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About L-Arginine

When we talk about food supplements, we often think about tablets or medicines. However, the concept is very different from other medication. Supplements like L-Arginine and Inositol a re a part of the body ' s natural composition ; yet sometimes due to a lower supply, we may have to consider an external source.

In the pur est sense , L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body creates by itself. It is used in several body functions , and a deficiency can result in some unwanted changes. The best part is that you can no w access L-Arginine capsules online or in stores . S een as a nonessential amino aci d, it is however seen as an essential component for the treatment of heart disease s. It is also known to clear arterial plaque build-up , eliminate blood clots, reduce platelet clumping, and improve blood flow into the coronary arter y. There are some easy symptoms that you can recognize if your body is lacking L-Arginine . However, thanks to modern - day supplements, now getting its quota are not half as difficult. If you are looking at getting them, then here are some of the types of supplements you can try:

Different types of L-Arginine supplements you can get today

L-Arginine supplements

With L-Arginine supplement s so read ily available, it gets more than possible to fulfil your quota. A test will make it easy to identify whether or not you have a deficiency and then take the most effective course. Choosing supplements is the most common thing to do , and a lot of people consider this option because of its convenience. The type of dosage depends on the purpose for which you are consuming it. Generally, a dosage of 2 to 3 grams is considered enough for a day. A doctor or nutritionist should be able to give you a better idea when it comes to this factor. After checking the results, you can also m ake the call whether to increase or decrease the dosage as you require to.

L-Arginine granules

The L-Arginine granules benefits in several ways and a lot of people who don ' t like consuming tablets go for this alternative. Depending on the type of product, one can choose to dissolve it in water or absorb as it is. These are rough granules and considered more potent than capsules. However, it all comes down to the brand and the nature of the requirement. The duration of use is as per the doctor ' s suggestion and unti l the symptoms disappear. The best part is there are a lot of excellent brands that offer not only supplement but granules as well. Make sure you check the top brands that ship to your country and check out all their offerings before you proceed.

L-Arginine powder

A lot of consumers also prefer to use L- arginine powder . This one is simple, and you can dissolve or sprinkle it on anything to get your daily dose. The powder is supposed to be a much healthi er way of getting your quota, as its more concentrated. However, the bottle or pack will list the potency of the dose and how many teaspoons is right for you. You can also reach out to your doc to get an idea. Researching online perhaps might not be the best approach, as you don ' t want to overdo it. You should also be able to monitor if the symptoms are disappearing, so you know if the powder is helping or not.

L-Arginine combination supplement

A lot of brands also provide L-arginine powder or supplements along with other nutrients. This makes it a powerful combination. For example, if you have something that combines it with calcium or another vitamin, then you get both in one. If you buy from a good brand, you can be sure they both work together, and one does not contain any elements that will overpower the other. However, a common notion is that combination supplements are not as powerful as the rest, so you might have to consume more. Again, it ' s best to consult with a doctor an d determine his views on the same before you do so.

Tips on how to buy purchasing the best L-Arginine supplement  

Th e first thing to buying supplements is the step when you understand you need to consume them. S till, in a lot of parts, the concept of consuming supplements is seen as ' unhealthy ' and people refrain from it. They still like the bit about getting all their nutrients from food. While it ' s , of course, a healthy way, sometimes you r diet cannot cater to everything you need in the right proportions s o, if you buy from a reliable brand, its just as good as taking it to form food.

  • Determine the purpose – L-Arginine caters to a lot of different reasons such as heart health and chest pain , muscles build ing , repair wounds, improve male fertility , reduce stiffness , abnormal tensing of the muscles and more. So, start by checking the exact reason for which you want to take the supplements.
  • The type of consumption – Determine whether supplements, granules, liquid or powder is a better one for you. You might have to take them a few times every day, so checking the most reliable course is the way to start.
  • Daily dose and quantities – Visit a doctor and ask his help when it comes to checking the treatment of the L-Arginine. The amount is signific ant , and this is the basis of the reason for which you are taking it. Also , check if you need to keep a minimum duration between taking two or more dosages.
  • Check the best brands and measure its progress – Note the best brands that manufacture it and check their reviews. It is also essential to understand how to measure the changes that you see post - consumption.
  • Note the changes with tests – Take tests probably after three months or so, to determine if the consumption is making any changes. You could try to shift to another brand or increase the dosage if it isn ' t.
  • Stop consuming when you need to – After the symptoms of its deficient are no longer visible, you can stop consuming it gradually. Check minutely to see if they come back after a few months and check with your doctor for follow-ups.

While L-Arginine side effects are not many, you can see some. The best part about consuming supplement that cater s to the nutrients and vitamin ' s that the body already produces is they are safe. You should also check online reviews for the products and read on what other people have to say. Make sure you don ' t consider the price factor too keenly for this since a lousy quality product will directly impact your health.

Question & Answer

What are the side effects of consuming too much L-Arginine?

Well, since L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that the body itself produces, the side-effects are not as grave as other medicines or supplements. Consuming around 3 to 6 grams of it every day is a suitable amount. It , of course, depends on a range of factors that will determine how much you need to take. On any day, exceeding the 10 grams of it on any given day can lead to diarrhoea and gastrointestinal distress . Other common side-effects due to excess consumption are gout , bloating , abdominal pain , low blood pressure , allergies , airway inflammation , blood abnormalitie s and worsening of asthma . In severe cases, it can lead to death in children and infants and negative collaboration with certain medications .

How does consumption affect sexual performance?

A lot of males also consider taking healthy dosages of L-Arginine for better sexual performance. This amino acid is directly related to better performance in bed. However, the side-effects are not as grave , and it ' s a better alternative for many who don ' t want to take Viagra. L-Arginine makes nitric oxide that flows blood to the male sexual organ. It is also found widely in sexual supplements for better performance. You can consult with a good doctor and see if taking the supplement will help your performance in bed.

What are the primary reasons why people consume L-Arginine?

Some of the different reason why people supplement L-Arginine amino acid is because they help relax blood vessels and more importantly help those with cardiovascular problems. It also help s those who suffer from peripheral arterial diseas es and angina . For those who suffer from heart disease can also see a noticeable improvement in their health with L-Arginine. The i mmune-boosting effect is another excellen t reason , and so is making sexual health issues like erectile d y sfunction better. It can also help improve symptoms of weight loss , kidney inflammation and better kidney function after a transplant . L- Arginine also helps with migraines, wound healing and blood pressure .

Where can you buy arginine powder online in the UAE ?

Many online and retail stores sell different food supplements as per your requirement. The best part about Dubai is that some great international brands cater to the country so that you can choose accordingly. Make sure you check out , an excellent product search engine. With more than 500+ online stores, you can be assured of getting the best deals under this fantastic platform.

Also, brands such as Ali Express are among the top online stores today. The best retail brands for L-Arginine are Natrol , Nature's Bounty, Swanson, Solaray and Muscleblaze , among others.