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About Floss Threads

The purpose of floss threads in your dental care regime is as essential as brushing. Like brushing, flossing has a proper process and steps to follow. But before that, buying the product needs your attention. You should take care of the brand, quality, and requirements, depending on your dental problems if any.

The big reason you need floss thread in your dental care kit is plaque build-up. If you do not keep your oral hygiene proper, this plaque can get worsen in the form of tartar. Your sugary or acidic diet adds the build-up of alien substances. And if you think regular brushing is enough, you might be wrong. Floss thread for teeth plays an essential role as they help in your hygiene steps. Different variants you see in the market differ in effectiveness too. If you are looking to buy dental floss thread online in UAE, look no further as this page will provide enough data.

Benefits of dental cleaning thread

Well, it is not only about one product but about the whole hygiene process you need to follow. Every day you pick a thread and stand in front of the mirror. This is the time when you observe and diagnose if something is not right. Any swelling or redness that can be a big problem is prevented just with a regular checkup. There is one more benefit that these dental thread floss can help you in dieting if you want. When you rinse your teeth after flushing, you remove all the food particles. So, you become less tempted for mid-meal munchies and get your cravings under control. You can check out some best dental floss threads and see if there is something you like to have.

Types of dental cleaning threads

Multifilament and monofilament floss are two kinds of dental threads available in the market. Multifilament ones are nylon fibres, which come either waxed or unwaxed. These fibres are usually waxed to get the floss easily slide in-between the teeth. On the other hand, monofilament is the newer technology produced from plastic or rubber. Both types are available in different flavours like mint, cinnamon, bubblegum, and many more. However, the main difference is the price tag, and out of both, monofilament floss is much expensive due to ease of use. You can explore some cheap dental floss threads to buy to get started with your purchase.

Dental thread floss versus dental tape

Some say dental tape is another type of floss because the purpose and usage are similar. Dental tape is only a bit wider than dental thread, and people with spaces between their teeth find tapes more effective. That’s all! That is the only difference between dental tape and floss as they also have flavours, budgets, and waxed or non-waxed varieties available in the market. However, if you are looking for alternatives, you can go for Waterpik that works by flushing water in-between your teeth to remove the unwanted substances. You can go for alternatives if you find flossing boring and time-consuming. Waterpik and dental floss are as effective as floss thread. You can find more alternatives under the health & beauty category at

Dental picks or reusable floss

The traditional flossing method is often challenging when it comes to clean the back area of your mouth. One of the major blunders is when you use the thread too aggressively and hurt your gum tissues. For those sensitive gums, it would be good if you shift to dental picks. These are precut floss threads attached to a plastic handle thereby making them easily reachable to every corner of your mouth. Other than handling, their types, flavours, thickness, manufacturing material is the same as traditional floss threads. You can start your purchase by checking out the dental floss thread for sale or read further to grasp some tips to narrow down your purchase.

Tips on how to buy Floss threads online

When it comes to oral hygiene, buying products online needs you to research a bit because technology is updating every now and then. For instance, a traditional thread in the back days has now bubblegum flavour to lure your kid into an oral hygiene regime. You can even rely on various other alternatives that can prove equally useful as dental cleaning thread. With so many options, it becomes imperative for you to read some crisp buying tips to make sure the product you choose is the best amongst available ones.

  • Sensitive gums – You need a floss that can easily slide between the teeth because aggressive use can make your gum bleed more. The worse situation can arise when the thread starts hurting your gum tissue. You can choose any between monofilament or multifilament floss but make sure they are waxed.
  • Teeth braces – You can go for multifilament floss or super floss in this case as they are spongy enough not to hurt the dentures or braces. While buying the product, you can check out its specifications list saying “ideal for braces and bridges”.
  • Teeth gaps – Choose dental tapes or specialised super floss if you have wide gaps between your teeth. On the other hand, you can choose waxed floss so that they can easily slide into tight spaces. You don’t find this feature written under the specifications list, so it’s better to keep this in mind while refining the products.
  • Other alternatives – If you feel a bit hesitant in using traditional floss, you can go for alternatives. You can choose between Waterpik or electric flosser as both serve the purpose with the same efficiency. However, aggressive use can lead to dental issues, whether it is a traditional floss that you are using or any other version of it.
  • Brands – Rather than looking up google randomly, it’s good to know a list of top brands. Some of them to consider are Oral B, Dr Tung, Plackers, Colgate, and Platypus. These are the best in the market and contains products with every feature that we have discussed on this page.

We hope the tips would help you in making your purchase a smart purchase. Whether you choose to have a cheaper product or an expensive one, do your part of research thinking of the investment as a one-time. Usually, the thing with cheaper products is that customer do not pay much heed towards them, thinking they would buy another if the current one doesn’t work. This is not something we at advise our customers. From a brush to mouth wash, everything you buy must be well-researched. If you now feel ready to go for a shopping spree, we would suggest looking at our retail search engine.

Question & Answer

How to use dental floss thread?

You can either have a precut threads or you can cut the dental thread at your convenience. Now hold the two ends of the floss wrapped around your fingers. Read to have a saw motion by slowly sliding the floss in between your teeth. Reach your gums but do not go beyond and don’t forget to keep your movements slow. It is a time to have a good look at your teeth and gums and if you find something picky, try to remove it. Once done, you can move your floss to a different tooth and repeat the motion.

Can you use dental floss to thread eyebrows?

Yes, you can use dental floss or even dental tapes to thread your eyebrows, but there are a few prerequisites. First of all, dental threads cannot be an alternative to traditional eyebrow threads, and you should keep this hack in mind in case of emergency only. Also, if your eyebrows are fully grown and not pre-trimmed, floss might not work efficiently. Any floss available can serve the purpose, but unwaxed threads can be a bit better than waxed ones.

What type of dental floss is the most effective?

The most effective dental floss is the one that can hit right on your dental problems and go well with your oral needs. For instance, if you have braces and you are using basic nylon thin floss, your cleaning regime wouldn’t be that effective. Plus, the nylon fibres might get stuck to your braces, making them frustrating to use. Therefore, the best combination could be dental tapes for wide teeth gaps, nylon floss for tight spaces, waxed ones for sensitive gums, and more to be read on this page.

Why does dental floss shred?

Floss shredding is common, but it becomes massive when you have tartar build-up somewhere. You need to clean it up by consulting the dentist as soon as possible. Also, shredding can happen if you have an edge between the teeth. The only solution is to smooth out the surface with the help of the dentist. There is nothing to freak out as long as the thread is cleaning your teeth and keeping your hygiene up-to-date.

Our shopping search engine can let you explore different brands and online shops of floss threads that we have been discussing on this page. All the products under one roof can give you the liberty to compare and shop. Plus, the genuine reviews of buyers can make your decisions easy and less time-consuming.