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About L-Carnitine

Consuming supplements for dietary benefits are growing very common. The fact that you can turn to L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Inositol supplements to make your health better is a great idea. They are now popularly available online.

When we speak about supplements, there are so many different types today. However, food supplements find good popularity because they just fulfil the requirements of nutrients that our body itself produces. However, sometimes a few changes in the body means you don’t get the amount you require. The reasons for this can be plenty – hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, illness, age and more. There can be some consequences when your body does not get the required amount of these essential compounds – something you want to avoid. L-Carnitine is an ammonium compound that is linked to our body’s metabolism.  

Different types of L-Carnitine supplements that you can consider today 

The body’s metabolism is an indication of all the chemical reactions that make up the living state of cells and organisms. It helps to convert the food you eat into energy and use it for building blocks for lipids, proteins,  nucleic acids, and carbohydrates. With proper metabolism, the body’s ability to absorb food is quicker. The person, thus, does not put on weight as much as a person with and slow metabolism. There are also ways to fasten your metabolism with healthy eating habits, exercise and some changes in your diet. So, L-Carnitine comes into the picture when we talk about metabolism in plants, mammals and bacteria. 

L-Carnitine for bodybuilding 

Being an amino acid, L-Carnitine is helpful for bodybuilding and helps to transport fat to the right places to build muscle. It is something that professional trainers and those who work out regularly use very frequently. It also helps fatty acids to oxidise and generate adenosine triphosphate or ATP. This can help make your physique a lot better, and you will be able to see results quickly too. The best part is that it’s not artificial and is a form of amino acid, making it safe for consumption. This also means more endurance, more muscle and less fat as you continue using it in the right dosage. 

L-Carnitine green tea 

The combination of l-carnitine and green tea capsules is something that a lot of people consume today. The soft gel-like capsules are great for getting your requirement of L-Carnitine. The composition of most of these capsules includes highly absorbed liquid L-Carnitine and a concentrated form of Green Tea Extract. The result is capsules that are easy to ingest and great for storage and travelling as well. Most of the products are known to be potent metabolism boosters. They also result in thermogenic effects and makes it possible for the body to use fat to convert more energy. A lot of bodybuilders and those focused on weight management tend to use them.  

L-Carnitine supplements 

If you take L-Carnitine supplements by mouth, they are safe, and they also show some great results. The naturally occurring amino acid derivative is excellent for bodybuilding, weight loss and helps improve brain function in a lot of cases. It all comes down to the reason you are taking them. Naturally, the body can produce L-carnitine out of amino acids lysine and methionine. However, if you want to increase its quantity, then using supplements is the natural and safest way to do it. In another scenario, for the body to be able to increase its production naturally, increasing your consumption of Vitamin C is an excellent way to start.  

L-Carnitine protein 

With so many great choices, the L-Carnitine MyProtein is a common and popular choice for getting your dosage of L-Carnitine. Today, you can commonly find capsules, powder and gel variations, making it easy to pick the best one for you. With so many different reasons why L-Carnitine can help, it would not be right to check with your doctor about this. The kind of dosage and form of consumption is also something your doctor would be able to advise you best. The gluten-free and vegan options make it further a better choice for those with specific dietary requirements. While sports performance and weight loss are its primary reasons, there are many underlying benefits too.

Tips on how to buy L-Carnitine Supplements 

Everything from l-carnitine and antibiotics to weight management to heart improvement, there are several reasons why people take them. If you want to start, it’s not right to simply check on the internet and self-diagnose that this is something your body needs. A doctor will be able to determine your needs better after conducting some tips. Thus, don’t skip these essentials before you get started, and you will get the best outputs.

  • Analyse its need – Know the primary requirement for which you want to use L-Carnitine. Understanding this will help you connect with the right doctor and get the best opinions from friends if you can turn to foods to improve their proportion in your buy.
  • Check for products with good reviews – Check online stores for deals and offers, however more importantly check for products that have great reviews. Sometimes even locally made products can be just as good and pure as the expensive international ones.
  • Don’t mix with other supplements – Make sure to check out the label and see if it has any allergens mentioned. Check with your dietician and doctor, so you know if anything in your diet needs changes to adjust to the new supplements.
  • Determine your progress – Don’t forget to see your progress every month and have a more in-depth look every quarter. This will help you understand whether you should continue or not.
  • Keep a follow-up with your doctor – Keep in touch with your doc to understand the progress and how to reduce its consumption once you see good results. Doing this is essential so the body does not get accustomed to its intake.
  • Know when something isn’t working – If you have been taking it a while and see no changes, take a closer look. Consult with your doctor and see if there is another alternative.

It’s a great idea to also connect with a nutritionist if you know one. With these supplements, your nutrients and vitamin intake are essential and changes so that some consultation can help you out. Don’t skimp on the cost factor here, if you spot a great product. However, also don’t get fooled with those products that have sky-high pricing either. Make sure you take your time to determine what is best before you move ahead.

Question & Answer

What are the primary reasons that people take L-Carnitine?

Improving your physical performance is the top reason why people consume this supplement—using it before a workout has shown results in improving endurance too. It is also known to benefit the brain and the nervous system. Improving brain function is a third reason for using L-Carnitine. In other cases, consuming it was linked to positive changes in people who have Alzheimer’s, memory improvement, better attention span and enhanced visuospatial and constructional abilities. It is also supposedly good for weight loss, heart health, exercise performance, sexual drive in men and reduces type-2 diabetes.

What are the side effects of consuming too many cheap L-Carnitine supplements?

A daily dosage of 2 grams is considered suitable for everyday activities. However, side-effects are not too many. But if someone consumes more than this, even as much as 3 grams a day didn’t show any significant signs. However, any more than this can increase blood levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide. This can further lead to atherosclerosis — a disease that clogs your arteries. Other side-effects are stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, seizures and diarrhoea.

Can you lose weight by consuming L-Carnitine?

The consumption of supplements is known to be good for weight loss. L-Carnitine is known to help move more fatty acids into cells which are then burned for energy. So, yes, weight loss is a good reason for consuming them. However, the results are not quick, and it won’t work as well without a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of water. Some companies also say it is one way to improve your metabolism. A slow one is mostly the reason for more deliberate fat burning. Thus, checking out this issue can also help in faster weight reduction.

Where can you buy L-Carnitine capsules online in Dubai?

There are many online stores as well as retail ones such as pharmacies that cater to this. You will be able to locate both local as well as international brands online. One right way to check the best ones is to use This one is a super search engine in the Middle East. With more than 500+ online stores and amazing products under it, it is the best and easiest way to shop! Make sure you check out all the best options before you buy. Some of the best brands are Nature’s Beauty, Botanic Choice, Solaray, Swanson and Vital Nutrients.