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About Party Streamers

Are you planning a party? Well, let’s not miss out on party streamers that are best at adding fun and cheerfulness to the atmosphere. You can throw those beautiful spirals in the air or even hang them on doorways or ceilings for a visually appealing decoration.

Party streamers are little round pieces of paper that people throw at parties and occasions like Christmas, New year’s eve and Halloween. They are also a popular decorative material. These are hung up from the ceiling or at the doorways to accentuate the look of your décor. For example, you can use them in various decorations for birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas or even wedding parties. They come in rolls containing multiple strips and, when separated, exhibit a beautiful spiral effect. So, if you are planning a party, it’s too tough to miss these beautiful spirals. All you have to do is cut them to your desired length and hang them for an elegant accent. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know so that you can choose the best party serpentine streamers.

Everything you need to know about party streamers

Party streamers are made up of long strips of paper that are wound up in a roll. They create a beautiful spiral effect that adds cheerfulness to a party when you throw them in the air. Like confetti, they are prevalent at weddings, parties, birthdays, and even big sporting events during trophy presentations. Not just for fun purposes, they also make beautiful decorative items for parties and events. You can use them at dance recitals, kids’ birthday parties and even at the wedding ceremony, probably when Mr. and Mrs. are walking down the aisle to make a sea of colourful and soft ribbons. The best part is that they come in great colours, prints, and looks to suit different occasions and ambiences. Read on to explore the popular varieties of serpentines you can get your hands on. 

Crepe paper streamers 

These are one of the most common party serpentines people use for party decoration across the globe. We all have used them at some point or another in our lives. As the name suggests, they are of paper and prevalent in various party decorations. They come in various colours to create a fantastic backdrop, rainbow ceiling decoration, balloon tassels, and hanging decoration. You can also find them as ribbon streamers attached to a bamboo stick. You can use them at birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, dance recitals, sports events etc. The best part is that they are very light. You can easily handle them and use them wherever you want.

Birthday streamers 

Give your birthday celebration a little more sparkle with streamers. Birthday streamers refer to the streamers meant for a birthday party. You can find them in various colours as per your party’s theme. However, pastel colours are prevalent these days. Some serpentines even come with a figure hanging at the end, denoting the birthday person’s age. They can be of crepe paper, satin, metallic type, and more varieties. You can use them in various ways, from ceiling decoration for rainbow-themed parties to making a bow garland to create room parties and entry gates, and at the end, to create ribbon wands. These are sure to make any party decor shine and sparkle.

Metallic streamers 

If you want to add bright accents to your doorways, tables, railing, and even gifts, then you cannot go wrong with metallic streamers. They come in colours like silver, golden, blue, pink, peach, and many more to suit various party themes. You can find them in rolls containing enough length for a party decoration. It is a must-have element for any party decorator. Whether you want to add some glitz to your prom or rock a birthday party, silver metallic streamers can be your companions everywhere. The quality streamers will be flame-retardant, fade-resistant, and sturdy so that they do not stretch out of shape. However, it depends a lot upon its quality. Also, these are preferable over crepe that may sometimes tear easily.

Popular colours like purple & peach streamers

Colourful streamers are eye-catching party decoration items that can make any of your events beautiful, be it a New Year Eve’s party or birthday celebration. You can either go for a set containing multiple colours, say, rainbow or mermaid streamers or just one colour like peach, purple, etc. You have to cut them to the desired length and then hang or wrap them at the desired place. Some of the common uses include hanging them from the ceiling, doors, archways, and more. You can also pair them with other decoration elements such as balloons, pennant banners, stickers, and much more. You can enjoy many possibilities with streamers, from creating a room partition to ceiling rainbow decoration and creating a backdrop.  

Tips for purchasing Party Streamers online in Dubai

Party streamers add an instant charm to your back-breaking decoration, be it for Christmas, birthday party or even a wedding. Back then, in our childhood, we used to have crepes or ribbons in the name of streamers but now, they come in a wide assortment. So, if you feel overwhelmed with the range of choices, here are some tips that would help you buy serpentine streamers online in the UAE.

  • Consider the usage – Party streamers can be thrown up in the air for beautiful spiral illustrations or party decoration, usually hung up at the ceiling, used to create a colourful backdrop or balloon tassels. Every type of serpentine might not serve a particular purpose. Therefore, please make up your mind about where you want to use them. For example, ribbon streamers create wavy illustrations in the air at ceremonies like weddings, whereas crepe streamers are best for decoration.
  • Consider occasion – You can use streamers for Christmas decorations, Halloween parties, wedding ceremonies, and many more events. However, you have to consider the occasion while choosing a set, as you can also get your hands on theme-based serpentines. For example, if you want to use them for Christmas decorations, you can go for red, green, and white colours featured with Christmas ornaments like stars, bells, and bells.
  • Consider colours – Serpentines come in various colours from red, black, white, and blue to fluorescent and shiny colours like Golden and Silver. You can pick the shades as per your requirements. You can even go for multicoloured options for a frolic illustration.
  • Consider material – Streamers can be made up of crepe paper, fabric or even plastic. Crepe and tinsels are best for decoration purposes, whereas fabric ones can rush into the air in sports events or wedding ceremonies when the couple walks down the aisle or dances.

In comparison to confetti, they are an earth-friendly and cleaner option. Some bundles even have small bells on them, creating a pleasant sound along with a colourful wavy ensemble. Now that you know a lot about party streamers, you must be eager to get some. The best part is that you do not have to go anywhere else. Right here on, you can access a huge collection of party streamers, including crepe, ribbons and even theme-based. If you feel overwhelmed with choices, you can narrow them down with the help of advanced filters and searching features. So, what are you waiting for? So, go ahead and find the best party streamers for sale right here.

Question & Answer

What are the party streamers?

Party streamers are party accessory that is usually made up of paper, fabric or plastic. They are long strips wound up in a roll. You can rush them in the air or use them as a decorative material to create a backdrop, rainbow ceiling and even balloon tassels at a party. They come in the form of rolls and the most common technique to take them out is by pulling them out of the roll or blowing inside the roll to make it flow out in the air. You can find them in many colours and shapes.

How to twist party streamers?

It is effortless to twist the streamers. You can attach one end of the streamer at a point and move back with the roll by constantly twisting it to do the spiral work, and once you reach another point, you can attach the other end to it through tape, nail or glue, whichever fits the surface. You can also make some crisscrosses using the same procedure to create a fun carnival theme. If you do not want to twist them, you can braid them to create a garland by taking three streamers together.

Where to buy party streamers online?

You can buy party streamers from any online decorative supplies or marketplace. You can get a crepe, ribbons, tinsels and just about every type at online stores. If you are unsure of where to begin, log on to You will find a wide assortment of party streamers offered by over 500 trusted online stores on our product search engine. We have brought together these stores in one place to avoid facing any difficulty searching for a particular style. You can find much good quality and cheap party streamers to buy here. Also, find other gifts & gadgets here. So, log on to our store and enjoy browsing!

Which party streamers to buy for your birthday?

Crepe paper serpentines and tinsels are the best party serpentine streamers for birthday decoration. You can create a beautiful backdrop by hanging them in a multicoloured fashion. It is easy to create tiny paper flowers, ceiling canopies and balloon tassels with these serpentines. You can even go for fabric-based streamers to create huge, beautiful drapes at the entry. Popular brands like Creative Converting, Unique, Beistle, Amscan, and Party Central offer an extensive range of birthday serpentines to choose from. You can find their collection right here at