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About Calcium Supplements

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body, which accounts for 1-2% of the body weight.  And it is widely known for its beneficial effects on bone strength around 99% of it is found in bones and teeth. Moreover, this mineral is naturally found in all foods, especially dairy products. Furthermore, vegan people opt for calcium supplements on their diet, as they can’t get it from their diet.

Calcium is essential for your body. But is more effective when combined with vitamin D and magnesium, which are highly beneficial to your body and health. Vitamin D and magnesium help the body to absorb the amounts of this mineral obtained through diet. For children and young adults, calcium absorption exceeds the amount needed to build and grow healthy bones. Moreover, calcium supplements are a substitute for this mineral requirement. Thus, it is not for healthy and fit people. So, are you looking for the best calcium supplement? Then, you are on the right page to get help. Read on.

Different types of calcium vitamins nutrients for your body

Vitamin D and calcium are both essential nutrients for bone growth. However, vitamin D plays a vital role in protecting your bones, by helping the body to absorb calcium as well as supporting muscles to avoid falls. Whereas this mineral is necessary for life. It builds the bones and keeps them healthy, enabling the blood to clot, muscles to contract, and heart to beat. Therefore, both are essential to build as well as maintain strong and dense bones as you age. So, learn about the different kinds of food supplements before you move to buy calcium vitamins for sale.

Calcium citrate supplements

Calcium Citrate supplement is a more expensive form than other supplements. And it prevents as well as treat calcium deficiency in your body. Thus, this supplement is best for people with irritable bowel syndrome. However, you can choose to take it on an empty stomach or along with food, as per your choice. And, it easily absorbs in the body than this supplement. So, are you looking to buy calcium citrate supplements online in Dubai? Then you need to check out the renowned brands’ products. Among them are Myvitamins, Swisse, Now, Myprotein, Solgar, and much more.

Calcium Carbonate Tablets

Calcium Carbonate tablets tend to be the best value as it contains 40% of the elemental calcium. It is quite a vast amount as compared to other supplements. Nevertheless, it needs stomach acid to absorb in your body. Thus, you need to eat it along with food. However, it is used as an antacid to relieve the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. Moreover, it prevents osteoporosis and treats patients with high phosphate levels with kidney diseases. And it is a quite cheaper form of a supplement. Thus, take this tablet by mouth and chew it properly before swallowing it. 

Calcium and vitamin D tablets

It plays a crucial role in your body as it’s necessary for the normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscles, and bone. So, if this mineral amount in the blood gets decrease, then the body will take this mineral from the bones. However, vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. Thus, calcium and vitamin D tablets prevent low blood levels in people who do not get enough of this mineral from their diets. Moreover, it is used to treat osteoporosis, rickets, and specific muscle disease. And you need to take it from the mouth along with food.

Chewable calcium tablets

Each day we are losing this mineral enough through our skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine, and faces. And our body cannot produce its calcium on its own. Thus, it’s essential to take enough of this mineral from the food we eat. When we don’t take enough of this mineral, which our body needs,  it takes it from the bones. Therefore, these chewable tablets treat or prevent the deficiency of this mineral which helps to maintain growth and good health. So, if you are looking for these chewable tablets for free, then you can shop from reputed stores.

Tips on how to buy Calcium Supplements online

Undoubtedly! Calcium is a necessary mineral in our body, which helps in building bones and keeping them healthy. Apart from that, it enables the blood to clot, muscle to contract, and heart to beat. Every day we lose this mineral from our body through hair, sweat, skin, nails, urine, and lots more. Thus, it is essential to have a sufficient amount of this mineral in our bodies. Else, it takes it from the bones, which is fine for once. But regular intake might lead to the risk of rickets and falls. Thus, doctors often recommend calcium supplements to balance the level of calcium in our bodies. However, you might find a variety of supplements options in the market. But it’s tricky to choose one for yourself without proper guidelines. Therefore, we have listed essential factors to consider while you move to buy calcium citrate supplements online in Dubai. Have a glance!

  • Read the product label – It is the foremost thing you need to do while choosing the supplements for yourself. However, this will give you a clear idea, of how much you need to consume and the amount of calcium in these supplements. Besides, you need to pay attention to the serving size and amount per serving.
  • Choose the brand carefully – It is essential to check while you are shopping online for these supplements. Besides, you need to check the labels for the state of purified or USP symbol. However, the USP verified mark on the supplement label means that the USP has tested and verified its purity & quality.
  • Look for the expiry date – This is the vital factor to consider while you move online for shopping for these calcium supplements. However, you need to keep in mind that these minerals come with an expiry date. Thus, look at the labels carefully for checking its expiry date, as consuming expiry medicine might lead to severe health issues.

However, the price remains the vital factor which you need to be careful of. Besides, you need to shop economically rather than lavishly. So, if you are still uncertain about which product to choose or which brand to prefer, then we have a solution for you! Browse It is the best Dubai product finder with 500+ brands & shops allied with it. And experience the massive collection of health & beauty products from top-notch brands and stores. Plus, you get exciting offers to add more fun to your shopping journey.

Question & Answer

Can calcium supplements be harmful?

Yes! Calcium Supplements can be harmful to your health. It can lead to kidney stones, heart diseases, stomach upset, and lots more. However, many researchers have found that consuming these supplements isn’t beneficial for health. But it’s worse and affects your body. So, if you are suffering from calcium deficiency, then consult the doctor for the same. And take the capsules only if it’s necessary. Else prefer taking it through naturally from milk, seafood, vegetables, pulses, and lots more. The supplements are usually referred to those who aren’t getting proper calcium from food.  And might be at risk of rickets & falls. So, they need to continue taking it as the doctor prescribed them.

Can take calcium supplements to cause high blood pressure?

Yes! The excess amount of calcium supplement intake might cause high pressure. An example is 1900s milk-alkali syndrome. The patients at that time were ingested with an ample amount of milk and antacids to control their ulcers. Besides, the practice had increased the individuals’ risk of developing high levels of calcium in the blood. And the result was it cause high blood pressure and kidney failure.  It’s also found that these supplements can also react with blood pressure medication. Thus, it might cause a severe threat to your body.

Which calcium supplements are the best?

Swiss calcium supplement is the best which is Australia based company. And it’s one of the best supplement brands. However, it contains both calcium and vitamin D minerals, which helps in maintaining strong, healthy bones & teeth. Besides, each of these tablets contains naturally derived vitamin D3. It is the main component that helps in absorbing calcium into the bones.  Thus, you can take 2-3 tablets daily, during or after the meal. But before that, you need to consult the doctor for the same. However, you can try other popular brands products. And they are Myvitamins, Now, Myprotein, Solgar, and much more.

Where to buy calcium vitamin tablets?

Calcium and Vitamin D are both vital minerals in your body. It is essential in building strong and dense bones. And keep it strong and healthy from young to old age. However, vitamin D helps in protecting your bones by helping your body absorb this mineral. And it also supports the muscles from avoiding falls. Thus, if you are deficient in these minerals in your body, then doctors mostly prescribe the supplements of it. So, if you are looking for a reputed shopping browser to shop, then choose It is the best shopping search engine with 500+ stores allied with it. Thus, you can explore the amazing collection of capsules with the best price in the market.