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About Hairsprays

In the world of hairstyling, hairsprays have a reputation for being the best product to get the job done. It doesn’t matter how you want to style the hair; if you have the right set of sprays and skilled hands, you can do anything with the hair. 

Hair sprays are a relatively recent product. And the efficiency of it is the reason why it has become an inevitable part of the hair and makeup realm. If you go to any professional hairstylist, you will find a collection of different hair sprays with him, each for a different purpose. Use the wrong one on the wrong hair, and you will have a bad hair day. So, to avoid the risk of wasting money on hair sprays that are not meant for you, you need to have a basic understanding of the difference that you will come across. This article will help you with that and will also give you a few tips that you can follow while shopping for hair sprays. 

The ultimate guide to hair sprays 

Hair Spray is indeed an important item on any person’s dressing table. From an emergency hair setting to dazzling your long locks for a special occasion, it can be a reliable and helpful friend. The greatest strength of hair sprays is also the biggest problem when it comes to choosing them. The wide variety of hair sprays that will let you adjust the hairstyle down to its niceties is also confusing for the common people out there. But if you know about the basic types of them and know how each of them works, it will become a lot easier for you to understand the further variations of them. Here is a list of the most common hair sprays that you will find.  

Regular Hair spray 

These sprays do just the basic stuff, i.e. to hold your hair together in place. But it can get more sophisticated than that. There are sprays that dry quickly and don’t let you work further on the hair. You can use such sprays after you finish doing the hair. But if you want to work on the hair after spraying, you will be better off using a workable hair spray. They do not dry as fast and have very little hold at the beginning. This will allow you to tweak the hair even after you have used the spray. But you can also use these two sprays in combination. One while you are working on the hair and the other once you have finished hairstyling

Temporary hair colour spray 

So, what does a temporary hair colour spray do? The name of the spray itself is self-explanatory. You can use them to spray on temporary colour on your hair. But what is the use of that? Well, this is an easy and quick alternative for temporary hair dyes. Because these colours are easily removable, people use them all the time at sporting events and for ceremonies. If you are somebody who likes to give your hair a unique look every day, temporary hair colour sprays can help. They will last only for one wash. But you might need to use a shampoo to remove the colours completely.  

Hair volume spray 

Use this spray if you want to add more volume to your hair. They do not really add more hair, but what they do is coat the strands with a polymer so that the hair will appear thicker than it is. But it’s not just that. They do all the things that regular hair spray can do as well. Volumizing hair spray is mostly meant for people who have thinning hairlines. But the thing is, there are a lot of different hair types. So, you have to choose a volume spray that is specifically for your hair type for this to work. Otherwise, the illusion won’t work.  

Shaping hair spray 

These are somewhat similar to a working hair spray that is slow drying. Similarly, shaping hair spray also allows you to work on the hair even after using the spray. You will be able to move the hair however you want, and it will have that natural sway while also holding the hair in place. Although this might sound exactly the same as the working spray, there is one main difference. Shaping spray provides a much stronger hold than a working spray. And for that reason, people use the shaping spray to hold the styled hair in place without making it too stiff.

Tips on how to buy the right hair spray

If you pick the first hairspray that you find online hoping that it will do the job, it is more likely that you will be wasting your hard-earned money. To get a hair spray that is right for you, there are a few factors that you should consider while choosing one. Following these tips will help you find the right one. 

  • Consider your hair type – The most important factor of all. Depending on the type of hair, the type of hair spray you should use varies. A spray that works on fine straight hair will not work on thick curly hair.  
  • The hairstyle that you want – Intricate hairstyles need a spray that can provide a firm hold. But if you are going for a more natural look, a regular spray will do just fine. Also, if you want to add a bit of texture to the hair, there are sprays designed to do just that. 
  •  Look at the ingredients – The main components of hair sprays are the polymer that provides the hold and the solvent. The quality of the hair spray changes depending on the ingredient. Look for sprays that do not have any harmful ingredients. Sprays that contain CFC are harmful to the environment. Therefore you can do nature a small favour by not buying those. 
  •  Fragrance – How the spray smells can be a deal-breaker for some people. Usually, hair sprays come in a variety of different fragrances. But as a thumb rule, don’t buy sprays with strong smells. Something that is light and pleasant is the ideal choice. Remember that you will be smelling the whole time you wear the spray. 

You should be careful not to leave the spray on the hair for too long. It can dry out the hair and the scalp as well. Some sprays will flake off after a few hours and will cause irritation of the scalp. Thoroughly rinse the hair with shampoo and warm water to remove the spray completely.

Question & Answer

Can hair sprays cause hair loss?

The real reason for hair loss lies beneath the scalp. So, whatever you apply to the hair strands does not cause hair loss. Nor do they cure it. That being said, if the hair spray comes in contact with the scalp and remains there for some time, it can damage the hair follicles. Hair loss happens when the roots become weak. If the scalp cannot get enough oxygen as a result of the hair spray clogging up the pores, it is very damaging to the hair follicles. So, if you take care not to spray near the scalp and wash the spray when you no longer need it, you don’t have to worry about hair loss.

Will hair colour sprays stain clothes?

The colours of a temporary spray can stain clothes. So not only should you be cautious when you are spraying them, but you should also be careful not to rub the clothes against the colour. Draping the clothes with plastic can help you prevent accidentally spraying on the clothes. After spraying, use a finishing spray to lock in the colours.  But even then, you should be careful. The challenging part is when you take off the clothes at the end of the day. Either you have to rinse the colours off before removing the dress. Or get your friends to avoid rubbing the colours off the hair with the clothes.

What is the right way to use a hair spray?

Before spraying, you should clean up the nozzle. If the nozzle is blocked, rather than leaving the can as a fine mist, it will come out in sticky spurts. Hold the can at least 30 centimetres away from the hair to get an even spread. Only apply the spray to the hair strands and keep it away from the scalps. Because hair spray contains alcohol, it will leave the scalp dry and cause irritation. After spraying, use heating iron and combs to style the hair. Finish off everything with a generous amount of finishing spray on top of the hair.

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