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Finger Consoles

About Finger Consoles

A finger cot is also known as a finger condom. It resembles a standard condom used during sex; however, it is much smaller to fit on a finger. It is a latex sheath designed to provide over the fingertip and goes to the finger’s base.

The finger coats fall under first aid products and cover cuts and open wounds on the finger. They are also used for sexual play involving the insertion of fingers. Using finger cots can reduce the risk of being exposed to any virus or bacteria in the partner’s secretions. These covers can also protect against the transmission of infections where there are abrasions or cut on the skin. Therefore, they are also available in drug stores’ wound care and bandage section. These cots are available in different sizes and materials.

Everything you need to know about finger gloves

Finger gloves are nitrile finger cots for a single finger. They offer complete protection to fingertips up to the base. They are used as a comfortable alternative to the disposable glove in medicine. Simultaneously, they are also used to protect finger wounds while showering, swimming or during any medical treatment. Using finger condom first aid is simple. You need to place it on your finger before penetration, just like a regular condom. Make sure to smooth out any air that may have become trapped between the finger and condom. After use, dispose of the condom in the trash avoid flushing down in the toilet. Always wash your hands before and after use. Below is a bit more information about these rubber finger protectors.

About proper use of finger condoms

These cots are flexible tube-like caps that cover the fingers. Mainly they are used in the medical field to keep the wounds and cuts away from a direct encounter with bacteria, viruses or any chemical. The physicians also use them while examining anal and vaginal areas to ensure patient and doctor safety. While at other times, they are used for safe fingering and other oral sex and sexual pleasure activities. You can also add them to smaller sex toys and vibrators. With such varying uses, these cots are readily available online. Usually, you will find them in the packaging of dozens of cots.

Pros and Cons of using finger cots

Finger cots were a standard part of HIV education in the 80s and 90s. However, they are not commonly used today. Therefore, you can see them on the shelves in the most dangerous medications and wound care section or certain online stores. They are easier to use on a finger than covering the entire hand. If sized currently, they can fix like skin. With these gloves, you do not need to worry about STDs or irritation on exposed skin. However, a downside is that they are smaller in size and thus easier to lose during sex. Although the loss cannot be much stressing in the vagina the rectum, it can lead to severe issues.

Instruction to use finger cots

Unlike standard condoms, finger cots are not individually wrapped. Instead, you will find them in dispenser boxes with about 36 to 300 cots per packaging. However, the governing rules of finger cots are the same as condoms. Ensure your fingernails are filled before you apply a condom, and the skin should be dry and not covered with any lubricant. Now place the roll on the tip of the finger with the rolling side facing outside. Now roll the cot down toward the base of the finger. Smooth out any sir pocket and use a lubricant on the outside to reduce friction and breakage risk. Always dispose after use and never use the cot in the vagina after insertion in the rectum, and vice versa.

Common uses of latex finger cots

There are dozens of uses of latex finger cots. They are used for wound protection to avoid contact with dirt, moisture, bodily fluids, chemicals, or oxygen. At the same time, medical professionals used them for rectum, anal or vaginal examination. Latex gloves also help caregivers who need to apply topical creams and ointments to the body’s sensitive parts. In the meantime, they are also used by artists and appreciated for their thinness and flexibility. Likewise, artisans used them to protect fingers from injuries and mess. Other uses can witness in beauty care, industrial work, or fingerprint prevention. They are also a part of electronic work, food services, and jewellery and watch care sectors.

Tips on how to buy Finger Cot online in the UAE 

Meeting your physical desires is important for a healthy life, mind, and body. However, care while fulfilling such needs is of core importance. A slight carelessness can lead to serious health issues, including a wide range of STIs. Along with many other measures using high quality best finger cots can help you avoid any such problem. On an online store, you can find the best quality and expert-recommended cheap half finger cotton gloves for sale in online stores. Here are some points that you may need to consider while buying cervical collars online in the UAE.

  • The material of pack – You must look for high quality, durable material. Here, experts recommend choosing latex finger cots to ensure maximum protection and no leakage during or after use. Here you can ease your search by looking at products from top-rated brands. Search for bestselling brands and manufacturers and explore options available from them.
  • Customer Reviews – When it comes to online shopping, customer reviews are of core importance. Once you get hands-on with some relevant options according to your budget and needs, you should look into every product’s customer review section. It will help you find the products’ real-time performance, thus making a smart buying decision.
  • How long the product will work – Like anything else, finger cots also have an expiration date; using them later can cause serious health issues. So, make sure you are buying a box of finger cots with enough expiry date that you can use the content before it becomes useless.
  • Considering your budget – For sure, budget is of great importance. Despite the fact price is an important factor, it must not be the only factor. First, finger cots are economical, and you will not need to invest much to get a high-quality branded item online. On the other hand, opting for cheap items will make you lose money without getting any benefits from the pack.
  • Choose brands – Although you can find a wide range of products from local manufacturers, this low-quality product generally brings more harm than good. Therefore, when buying anything related to your health and beauty, always opt for reliable global brands.
  • About the care and usage instructions – Finger condoms need a particular skill to wear and take off. When some need professional help, options like latex condoms are more comfortable to use by a beginner. It is better to read the product description section about details related to the usage of the cots.

If you are a first-time user, you must look at the customer comments and consult any medical professional to know what products you must use. It is also important to read and understand the product before purchasing and using it for the first time. Luckily, you can read all these details online and can develop a complete understanding of the product as per your need. On the other hand, shops can help you search and buy the best possible options available in the market.

Question & Answer

Which finger cot should I buy?

Always look for branded and sterile finger cots for use. Also, never reuse these cots and discard them when taken out of the packaging, even if not used. Some of the best products you can trust and buy online include; Eyecare Latex Finger Cots, Mumuso Finger-Cot Cotton Pads, Painting Sponge Finger Cots, Safe & Sound Cotton Finger Cots, and the Healifty Cut Resistant Finger Cots. Frequent users and professionals also recommend Flents Pack Of 36 First Aid Finger Cots N32312934A and the ACU LIFE 40-Piece Finger Protectors N13162396A.

Why use finger condoms?

Finger cots or condoms are a safe and sanitary way to engage in sexual penetration, otherwise known as fingering. It can also be referred to as digital sex or heavy petting. The finger condoms used during the process are known as finger cots. These cots are also used to avoid STD transfer while the partners are involved in a romantic encounter. The impermeable rubber surfs as a protective barrier and keeps the vagina from all risks and bacteria.

Where to buy a finger cot online in the UAE?

Health and beauty care products like finger cots are readily available online. Therefore, looking for different options from brands like Graham-Field, Swingline, PLUS, or Ezycare on a precise retail search engine is better. This is how you can find the best selling and most trusted products at reasonable rates. At, you can also take advantage of a price comparison tool to find budget-friendly products for all your personal and professional level injury treatment needs.

At, you can find products from top brands like Flents, Acu Life, Grafco and many more. It will make it easier to compare the products for price and features before purchasing.