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Everyone has different reasons to colour their hair. Some want to follow the latest trend, some like to keep it the same always, or some want to make their grey hairs look good. But all of this begins with getting the perfect hair dye.

To get the hair colouring right, you need to go beyond just getting a box of dye from the store and splattering it on the hair. You should consider your natural hair colour, the colour of your skin, the strength of the dye. And once you have done it all, you need to apply it on the hair with prowess. Then comes the maintaining part. But all of this starts with getting to know more about hair dyes. This article will tell you about the different types of hair colours and how they work. It has also answered the questions that come to the mind of first-time users of hair dyes. Like all sweet journeys, let your experiments with colours start here.

Everything you need to know about hair dyes

Not all hair dyes are the same. So, you need to know the difference between the dyes before you can decide which one is right for you. Although it might seem like a daunting task to accomplish, there are a lot of benefits if you can pick the right combination of colours and use them yourselves. How much money would you save in the long run if you can get your hair perfectly done without ever having to set your foot inside a hair salon? So, research enough to not end up dissatisfied with the result. It is not only about the money you spend but your looks you cannot choose to mess with.

Dyeing dark hair without bleach

Dyeing dark hair is challenging, to say the least. More often than not, the colour won’t show up at all, and when they do, that’s not the colour you wanted in the first place. There is no getting around this fact. The only way to give dark hair a lighter tone is to bleach it before colouring. But some don’t want to take this extra step. Firstly because it is damaging to the hair. Secondly, it’s just too much work. But you can do a few things to improve the results. You can use a thicker concentrate of the dye and use permanent or demi-permanent dye instead of temporary. Also, hair that was not dyed before will absorb dyes better.

Hair dye on wet hair

Because all the hair colour boxes instruct the user to apply the dye on dry hair, people often think that it is not possible to apply it on wet hair. But that is far from being true. In fact, wet hair can give you better results. That’s because you can cover more area with less dye on wet hair. It will also spread faster and more evenly. Furthermore, dyeing on wet hair can better protect the hair against damage. This works with both permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. Because wet hair has less oil on them, the colours will get absorbed quicker and more efficiently.

Hair dye spray

Sprays are a quick and easy way to give the hair a temporary makeover. Most spray on colours lasts for one wash or one shampoo. This is a good option for those who like to change their hairstyle quite often. People use it all the time when they want to support their team by painting their flag on their hair. Nobody wants to go to work the next day with those crazy colours on their head. Also, you don’t have to wait hours for the colours to set in if you are using a hair dye spray. You can just select the look, get the colours, spray it on and get going.

Demi-permanent hair dye

Everybody knows about permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. But there is something that is the middle way between the two—demi-permanent dyes. When you compare it to the other two, demi-permanent is closer to semi-permanent in its properties. Both of them do not contain ammonia and are not permanent. But there are some key differences. While you can apply a semi-permanent dye by mixing it with water, when it comes to demi-permanent, you have to mix it first with a developer. This developer helps the dye to penetrate more and stay on longer than semi-permanent dyes.

Tips on how to buy Hair Dyes Online

There are so many different hair colours out there. And each of these colours has at least five different shades. If you are shopping for hair colours, too many options can overwhelm you. But you have to get the right colour regardless. You can follow these tips when you are buying a hair colour to make sure that you are getting the right one.

  • Choosing the right colour – The first step to colouring your hair is always choosing the right colour. If you are not sure which colour will suit you the best, don’t hesitate and get help from a hair colourist. Or you can take a long way and try out a few different colours to see how they fare.
  • Lighter shades are better for experimentation – If you are not sure which colour you want to dye; you might want to try out a few different colours before you find the perfect one. Going for a shade lighter than your natural hair colour is better in this case.
  • Hair colour for grey hair? – Permanent hair colours have peroxide to bleach the melanin off. This can weaken the hair, though. So, you can avoid buying permanent hair colour if your hair is already grey. You can save some money and keep it healthy too.
  • Limit the use of heat styling tools – Heating styling can damage your hair. Curling irons and straighteners can leave your hair brittle and dry. They will also damage hair strands. Applying dye to this hair will not produce good results. So, stop doing any heat styling at least a week before you dye the hair.

And once you have dyed the hair, then it’s time to take care of it. Shampooing too often can dull the colour, even if it is a permanent dye. So, space out your shampooing sessions. Another thing you want to stay away from is the sun. That doesn’t mean you have to be inside all the time but be mindful of donning a hat whenever you go out in the sun.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between salon hair colour and at-home hair colour?

The common hair colours that you can buy in stores are made with ease of use in mind. On the other hand, professional hair colours tend to achieve perfection. Professional hair colourists mix and match different shades to give the hair a more natural look. They often mix a light and dark shade together. Natural hair is lighter near the hairline and gets darker towards the end. Professional colourists can achieve this effect by mixing two different shades carefully. At home dyes also have a higher peroxide content so that you can colour even dark hairs with a lighter tone.

Do hair dyes have expiration dates?

Like everything in the world, hair dyes also expire. But how long do they last? Well, quite long. You might have noticed that some hair dyes do not come with an expiration date. That’s because the company claims that their product can last longer than a lifetime. But how you store the dye is important. Once you have opened the packet, it won’t last longer than a couple of years. But if you haven’t, the average hair dye can last over three years. Despite this, there are dyes that do not last as long. Dyes containing organic ingredients go bad faster than chemical dyes. Also, if you stored the dye in a hot, humid place, the shelf life of the dye will reduce significantly.

Is hair dye bad for your hair?

It is a well-known fact that hair colours are not good for the hair. But how much damage do they cause? That depends on the type of hair colour you use. Out of all, permanent hair colours do the most damage. They contain peroxide and ammonia, both of which are not good for health and beauty of your hair. Ammonia removes the cuticles and peroxide removes the melanin. Once the cuticle is gone, the hair becomes weak and brittle. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent dyes have lower amounts of either. But they only last for a few days. You can avoid doing any permanent damage to the hair by not getting the dye near the hair roots.

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