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Fairst Aid Collars

About First Aid Collars

First aid collars are also known as cervical collars or neck braces. These are particular types of medical devices mainly used to support the neck of a person after injury. At times it is also applied to individuals who experience traumatic neck and head injury. However, at other times, they are used during the treatment of chronic medical conditions.

In many cases where individuals experience a traumatic neck or head injury, they have cervical fractures or partial damages. Such injuries put them at a higher risk of spinal cord injuries. This could exacerbate by the person’s movement and, at times, lead to death or paralysis.  One of the most common scenarios of such injuries would be where a person is suspected of having whiplash during a car accident. In such a case, the medical professional will place a neck collar until the X-rays are done to check injuries. In case of any serious injury, the professionals will put a hard cervical collar or other cervical collar types to protect the neck from further damage.

Types of first aid neck braces

If you are undergoing cervical spine surgery or have met a series of accidents or injuries in your neck, a neck support collar is one of the prominent medical tools you will need. Neck braces are the most common type of all spinal braces and are available in many kinds. These different types are meant to serve a different purpose. But in the core, they are responsible for stabilizing the neck after cervical spine surgery. They also provide non-surgical relief if you have experienced any injury from a strong hit or whiplash etc. In any such case, below are the types of first aid collars that the medical professionals will recommend to you.

The hard and soft cervical collars

Both soft and hard cervical collars hold importance in special cases. The soft cervical collars are highly flexible and made of polyurethane foam rubber. These collars are easy to wrap around the neck and are secured with Velcro. Soft cervical collars are usually used after wearing rigid braces and after when most of the healing is done by hard collars. Whereas hard collar looks similar to soft collars, they are made of harder polyethene material. These collars offer higher support and pain relief from a variety of spinal conditions, including cervical spondylitis.

Philadelphia Collars

This one stands among the stiffer foam collars consisting of 2 pieces that are attached on the sides with Velcro. The upper portion of the Philadelphia collar supports the lower jaw, and the brace extends down to cover the upper thoracic spine.  This type of collar covers more of the neck area as compared to the soft and hard collars. And with better coverage, it offers more significant restrictions on the range of motion. These collars are useful in limiting the movements and are often prescribed after cervical spine surgeries. They are also used to stabilize minor cervical spinal fractures to decrease pain.

The SOMI Collars

SOMI or stern-occipital mandibular immobilization device is a rigid cervical brace that positions the neck straight with the spine. These neck braces can support your neck by restricting movement in both neck and head. This limited mobility allows the damaged structure to heal faster. By construction, these braces have a front chest place along with bars to go over the shoulder.  They also have a removable chin piece and an optional headpiece to offer additional support if needed. These collars are used to treat severe neck injury and cervical pains due to arthritis.

The halo neck brace

These are the most rigid neck support devices available in the market. It secures the neck and head from moving. It can be necessary to immobilize the spine after undergoing primary cervical spine treatments or stabilize the fractures in the cervical and thoracic regions. These braces are a form of spinal traction that essentially pulls the spine in two different directions. This tension helps in reducing the abnormal curvature linked to certain spinal conditions like scoliosis. By construction, these collars have a metal ring that is secure to the head with the help of metal pins. The ring is connected to bars that, on the other hand, are attached to a heavy vest.

Tips on how to buy First Aid Collars online in the UAE 

If you have had just met an accident and the doctor is recommended to buy a cervical collar for neck pain, do it as soon as possible. Luckily you can find the best quality and expert-recommended cervical neck brace for sale in online stores. So please place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle of roaming around and worsening the injury you are already dealing with. However, even if you are heading to a retail search engine, professional advice is important. Additionally, here are some points that you may need to consider while buying cervical collars online in the UAE.

  • Know the type of collar – Always consult your doctor and get a detailed checkup of your injury. The doctor will evaluate your case and will suggest if you need a soft cervical collar or a hard one. Always follow the physician’s instructions carefully.
  • The size of collar – The best cervical collar is available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. An average male can go for a medium-size collar, whereas a female should pick an option in a small size. But the best thing will be to measure the height and diameter of your neck to find the ideal collar fit for you.
  • Choose brands – Although you can find a wide range of products from local manufacturers, this low-quality product generally brings more harm than good. Therefore, when buying anything related to your health and beauty, always opt for reliable global brands.
  • About the care and usage instructions – Cervical collars need special skills to wear and take off. When some need professional help, options like soft cervical collars can be removed easily from on your own. It is better to read the product description section about details related to the usage of the brace.
  • Check the support type – Neck braces have two categories: front and rear struts that rest on the chest and the one that rests on the shoulders. The former mentioned is the most common type with rear struts often designed to break off in an accident.
  • The material of braces – First aid collars are available in materials like reinforced plastic and carbon fibres. Bother same offer a level of protection, but carbon-based items are believed to be more durable, lightweight and more comfortable to use and wear. Hence they are the preferred choice of users today.

In the end, you should know that the neck braces can sustain damage in case of sudden impact or collision. Luckily there is an exclusive range of neck braces spares available, including replacement thoracic struts, replacement collars, replacement paddings and more. As you are spending a lot of time and energy buying a collar online, dig a bit more to find collars that come with a set of basic accessories, including strapping packs, rain covers, bolts to brace bags etc.

Question & Answer

What are the uses of cervical collars?

These first aid collars are used to offer therapeutic help to realign the spinal cord and relieve pain. Although they are usually not worn for a more extended period, they play a role in the speed of recovery. These collars are also used in case of whiplash, sprain or strain in spinal cord and neck areas. If there are persistent pains, physicians will recommend a collar to remain attached and help heal.

Can I sleep with a cervical collar?

Yes, you can sleep with a cervical collar. However, not all types of collars are suitable to go to bed with. And it is important to consider the care instructions and use them in the right way. Otherwise, you might end up causing more damage to your back and neck. For instance, soft cervical collars are more appropriate to wear in bed. But even in such cases, you should never wear the collar to bed until it is not recommended. And while doing so, you will also need to follow some care instructions and feature specifications for the bed to make it perfect for sleeping with a collar on.

How long do I need to wear a cervical collar?

The duration of use depends on the type and level of injury you are facing. In general, the patients need to wear it for an entire day during the first three weeks of the injury. However, in many cases, it can take more time to recover. And during the use, the doctors may also recommend decreasing the hours per day to use these collars. Therefore it is important to consult the experts before using these collars. You should follow the advice carefully to heal your body and avoid any further damage.

Are cervical collars effective?

Yes, cervical collars offer great support in different types of spinal injuries and neck fractures. These are unique construction neck supports that offer control of the spinal and neck movements. Hence if you are suffering from any injury in these areas of your body that need limited or no muscle or bone movement to get normal, a cervical collar is a must to have. For several benefits that you get with these collars, they are famous. However, to have the full advantage you should consult a medical expert and follow the advice for use carefully.

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