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About L-Glutamine

When it comes to food supplements, there are so many of us who think twice. The confusion happens when we mix them up with medicines and rethink whether they are suitable for us or not. L-Glutamine is one of the most common supplements around the world today.

In the purest sense, L-Glutamine or glutamine as its commonly known, is an amino acid compound. It is very closely associated with glutamic acid; however, there are a few minor aspects that separate the two. During digestion, glutamine helps the mucous membrane blocks, making sure there is no bacterial infiltration. It also helps increase immune cell activity in the gut, prevent infection and inflammation and improves the intestinal tissue function smoothly. This one is very efficient for energy production and helps in reducing intestinal spasms to a great extent. The best part is you can now access L-Glutamine as supplements, liquid and powder to help your body function as usual. There are also several more underlying benefits of consuming glutamine. 

Different ways of consuming L-Glutamine to help your body 

With so many benefits of consuming L-Glutamine, it helps to check if you require it for now. You may not have all the conditions, but a lot of people use them for particular reasons. The fact that this is a food supplement makes it safe for all to use. The method of consumption is not as important as the dosage, which should be monitored. Make sure you consult with a good doctor who will be able to track your symptoms and suggest the best course of treatment. A common and dangerous practice that people do is to self-diagnose themselves. Here, it’s essential to understand that one needs to go to a professional and take tests to conclude instead of this way out. 

Natural L-Glutamine 

The good news here is that if you are not fond of supplements and ingesting L-Glutamine artificially, well, there is a natural way. A lot of common foods that we consume has glutamine. Once you know their proportions and devise a diet to increase the intake of natural glutamine, you could as well do without any artificial means like liquids and powder form of the same. The main ones are protein-rich foods such as beef, fish, chicken, dairy products and eggs. Along with these, vegetables like cabbage, spinach, beans, beets, carrots and vegetable juices are also terrific. Also, check out wheat, brussels sprouts, papaya, celery, kale and some fermented foods like miso. 

L-Glutamine powder 

A widespread product, L-Glutamine powder, is very readily available today. Most doctors suggest dissolving it in plain water and consuming it. It’s not a good idea to mix it in tea, coffee or any caffeine-based drinks. This can change its components, leading to ineffectiveness, or worse, side effects. So, it’s best to follow the instructions on its label, or you can check with your doctor if they don’t work. The powder form is a better alternative for many, as it’s easy to consume than taking supplements to liquids. However, you can also check your routine and lifestyle to see which type works better to suit your needs.  

Glutamine supplements 

L-Glutamine supplements are widespread, and there are a lot of amazing brands that manufacture the same today. You can easily consume your dosage, varying the number of tablets to fulfil the need. A lot of people find this better over powder, as you don’t need to measure with a spoon stringently. Sometimes, you might also consume a higher or lower quantity than intended if you aren’t careful. All these issues are out when it comes to supplements, as monitoring the dosage is extremely easy. It’s also great for those who travel frequently. The best part is you don’t need another medium like water to mix it, and it can be consumed directly. 

L-Glutamine liquid 

The liquid form of glutamine is not very popular, but a lot of people are consuming it now. It is said to be a better option than the powder one, again because you can be a little surer of its measurements. A lot of good pharmaceutical brands also cater to the liquid variant because of its growing popularity. Alongside, make sure always to consult a doctor to check the symptoms and then go for the right food supplements. It’s still healthier to try to get your intake from food first; however, if the requirement is too much to achieve with that, then turn to other alternatives. Keeping track of your progress by visiting the doctor and conducting necessary tests is a good idea.

Tips on how to buy Glutamine Supplements  

Since glutamine is so widely available everywhere, it is relatively easy to get a bottle of supplements or powder, whichever you prefer to consume. However, this very fact can also make it challenging to come to a reasonable conclusion at the same time. The internet is an excellent place to check the types of L-Glutamine that is available today and what will work for you. Here are some guidelines to help you if it’s your first time buying.

