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Taking bath is surely an important way to unwind yourself and say calm amid hectic work schedules. But because it’s a soothing experience for both body and mind, you should make it a special time. Adding certain accoutrements can take your basic bath time to a blissful one. Enter bath salts that have been long used for both mental and physical benefits. In this article, we’ve listed a handful of bath salt options that’ll help you get soaking. Plus we also give you some quick tips on how to buy bath salt in bulk online in UAE. So, sit back, relax, and read on! 

Obviously, you know what bath salts are! They’re salts that you use for a good soak bath. But do you know what soaking in these salts does to our body? We bet, that only a handful of you would know their many benefits. All thanks to their antiseptic, cleansing, and healing properties, salts come with several health benefits. You can use them to exfoliate your body. However, soaking in them can relax both your body and mind. In fact, taking a long soak in the salts helps you soothe your muscles, detoxify your body, and keep your skin hydrated. There’s also a belief that it can even reduce internal swelling. So, if you ever want to relieve stress or just get your skin moisturised, try adding salt to your bathtub. Let’s take a look at the few best shower salts that you can soak in. 

Types of bath salts and soaks to rejuvenate your skin                                                  

Most of you have seen shower salts. A lot of them. You’ll find them in all sorts of shapes, scents, sizes, and colours. Ideally, all of the salts for the bath are usually sea salts. However, a few such as Epsom and Himalayan salt are exceptions. This means manufacturers produce different types of salt in different grades too. Each one comes with different benefits and textures. Also, not all of them might suit your skin type. Therefore, it’s best to take a detailed look at what some of the popular salts offer you. Below we’ve compiled a list of the finest shower salts for bath time that you can consider investing in. 

The best overall: Follain Organic Bath Co. rose salts

Although this product consists of only three ingredients – magnesium flakes, Himalayan sea salt, and Moroccon Rose essential, altogether it packs a punch. The magnesium in the product detoxifies and calms your mind. Besides, it also relaxes your muscles. Likewise, the mineral content of the Himalayan salt maintains the skin barrier, thereby keeping the moisture locked in. And the essential oil? Well, it’s what makes this soak smell oh-so-good. It has a fresh and floral scent that gives you a refreshing feeling. Bonus points for the gorgeous pink shade and the packaging that makes this salt a hit. 

The best budget: C. Booth Pink Himalayan salt bath

If you’re looking for an exhilarating bath time experience without shedding a lot of pounds, then go ahead and pick this Himalaya salt. Not only is this pocket-friendly, but you also just need to use small amounts of this salt for each bath. Therefore, one jar lasts for quite a while. When it comes to the product composition, the salt is a combination of Himalayan sea salt and Epsom salt. Their amazing composition does wonders to your body. Plus, the floral scent – of rose, pink peony, lily, and violet – is a big boon for many buyers. 

Dr Teal’s purest Epsom salt bath

The Epsom salts from this brand might not be very fancy nor do they come in an Instagram-worthy glass container. However, there’s a good reason for their cult-following. This salt contains pure Epsom salt that can do everything from improving your sleep to reducing inflammation and reducing pain. Better yet, you’ll find over 15 versions of this salt, all with different ingredients and essential oils. You’ll also find a fragrance-free Epsom salt version for purists. Still, this one, that has cooling and soothing menthol might turn out to be your personal favourite in no time. 

The best detoxifying: Goop Beauty detox salt

This salt from Goop comes with a black hue. However, do not be put off by its dark colour – that’s just activated charcoal and glacial marine clay. This is a dynamic duo composition that performs several functions. It works to remove all the impurities and assorted gunk and grime that you’re often exposed to. What’s more, the salt also comes with a blend of different salts, essential oils, and other skin-softening enzymes too. Make sure you soak for at least 20 minutes to reap the complete purifying benefits. You could always consider this as your excuse to stretch out your time in the tub. 

The best luxury salts from Susanne Kaufmann

It may be a splurge, but this salt is worth every penny you spend. It’s particularly helpful if you have dry or burned skin. Soaking yourself a few minutes in this salt gives your burnt skin a calming and soothing effect. Moreover, it also leaves your skin feeling silky soft after just one soak. Furthermore, the product comes in a fine powder. This enables you to easily dissolve them completely in your bathwater. All you need to do is just mix a few spoons under the running water as you fill the tub. In short, although a luxury product, it ensures to offer you health and body benefits.

