts to avoid painful experiences at the end of the day. You can choose something that works well for everybody.

Thinning shears

As the name says, these hair trimming scissors are used for adding texture to the hair. This is used after the first haircut, to add character to individual parts simply. It helps in removing parts of the hair, without giving it a “rough” look. It is widely used for bangs, fringes and for adding layers to the hair from the back. The top blade of this kind has teeth that only remove some bits of the hair. A skilled hairstylist will be able to use hairdressing scissors well to give birth to different haircuts. However, they are not used for the entire hair, but only for sections of it. Salons also have a lot of different kinds of thinning shears today. Women’s haircuts see a lot of their use, as compared to men’s.

Razor scissors

This one is also a part of professional hair scissors. The razor scissors, as its name suggests, have a razor-like blade. So basically, the sharp scissor hands go missing in this one, and the blade takes its place. Men’s haircuts see razor hairdressing scissors use extensively; however, a lot of modern-day women’s haircuts use it as well. This one uses the razor part to give a clean-shaven look near the nape and ears in some hairstyles. The fact that it comes with a scissor-like handle makes it easy to use. The handling loop is a comfortable tactic on the razor scissors. In this kind, there is no cutting motion involved but is instead used for giving the hair a textured look.

Swivel scissors

Professional hairstylists understand the pain and time it takes to go about every day attending to clients and giving them haircuts. The fingers, wrist and palms get affected due to this type of work, and over time, a lot of them also need professional treatment. Thanks to creations like the swivel hairdressing scissors that make matters so easy! These are designed to reduce the impact on the wrist and fingers to a considerable extent, and it helps to work faster too. The scissors come with a rotating thumb, making it easy for the user. A lot of different haircuts and styles are possible using the swivel instead of the classic pair. They also work alongside your natural hand movements.

Tips on how to buy Hairdressing Scissors 

You could be a professional hairdresser or just something you enjoy doing for your family at home. Wi the right tools and kits, enjoying hairdressing is an entirely different experience. It’s a good idea to refrain from using standard scissors that you commonly find in the supermarkets. Instead, check for the specific ones meant for this art, and you will love the outcome. Plus, they last you a long time, so it’s worth the investment every bit.

  • Check for different lengths – The standard size hairdressing scissors are 5″, however, some people prefer to work with 4″ or 6″. This is one aspect that varies from barber to barber. So, getting varying lengths to start is a good idea, and you can always go back and get more.
  • Don’t buy too many at once – If you are just starting up, you will look at scissors as an essential accessory. However, don’t let this idea push you to buy too many. After a couple of weeks, once you zero on the most comfortable one, stock up.
  • Comfortable handle and its features – The scissor handles should be comfortable and not cause your hand to hurt after using them for hours at a stretch. Some of the better ones have pads and cushioning on the handles. Also, check for additional features to make it better.
  • Maintenance and care – Maintaining the blade is an important part. So is taking care of your scissors. Check on these aspects while buying. You don’t want complicated handle shapes and very small or large scissors that are difficult to clean.
  • Speak to someone in the trade – If there is confusion about which brands to pick or what to look for, speaking to someone you know can help. Also, check reviews and ask for online suggestions to be entirely satisfied.
  • Buy from a recognized brand – Lastly, look for a trustworthy brand, so your goods last long. A good scissor should last you for almost a year, depending on the usage before you plan on changing it. The poor-quality ones will give away much sooner than this.

If you have a set of staff who are experienced, reach out to them as well. They will be able to suggest some types or help you sort out a dilemma with experience. Keep a close look at the first few days after getting the scissors. Also, make sure you ask your team for feedback and make the necessary changes. All this happens gradually, and you will soon find the best kits that work for your salon. Be patient and keep track of the budget as well.

Question & Answer

Which are the best hair cutting scissors?

With so many amazing salons all around, it is no secret that we also have the best scissors for hairdressing readily available. If you are looking to buy your next pair, then you surely are in luck! Here are some of the very best scissors available today – Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series, John 6.5 Barber Scissors, Kovira Barber Scissors And Cutting Scissors, Shearguru Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set, Elfina Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors, Cricket Roc-it Dog Shears, JOHN Longlasting Professional Shears, Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Shears 6.5″ by Coolala, Very Sharp Professional Hair Scissors 6.5″ by rough Stache and Hairdressing Scissors Kits by Robin-US.

Which are the best shears for home use and beginners?

For kids who are too young or afraid to go to the salon, or even for some adults, cutting their tresses at home is a good idea. You need some practise and you will be able to do the necessary trimming easily. In this case, scissors for beginners are the best idea. Here are some of the top options you can consider – Purple Dragon Cutting Shears and Thinning Scissors Set, Mosher Salon Tools Professional Handmade  Shears, Unicorn Professional Left Handed Hair Cutting Set, 5.5″, Kovira 6.5′ Hair Cutting Scissors, John 6.5″ Barber Scissors Steel Hair Cutting Shear, Surnova 5.5″ Precision Razor Edge Barber Scissors, Tweezerman Stainless 2000, Barber’s Choice BC-001 and Mosher Salon Tools Diamond Series are some of the best!

How to sterilize hairdressing scissors?

Even a clean pair of scissors will see so many haircuts on any given day. The human scalp is often having oil, dirt and other components that can stick to the scissors and pass on to the next customer. This is also a popular way of how dandruff spreads. It is a healthy practice to sanitize your scissors after every use. If your salon sees a lot of o customers every day, then stock up on some more, so you can sanitize them together after a couple of hours. You can do this by using running alcohol on and in-between the blades carefully. Also, do the handles and the sides well. This important to be cautious to avoid cuts or injuries. Once a week, use clipper oil on the intersection of the blades and let them sit overnight.

Where can you buy hair styling scissors online in Dubai?

It is straightforward to buy hairdressing scissors online today. Dubai has some interesting stores, both online and retain to make health and beauty accessories shopping very easy. You can also check out our fantastic product search engine . With more than 500+ online stores under it, it is a terrific way to save your time and money. Shopping online has the advantages that make it the best way to access whatever you want, almost immediately. Some of the best brands are Three Cat, Nippes, Prestige, Purple Dragon, and Black Knight.