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About D-Mannose

Chemically, D-mannose is a sugar that is a natural ingredient in many different fruits and vegetables. But because of their antibacterial properties and ability to treat metabolic diseases, they are one of the most commonly consumed food supplements in the world.

Structurally, mannose is closer to glucose than anything else. Its most common uses include treating Urinary Tract Infections and carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome, which is a genetically transmitted metabolic disease. Unlike antibiotics that kill the bacteria, mannose removes the bacteria from the urinary bladder by impeding its ability to stick to the bladder walls. As this does not have any side effect on the body, mannose is being increasingly used as an alternative for antibiotics to treat bladder infections.

A guide to D-mannose

E-coli bacteria are responsible for ninety per cent of urinary tract infections or UTIs. They reproduce in the urinary tract by sticking on to the walls of the bladder, thus causing the painful infection. D-mannose is effective in treating the bacterial infection in the bladder by removing the bacteria through urine. But there is more to know about these supplements. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for this category of supplements. Having knowledge of the benefits and usage of this supplement will be of great use if you are planning to get it.

Benefits of D-mannose

The main use of this supplement is to treat a rare genetic disease called carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1b. People suffering from this metabolic disease tend to lose protein through their digestive system. Taking D-mannose shows a reduction in protein loss and improvement in patients with low blood sugar level. There have been clinical trials that also show that this medicine is useful against urinary tract infections. Because this medicine tends to disable bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls, it prevents bacterial growth in them.

Natural sources of D-mannose

Unlike antibiotics that actively kill the growth of bacteria, D-mannose does that passively. Many fruits have this simple sugar in high quantities. Oranges, apples, blueberries, cranberries, and peaches are good sources of it. Apart from these, D-mannose is also present in vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and green beans. It is also found in human cells. Although it chemically resembles a glucose molecule in structure, the human digestive system absorbs it much slower than glucose. Therefore, D-mannose has a lower glycemic index.

Side effects of D-mannose

There is no evidence for any serious side effects in adults because of D-mannose. But in some people, it can cause some minor issues like diarrhoea. Although there is no evidence for any negative effects in pregnant women, there is not enough evidence to say that it is completely safe either. So, it is better to stay on the safer side and avoid taking it if you are pregnant. Because this compound is a sugar, it does seem to make it difficult to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. But for healthy adults, there is no harm in taking it.

Different forms of D-mannose

D-mannose supplements are available as powders and tablets. The purest form of D-mannose is powder supplements. D-mannose powder usually is a hundred per cent D-mannose. Whereas in D-mannose tablets, there are other additives that help to make it into a tablet form. Usually, capsules will have cellulose in the outer structure of the capsules, rice flour, stearic acid that keeps those tablets from sticking to each other etc. But you should also consider the convenience of using the supplement as well. It is probably easier to carry a bottle of tablets with you when you are travelling.

Tips on how to buy D-Mannose Supplements

There are a few things to look for before choosing the right D-mannose supplement and any kind of food supplement and medications in general. Because dietary supplements are not as strictly regulated like other medicines, you should take extra caution while shopping for them. However, finding the right type of supplements is easier said than done. Following these tips will help you choose the right type and right brand of the supplement.

  • Powder vs capsules – You can choose which form of the supplement you want depending on how convenient it is for you. For a given weight of the medicine, powder forms have more D-mannose than capsules.
  • Look for the date of expiry – this is important regardless of which food supplement you are buying. Taking a supplement that is past its expiry date will do more harm than good.
  • Look for trusted brands – No matter what medicine you buy, always go for a brand that is well known and trusted. Because large brands have a lot to lose if they sell a bad product, it is more likely that they will ensure the product quality before pushing it onto the market.
  • Look for quality certification – Most countries have a nationally recognized quality standard when it comes to food and medicines. Ensure that the d-mannose supplement you are buying has this certification.
  • Look at the product label – Reading the list of ingredients in the product. Even Though you might not understand the purpose of every item in the list. You can check if there are any items that the company does not disclose in the list, which is a big red flag.

Before you start taking any kind of food supplements, consult a physician to diagnose your condition and to find out the proper dosage that you will need. Self-medication is always a bad idea. Talking to a doctor will help you weigh the pros and cons of taking the food supplement. You can find all kinds of supplements and medicines using our shopping search engine . It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them.

Question & Answer

Can D-mannose prevent weight gain?

There are some studies that suggest taking D-mannose can reduce weight gain. One of the reasons is that D-mannose helps in the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Studies conducted in mice show a direct correlation between the number of healthy bacteria in the gut and weight gain. The mice that were given a high-fat diet along with mannose were leaner than the ones that were not given mannose. Although this requires further studies to confirm, the hopes are high for finding a new method to treat obesity caused by bad diet.

Is it safe to take D-mannose every day?

There is no evidence to say that D-mannose has any side effects in healthy people. Even if a person is using it for an extended period of time, people who have severe urinary tract infection can take it every day without any negative effects. Food like cranberry is an abundant source of natural D-mannose. Therefore, people who don’t want to take the synthetic supplement can make these foods a part of their diet. But if you are a diabetic person, you should consult your physician before taking D-mannose. It is also good for maintaining the useful bacteria in the bowel.

Does D-mannose cause kidney damage?

In normal dosages, there is no harm in taking mannose on a regular basis. But when taken wrongly, it can cause some issues. In some people, mannose can cause bloating of the stomach and induce diarrhoea. And if you go overboard with it, the supplement has the potential to damage the kidneys. People with diabetes should also be cautious about using it. And even though there are no proven interactions between other medications and mannose, it is always a good idea to tell your doctor of the supplements that you are using.

Which D-mannose supplement is the best?

There are two types of mannose supplements; one that comes as in the powder form and another as capsules. There is no significant difference between the effectiveness of the two. Dosage requirements will vary between the two, and a doctor can tell you the proper dosage for either of these types. So, the difference is with regards to convenience. It is easy to carry capsules with you while you are travelling. You can just pop a capsule into your mouth. On the other hand, to take mannose in its powder form, you will need a glass of water and a teaspoon.

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