  • Understand your purpose – Are you considering glutamine for whitening, weight loss, immunity, better intestinal health, or treating bowel syndrome? The use of consuming them is important and helping to determine this in the start is the way to go forward.
  • Choose the best way to take it – This one depends on your convenience factor as well as the lifestyle you follow. Those who don’t like supplements can check the liquid or powder variant. However, for someone who is mostly travelling or always on the run, the other alternative might work better. Don’t forget to check the dosage that every pill or teaspoon will give you before you proceed.
  • Note the top brands who manufacture – It’s essential to get your hands on the best when you consider food supplements. For this, a little bit of time and research will really help. Make sure to check the best brands who offer them, and don’t get fooled by duplicates.
  • Buy in bulk only once you’re sure – Bulk buying saves time and a lot of money but don’t rush. Check out individual pieces for a couple of months, and only when you’re confident the product is working for you, buy more.
  • Follow-up with your doc – Make sure to check with your doctor when it comes to using L-Glutamine for skin whitening, L-Glutamine for weight loss or other reasons. Make sure you check out the progress by tests and have your doctor monitor the results too. He will notify you when would be a good time to not continue with the supplements.
  • Eat healthily – It is an excellent idea to help your body with a healthy diet so it can get the most out of the supplements. It, of course, also helps to consume glutamine-rich foods too, which can make the process go faster. Check with a dietician for any diet questions.

While natural sources of any vitamins or amino acids are great, the body may sometimes not be in the best shape to produce them. Or your nutritional goals are not the best to help the body with this. Illnesses, old age, hormonal issues and other causes may also be some reasons behind this. So, sometimes supplements are the only way out. However, there are plenty of amazing brands that also give options like veggie-derived, organic and 100% natural ones so that you can take them without a doubt!

Question & Answer

Which are the best and cheap glutamine supplements?

With so many amazing brands out there, it can be challenging to pick the right glutamine supplements. These are the top options that you can get your hands on without giving it a second thought. Check out  Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine, NOW Sports L-Glutamine, MusclePharm Glutamine, Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Capsules, Betancourt Nutrition Glutamine Plus, Novacore Nutrition Glutamine Pure Essential Amino Acid, AMRAP Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder, L-Glutamine by Solgar, Jarrow Formula Formulaciones L-glutamine, MP Essentials Glutamine, Nutricost L-Glutamine Powder and MET-Rx L-Glutamine Powder.

What are the side effects of consuming too much L-Glutamine?

Like any other supplement, consuming too much L-Glutamine can have some side effects. Thankfully, being a food derivative that the body itself produces, a slight increase does not do too much harm, apart from some minor side effects. The regular dosage for it varies depending on the reason for consumption. Its side effects are hearing problems, chest pain, sore throat, flu symptoms apart from nausea, vomiting, stomach pain. Also, check for swelling in the hands or feet, headache, tiredness, mild rash or itching. Dry mouth and runny nose are also something a few people might experience. The more severe effects could be liver disease along with difficulty in thinking or confusion, Mania, a mental disorder and Seizures in some cases.

What are the primary reasons why people consume glutamine?

Sickle cell disease is a big reason to start using glutamine, and this is also an FDA-approved prescription medicine for it. It also reduces the chances of death in people with severe burns, and it helps to prevent hospital-acquired infections. For those who have HIV/AIDS, glutamine helps the body to absorb food better. Major abdominal surgeries also use it post-treatment for faster recovery. It is directly related to making intestinal health better and is known to improve exercise performance. Treating short bowel syndrome is also one of the reasons why people turn to L-Glutamine. Alongside, some of the reasons why people see its deficiency is because of shock or extreme stress, significant infections, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, HIV or AIDS, Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Where can you buy L-Glutamine skin whitening online in the UAE?

Many brands now cater to Dubai and the Middle East that sell glutamine in different forms. You can also buy them online. Checking out the online options are better as you might end up with some sweet deals if you’re lucky! If buying online is your way, then check out This super products search engine is one of the best and has more than 500+ online stores listed under it. It’s the easiest way to shop today! The top brands today are Flexamin, Nutririse, Solaray, Nature’s Beauty and Swanson.

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