Tips on how to buy Bath Salts online

You now know that these salts are pretty much the secret sauce behind any blissful bath time. Thanks to the fact that they’re loaded with essential oils and other skin-enriching components. However, just like any other health & beauty product, there are several variations of salts, and not all of them might suit you. So which ones do you pick? How do you even get started? Fret not, because we’ve got your back. Here are a few tips to help you choose your perfect salt for that perfect bath time.

  • Keep an eye on the ingredient label – These salts are a composition of a wide variety of ingredients. Pure salts have just a few varieties, while the other salts have numerous added colours, nutrients, and extracts. If you suffer from any skin conditions or allergies it is best to avoid the product that contains such an allergen. For this, you need to carefully check out the ingredient label before you buy.
  • Check out the form – The best form always depends on your personal preference. However, you do have many choices. Some bath salts come in fine powder form whereas others come in crystals. Each one is different. For instance, the powder froths when you add them to the water. However, the crystals easily dissolve in the water. You may also find them in bath bomb form. Pick your preferred.
  • Look into scents – The scent of salt is an important factor to consider, and the term un-fragranced can be misleading. The pure Epsom salt doesn’t have any scent. It won’t necessarily leave your bathroom smelling beautiful. However, there are also options that offer you sweet and tangy scents.
  • Consider the use – Where do you want to use your salts? Of course, you use them to bathe. However, you could also use them for a foot bath or to exfoliate your skin. Make sure you pick the right salts to do the job. For example, if you intend to use them for aromatherapy buy a salt that comes with fragrant oils and added components.
  • Consider the price – Most salts are affordable. However, a few of them, like the luxury salts might cost you more than usual. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget. This way you can refrain from overspending and save a few bucks too. Many online stores and brands also offer you cheap salts in bulk.

We all want something best for our skin and body. Finding beauty products as such actually isn’t that difficult. All you need to have are a few smart tips to evaluate the product you intend to buy. We believe we’ve given you that above. Of course, the final decision always depends on your personal choice. However, you could always use a little bit of guidance to achieve a successful and wise online purchase.

Question & Answer

Is bath salt the same as Epsom salt?

No, technically the two are not the same. There is a difference in the ingredients used in the two types of salts. Traditionally, these salts should contain an active ingredient called magnesium sulphate, and if they contain only this type of magnesium, they may be called Epsom salt. True Epsom salts don’t have any other added ingredients. If these salts have other elements in their composition, they should not be called Epsom salt. 

What bath salts are safe during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can use Epsom salt while soaking in a tub. Epsom salt dissolves very easily in water. Many athletes use it in the bath to relieve sore muscles. Pregnant women may find that a bath with Epsom salt helps ease sore muscles and back pain. In fact, they’re the best salt for sore muscles. Furthermore, Epsom salt also soothes stretching skin. It’s also recommended to speed up the healing of cuts and minor sunburns. Still, it is better to consult your gynaecologist before buying and using these salts during pregnancy.

How many bath salts to use in the tub?

Use 1 cup of Epsom salt, sea salt, or table salt for a standard-size bathtub. Pour the salt into the warm running bath water and use your hand to stir the water to help dissolve all the grains. Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. This is the highly recommended and most effective way to use shower salts and enjoy their full potential and benefits. For further instruction, you can consult the product description section on the website or look at the details on the printed manual that comes in the packing of the soap.

What bath salts are the best?

Salts that offer you the desired results are the best ones for you. Apart from that, the best ones are those that come from premium brands. Some of the best salt brands include Lush, Ahava, Aveda, Radox, Herbivore, Goop, Dr Scholl’s, Finchberry, and Kneipp. These brands offer the most selling and ever loved salts for the users. The idea is to explore different products from these brands and compare them for benefits and features. These may include smell, look, texture, and the benefits they are supposed to offer. Compare as many products as you can and buy what matches your needs the best.

Where to buy bath salts in bulk?

Fortunately, several online stores today offer you a range of different salts for your various needs. If you’re actively searching for the finest salts out there, then do check out the options on Our product search engine offers you the biggest collection of salts from popular brands and online stores. You can also buy a bath salt set online in UAE right here on Explore the website to search and buy products from the world’s best sellers.