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About Christmas Lights

Everyone who is reading this knows how useful and fun Christmas lights are. They quickly accentuate our back-breaking decoration and give a festive makeover to our homes. Choose from soft, subtle and elegant styles to bold and colourful ones, whichever you like!

You can use Christmas lights as a standalone decoration. Or to complement other Christmas staples like trees, mantelpieces, snow globes and wreaths. Through differently patterned lights, you can illuminate both indoors and outdoors at the special festival. They come in many colours, shapes and sizes to suit different decorations and preferences. Some are just usual styles, whereas others can have advanced features like remotely controlled, sound operated modes, music systems etc. Perhaps browsing for the perfect set can be an overwhelming experience. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about Christmas party lighting.

All about doing a perfect Christmas light decoration

A perfect Christmas decoration initiates with some Christmas staples. Like the tree, snow globes, reindeer, wreath, and not to miss, Christmas lights. They come in a wide assortment. The categories depend upon whether you are planning to decorate outdoors or indoors, whether you want to be LED or incandescent, little or a lot of lighting and many more factors. In addition, you can go for mini strings, wide-angled, battery-operated, colour changing and more varieties of lights to suit your decoration. Moreover, modern lights are more energy-efficient than traditional ones, so they are hard on your energy bills as well. Let us explore various lights apt for the Christmas decoration.

LED Christmas lights

There are two main types of illumination in use for decoration – Incandescent and LED. LEDs win over the former in every aspect, from energy-efficient to producing more light and better life. Incandescent lamps were used traditionally that consume a fair amount of electricity. LEDs, by contrast, last ten times longer than incandescents. Their initial cost is higher, but they consume low energy and are a lot more durable. Plus, they emit more distinct colours and bright lights needed to illuminate your Christmas decoration. You can install them anywhere in indoors or outdoors, like garden space, backyards and even the entry.

Christmas tree lights

Putting lights on a Christmas tree accentuates its natural beauty. While choosing them for your Christmas tree, you can find mini and large C7/C9 styles bulbs. 5MM wide-angle, M5 mini, C6 strawberry, G12 raspberry and C7 or C9 are some of the popular choices. Out of these, 5MM wide angle LEDs and G12 raspberry LEDs exhibit evenly distributed light. C7 or C9 bulbs, by contrast, throw diffused light that looks a bit dim. Your selection also depends upon the size of the tree. Further, for large trees, you can go for large sizes, whereas small ones would require shorter bulb styles. Regarding colours, multicoloured light is a popular choice. But warm or pure white lights are also prevalent in indoor spaces.

Battery operated fairy lights.

Christmas fairy lights are small and bright LEDs. They beautifully illuminate your Christmas decoration and outdoors on the eve. They come in the form of a string with tiny LED bulbs. You can bend and shape them anyway to fit around various items like trees, wreaths, mantelpieces, and reindeer. Some fairy lights have plug-in adapters, whereas others are battery powered with a timer function. Further, you can get your hands on fairy lights with decorative accents like gems, beads, globe covering as well as mesh rope, ribbon, fairy light balls and many other varieties.

Tips on how to buy Christmas Lights in Dubai

Everyone remains super excited on Christmas, and Christmas decoration is something we cannot miss. Since lights are an integral part of that, you must be looking for some beautiful strings and bulbs this season. Traditionally, the choices were not as diverse as they are today. We have strings, netted patterns, rope lights, Christmas projectors, inflatables and many more varieties. So, it must be overwhelming for you to select some appropriate sets. Here are some tips that would help you buy Christmas lights for decoration online in the UAE.

  • Indoor or outdoor use – This is the first and foremost consideration for sure. While considering any light, remember to check whether it’s indoor or outdoors compatible. Most of them suit both environments, but outdoor light is basically sealed and protected so that outside temperate and humid conditions do not ruin their operation. Moreover, outdoor light offers more lighting than indoor counterparts.
  • Shape of strings – Most common light people use for Christmas decoration is string light. So, if you are looking for options, you must have encountered three shapes- straight line, icicle, netted and curtain. Your choice must depend upon the placement of lights. Suppose if you are planning to light up the tree, you can bring some beautiful straight series and wrap them around its branches. On the other hand, icicles look good eaves and windows. You can put net lights on the door, over fences and even on windows.
  • Type of bulbs – Bulbs on these strings vary based on colours, shape, lighting effects, power source, cable and more factors. You can have eight to 2000 bulbs in one string so choose as per your space and requirements. It is recommended to go for multicoloured or ice white lights with twinkling or soft glow if you are planning decoration for Christmas. Moreover, clustered looks and battery operation options work the best. You can find cheap battery operated Christmas lights here on
  • Additional lighting accessories – Apart from regular lights, there are many other forms of lighting you can choose—for example, Christmas projectors, stake light, light dome etc.

Now that you have a lot of information about various Christmas lights, you must be looking for the best options if you are unsure of where to start searching, log on to Here on our product search engine, you can get access to a variety of lights ranging from strings to stake lights, domes, icicles and more offered by popular brands of the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best styles while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What kind of Christmas lights are best?

String lights work best for Christmas decorations. You can get them in different lengths, patterns, bulbs, lighting effects, and power source options to suit various requirements. 5MM wide-angle, M5 mini lights, C6 strawberry, G12 raspberry and C7 or C9 are some of the popular choices for bulbs. Out of these, 5MM wide angle LED lights, and G12 raspberry LED lights to offer evenly distributed light. You can go for energy-efficient and battery-operated options that come with timers to save energy. Novelty Lights, RPGT Green, Accmor, Bulbhead Star, Weatherproof Strawberry, are some of the best brands selling quality tested and durable lights.

Are LED Christmas lights brighter?

LED lights are brighter than traditional incandescent lamps. They are not only bright but also consume less energy which makes them cost-effective to use. They give off almost no heat in comparison to traditional lights. However, their initial cost may be a bit higher. You can go for mini strings, wide-angled, battery-operated, colour changing and more varieties of lights to suit your decoration. Modern lights are more energy-efficient than traditional ones, so they are hard on your energy bills as well.

Are LED Christmas lights dangerous?

LED lights are safe to use anywhere, around the Christmas tree, garland, or wreath. They do not burn out or become hot like other bulbs. However, when it comes to electronics items, you must take quality and safety aspects in consideration. Go for well-known and best-reviewed brands to get safe and best lights home.

Where to buy Christmas lights online?

You can buy Christmas lights from any electronics store or marketplace. With online options, you have got an opportunity to browse various stores with a few clicks. If you need a better option and quick purchase, you can come to us on Here, we have brought together over 500 online stores selling products for the best Christmas lights decoration. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can narrow them down with the help of filters, direct searching and even price comparison features.

Christmas lights are fantastic at accentuating the look of your decoration, both indoors and outdoors. The above guide would hopefully steer you towards the right purchase. If you have a hard time deciding where to begin, you can log on to Here, we have brought products offered by popular brands of the industry. You can browse through the whole collection and go through online reviews to see what our customers have to say about our products. If you are confused looking at options, you can use filters, sorting, and even direct search to eliminate unwanted choices. Moreover, you can compare prices if you have budget restrictions. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the best Christmas lights for sale here. Also, find other gifts & gadgets right here.