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About Mouth Sprays

Halitosis is a condition of having foul-smelling breath, and Xerostomia is a condition where your salivary glands are not capable of keeping your mouth wet. And mouth sprays are effective in both conditions but not as a permanent solution. They are perfect for use while you are undergoing medical treatment. Other than that, sprays not meant for particular conditions can be used on regular days when you just want to feel fresh. These sprays are also often used after smoke or vape. Thus, when buying one,

Breath spray in your dental care kit shows that you are careful of your personal hygiene in public or private space. You can spray before a private moment or after the smoke. But you should remember not to overuse it, and not use it as a cure. If you have bad breath or dry mouth problem, mouth spray is not a solution. You should consult a doctor and follow the treatment procedure. Alongside medications, you can use breath sprays until you get rid of your problems. We hope the product is now clear of its meaning and purpose. You should consider it before buying mouth sprays online in the UAE.

Types of mouth freshener spray

The product that you should buy depends on your purpose and personal preferences. Let us break it down for you. If you want a breath spray for common usage and not for any dental problems, you can go for a product like Listerine. But dental problems have specific products. One of the best mouth sprays for bad breath is Biotene Oral rinse. Further, you can also have a combination of products. Freshener plus teeth whitener is one perfect combo. Your other preferences can be of sugar-free or alcohol-free products. As it is a freshener, the fragrance matters a lot. Some of them even consist of herbal sprays, if that is what you like. We suggest listing all your preferences and read the specifications list fully before buying.

Dry mouth spray

Dry mouth is a dental problem of less or no saliva buildup. Thus, the bacteria inside the mouth cannot be controlled, resulting in bad breath. In that case, artificial saliva can relieve the symptoms. It comes in various forms like spray, rinse, gel, swabs, and dissolving tablets. This saliva substitute can moisten and lubricates the mouth for a few hours after which you can use it again. There are also some medical conditions like diabetes, where dry mouth can happen as a side effect. And doctors suggest buying a good sugar-free breath spray. Our retail search engine can lead you to explore the best brands or the ones your doctor has suggested.

Listerine mouth spray

Listerine brand consists of many products for bad breath, and breath spray is one of them. Other products include breath strips, mouthwash, tablets, and many other health & beauty products. There are some essentials to be a part of your dental care kit. About breath sprays, they can fit in your pocket and can go with you everywhere. These can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and leave you with cool mint flavour. All you need to do is trigger the bottle two or three times inside your mouth, and that is all. We recommend checking out some mouth sprays for sale and see if you find something worth.

Spraymintt mouth freshener

Spraymintt brand is popular as a kiss ready mouth spray. So, if you want a product that gets effective within a few seconds, you can count on Spraymintt brand. The product you find will be sugar-free with eight different flavours. You can choose the one you like. There are also other brands we would like to mention. These include Crest, Eversmilewhite, Binaca, and Closys. You might also want to check them out to not miss out on something interesting. Every brand targets a problem and come up with a product as a solution. Just like Closys is a solution to dry mouth, Spraymintt is a solution to not embarrass yourself in front of your partner. You should pick the right brand before shopping.

Tips on how to buy Mouth sprays online

We strongly suggest you go by the doctor’s advice in case of any serious dental problem. Other than that, a breath freshener is something that acts differently with different ingredients in it. These can be active or non-active ingredients. Going by your purpose, you should choose the product that is apt for your needs. We have compiled a few of the ingredients here, so once you check the specifications list, you would understand the product better.

  • Antimicrobial – Most of the times, the reason for having a mouth spray in your pocket is your bad breath. Thus, the product you choose has to deal with the germs and pathogens inside your mouth. If yours is the same purpose, you should check if antimicrobial drugs are present or not. One such addition is thyme that promotes the balance of microbial growth in the mouth.
  • Moisturiser – This is an important addition for someone with dry mouth problems. Remember if you do not have such problem, you can skip buying the product with a moisturiser. One such agent is glycerine. These additions help to build artificial saliva, fights germs, and freshens the breath. With all these features, their price is higher than simple fresheners.
  • Flavour – Menthol or cool mint are two popular flavours for breath sprays. It does nothing but gives you a fresh feeling. A little spray can leave you with a good feeling and boost up your confidence, especially when you are undergoing medical treatment. There are other flavours too, which you can check by reading the specifications list.
  • Combos – There is more than one reason you want to have a mouth freshener spray by your side. Thus, the products with combo features fit best for you. For instance, you could have a mouth spray that contributes to teeth whitening. In that case, the antimicrobial drug will fight tooth decay also. You can also go for natural ingredients and choose the product that contains herbs.

We hope the tips will help you in choosing the right product. We have mentioned some of the active ingredients present in the product. But you will also see inactive ones written on the label. These include Xylitol, Polysorbate 80, or Methylparaben. All three of them have a purpose to serve, hence play an important role in getting rid of your dental issues. You can check some of the best product and multiple brands under one umbrella at

Question & Answer

What is the best mouth spray for bad breath?

Binaca brand has a special formula that freshens your breath, kills the germs, and dissolves lingering aftertastes. These breath drops can be perfect if you are searching specifically for bad breath problems. There is one more brand you should explore, and that is Biotene if you have a dry mouth problem. This brand has a perfect product for you that moistens and get rid of bad breath. You can explore both of these products or even more like Listerine mouth spray at

Is there a spray for dry mouth?

Yes, Closys and Biotene are the brands that consist of products related to dry mouth. These products moisten the mouth by building artificial saliva that kills the germs and leaves you with a fresh breath. The product needs to be sprayed on the tongue, teeth, and all over the mouth for the best results. But we would like to divert your attention towards the bigger problem. Any dry mouth spray that you buy cannot be a permanent solution for dental problems. Although it seems like a dental problem, symptoms can lie inside your stomach or body. You must consult your doctor about that.

Is dry mouth a dangerous dental problem?

Initially, you might feel that there is nothing wrong and using a spray will help. However, it can lead to severe problems if not treated at the right time. Bad breath is one such signal you should consult your doctor. Your food can taste different because of dry mouth or tongue can hurt. Gland enlargement, lip swelling, infection, cracking of oral tissues are some other causes that can occur if you do not prevent the problem in the early stages.

Why use mouth sprays in the first place?

There exist multiple reasons to use a mouth freshener spray. The most common of them all is bad breath, which is a common symptom of many leading health issues. Sometimes, a patient with diabetes or even Alzheimer has bad breath as one of the side effects. Dental problems like Halitosis and Xerostomia need you to use breath sprays. Also, you may want to keep it in your pocket to use before indulging in a private moment with your partner. For that, check out Spraymintt mouth freshener.

We hope the purpose and meaning of using mouth spray are clear. It is a good time that you explore the brands and products that stands up to your preferences. Our shopping search engine can make it easy for you with its advanced filters. You can see products variants of diverse brands and compare and shop for the best product available.