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Did you know vitamin B refers to not just one but eight different vitamins performing unique roles in our body? Most people get these essential nutrients through their diet. However, your body cannot absorb much of it in certain conditions like old age, pregnancy, and post gastric surgeries. In such cases, doctors prescribe vitamin B supplements.

If you experience skin rashes, scaly lips, and nausea, you might be vitamin B deficient. There are eight types of B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Biotin, Folic acid, and B12. Each has a separate function to perform in our body. For example, Vitamin B1 aids body cells convert carbohydrates into energy, Vitamin B2 breaks down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and in the same way, vitamin B12 is responsible for maintaining bone health. If your body lacks any of these, your doctor would suggest various B vitamin add ons to add to your routine. If you want to buy vitamin B supplements online in Dubai, then go through the below guide.

Benefits of vitamin B complex supplements

B vitamins are the building blocks of a healthy body. They affect your energy levels, nerve functions and even cell metabolism in a positive way. There is a definite amount of each vitamin B type your body needs. It is according to your age, gender and health conditions. Older people and pregnant women require a higher amount of B vitamin than other individuals. A balanced diet can fulfil B vitamin deficiency. But, when your body cannot absorb enough of your intake, add ons can help. You can find a range of vitamin B supplements for sale in the market. Let us explore some surprising benefits of vitamin b add ons.

Vitamin B for skincare

As we explained above, there are eight different classes of B vitamins. Each variant has various skin benefits to offer. Vitamin B1 has excellent anti-ageing properties. It helps you remove toxins out of the body to increase circulation for healthy and glowing skin. B2 prevents acne breakouts. B3 treats sun-damaged and ageing skin, whereas B5 and B7 give you a hydrated complexion. Vitamin b6 keeps your skin clear as it aids the growth and repair of skin cells. Folic acid is another essential B vitamin that helps you treat dry and patchy skin. Lastly, to repair damaged intake, your body should get enough vitamin b12. B vitamin add ons help you maintain healthy and radiant skin. So, make sure you get the recommended amount to normalize the levels.

Vitamin B supplements for hair growth

B vitamin helps create red blood cells. They take oxygen and nutrients to various body parts, including the scalp and hair follicles. This process is crucial for hair growth. Moreover, the deficiency of Biotin causes hair loss in humans. Therefore, we use this vitamin variant as an alternative hair loss treatment. Along with hair, Biotin is also suitable for nails and skin. Another study links pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) with hair growth in women. However, there are a few pieces of evidence in support.

Vitamin B tablets for preventing Beriberi

Deficiency of vitamin b1 causes Beriberi, a disease that causes loss of sensation, difficulty walking, and disturbed digestive system. You can find Beriberi commonly in heavy drinkers and malnutrition patients. However, B vitamin add ons normalize the levels. When you spot such symptoms, consult your doctor and get recommendations on the best vitamin B supplements for you. The recommended daily intake of vitamin B1 ranges from 1.1 mg to 1.5 mg. It also depends upon your age, gender and health conditions.

Tips on how to buy Vitamin B Supplements online in Dubai

Good nutrition is both prevention and treatment of a lot of severe health conditions. B vitamin is one of the essential nutrients your body requires for preventive care. It is abundant in green vegetables, meats, whole grains and many more food items. However, in certain conditions like old age and pregnancy, your body requires additional vitamins. Let us have a look at the things you need to know before taking any B vitamin supplement.

  • Know if you need them – You can fulfil most of the B vitamin requirements by taking an appropriate diet. Like, green veggies, whole or enriched grains and dairy products. Doctors prescribe supplements if you are suffering from specific medical issues. So, if you have symptoms, it’s important to consult a doctor. By consulting, you will know if you need to update your diet sheet. Or, you have to take additional vitamins to fulfil the bodily requirements.
  • Choose the right dosage – When it comes to B vitamins, you will see different dosage varieties out there. For example, most of the vitamin b12 doses sold over the counter range from 500 mcg to 5000 mcg. It is essential to know how much you need. High doses are generally available in injections or shots, whereas tablets or capsules contain small doses.
  • Brands – Unfortunately, vitamin add ons are not subjected to thorough testing and federal regulations. As a result, many manufacturers are seen supplying fake products in the market. If you are already in a severe health condition, wrong products can worsen the conditions. Therefore, it is essential to go for trusted and reputed brands operating in the industry. Zenwise, Nature’s Bounty, Nature Made, Swanson and Spring Valley are brands supplying high-quality vitamins across the globe. You can find them all here on
  • Source of purchase – When it comes to vitamin add ons, more than half of the online/offline retailers sell adulterated products. So, it is essential to buy it in the right place. Go for the stores that have been around for the past long and are loved by consumers. Read online reviews or, if possible, interact with the existing customers to confirm the trustworthiness of a particular seller.

Consider the above tips for buying B vitamin add ons online. If you still have a hard time deciding where to start, log on to On our product search engine, we feature products offered by over 500 reliable online stores. Here, you can find all the B vitamin variants ranging from folate and thiamin to b12. Do not forget to jump to our customer testimonial section to access reviews left by our past and existing customers. Moreover, if you feel even a bit overwhelmed, you can use some exciting features. Like, price comparison, filters and sorting. Using them, you can narrow down your choices. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and find vitamin B  add ons here while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Are B vitamin supplements good for you?

B vitamins are essential building blocks for a healthy body. They perform a lot of bodily functions. Like, they are promoting the growth of red blood cells, preventing infections and offering a healthy appetite. Most people get sufficient B vitamins through diet. However, if you are in a specific condition like old age or pregnancy, your doctor might suggest adding one. High-quality add ons offered by trusted and reputed brands are safe to take in the prescribed amount.

What are the benefits of taking vitamin B?

An adequate amount of B vitamin intake promotes health and well-being. It supports cell health, brain functions, healthy appetite, proper digestion and even cardiovascular health. In men, B vitamin intake increases the testosterone levels that naturally decreases with age. Additionally, vitamin B is essential for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It helps in fetal brain development that eliminates the chances of congenital disabilities. If your body does not receive enough B vitamins, you might develop some symptoms. Like, skin rashes, fatigue, scaly skin around lips, weakness, and nausea.

What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin B?

The symptoms you may experience due to lack of vitamin B depend upon which variant you lack. For example, deficiency of vitamin b1, i.e. thiamine, leads to fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle weakness and blurry vision. Vitamin b2, i.e. Riboflavin deficient, experiences throat swelling, dermatitis, blurred vision, and anaemia. Vitamin b3, i.e. niacin deficiency in the human body, causes vomiting, diarrhoea, headache and depression. In the same way, the significant symptoms of vitamin b5, b6, b7, b9 and b12 are fatigue, skin rashes, hair loss, tiredness and nerve problems, respectively.

Where to buy vitamin B supplements?

B vitamin add ons come in a wide variety depending upon their manufacturers, variants, ingredients and many more factors. When you head to the market to get one, it can be an overwhelming experience for you. An easy way is to order it online. There is a vast number of online stores selling high-quality B vitamin add ons at an affordable cost. Find more than 500 online stores right here on You can even use features like price comparison, filters and sorting options to narrow down your searches.

Vitamin B add ons are essential to fulfil the number of B vitamins your body requires. If you have developed symptoms like tiredness, fatigue & blurry vision, then you might be at risk. It is time to consult your doctor. And supply B vitamins to your body in an adequate amount through diet or add ons. Get cheap vitamin B food supplements to buy here in On our product search engine , we have quality-tested products offered by reputed brands in the industry. So hurry and quickly get the best vitamin B to add ons and other health & beauty products before it’s too late!

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