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About Pinatas

Everyone becomes a child when it comes to standing in a queue to hit the pinata for a treat. Actually, a pinata is a great way to engage everyone in this activity. This product has religious faith at some corner of the world or other times involve a fun custom. If you are thinking of buying one, make sure that pinata remains the centre of attraction. You should first start exploring the variations, then choose the one that fits your gathering.

The current time involves pinata hitting a fun activity, and therefore it comes in different shapes. You can see them as star-shaped, donkey-shaped, clay made, or even a cartoon face. Today, you can order a pinata or create a shape of your liking. There is no hard and fast rule that you must follow. You just have to pick a theme, choose between bash or pull pinata, and fill the treats inside.  However, the place of hanging it needs some thinking. If this is a kid party, you do not want to make the house messy. So, you can keep the floor sheet to avoid any stain during the activity. Anyways, research and explore is the first step if you are trying to buy pinatas online in the UAE.

Types of birthday pinatas

Bash and pull are two types of pinatas you will find in the market. The difference between them is that bash uses a stick to hit the pinata while pull uses a string. Choosing between the one is a dilemma, especially if there are kids at your party. If you choose bash type, they might hit each other with a stick, so better go with pull. Else, keep yourself active during the activity when you have it. Otherwise pull is a good option even with adults – the choice is yours. You can check out some pinatas for toddlers here and see if you find something.

Pull string pinatas around the world

As this product is originally from Mexico, people there still hosts national pinata fair to keep the tradition alive. Some communities specialise in making the product and even make products in the shape of celebrities. In some countries, these were clay plots traditionally. However, broken clay pieces pose a threat, thus you see cardboard and paper material instead. As we go on changing the designs of the product, the treats get a modification too. Some modern products have confetti or even water. But the best pinatas to buy for birthday will always be the traditional star-shaped filled with yummy treats. Getting an idea of celebration around the world, you can customise your piece to make it unique.

Setting up a unicorn pinata

Unicorn shapes are the most popular design in the market. They often come dressed up in multicoloured confetti circles, balloons, and accessories. You can also buy matching unicorn stick with the product. To set up this or practically any other pinata, you have to make a hole just enough for the treats to go inside. If you make the hole big, the treats will slip outside when you hang.  Once you fill the treats, you can secure the hole with a sticker. Final stage is hanging it just the way you like it. You can check out more shapes and design, and even some pinatas for sale at You can also find more gifts and gadgets here if that’s what you are looking for.

Ideas for Halloween pinata

Halloween pumpkin pinata is one of a kind that everyone loves to have it in their party decoration. Now that it has become very common, you can choose other shapes like a witch, sugar skull, spider, and Halloween bat pinata. Usually, the fillers for Halloween product is not treats but glow in the dark lizards, spiders, yo-yo’s, skeletons, whistles, clickers, rings, and many more. You can explore some cheap pinatas to buy at our product search engine and see if you find something worth purchasing. You can also check out some detail we have listed that can further narrow down your decision of buying a pinata online.

Tips on how to buy Pinatas online

Something that you need to know while shopping for a celebration, gathering, or festival – “Make it a Fiesta, not Siesta” where siesta is an afternoon nap in Spanish. It would be better if plan everything and prepare for the celebration to avoid panic buying. Coming to pinata’s purchase, there are a few things you should consider before grabbing any product. We have compiled all the details here and hope these will be fruitful to you.

  • The size of the pinata matters – You should pick the correct size depending on the number of participants in your celebration. It would be awkward if even one of the guests doesn’t get a treat. Also, if you consider buying a jumbo pinata, it shouldn’t look like an odd one. Spend some time spending a visually appealing product as this one would be the star of your show.
  • Consider materials used for production – Bamboo and metal ranch can puncture your skin very easily and are used in the production of pinatas too. It is possible for any blindfolded participant to get hurt while trying to hit the pinata. For everyone’s safety, it is your responsibility as a host to get a product made of newspapers, tissues, cardboard, and mache paste.
  • It should be easy to fill the treats – Imagine buying a product without a manual, and you don’t understand how to set it up. If you do it anyway, you might get embarrassed during the activity when the pinata will not work. Therefore, it is good to buy it from a reputed brand or manufacturer.
  • Pinata should be durable enough – Everyone standing in the line to hit the pinata should get their chance. Sometimes, the pinata is too brittle that it pours everything inside in one shot even if it is not a perfect shot. We know you might be thinking that sensitive materials like tissue and newspaper would make a product sensitive too. But that’s not the case because pinatas are available durable enough to last long. You will find the quality in a good shopping platform.
  • An alternative to traditional pinata – If you still worry about the durability of your product fearing it would break in one shot and everyone won’t get the chance, buy a string pinata. In it, all the children hold one string and pull it together. Only one string can break the cut and make pinata open. This is also a fun way to celebrate with a pinata and is very much in trend.

Hope you now get the tips and tricks to buy a perfect compatible product. We would also like to suggest a few brands to visit to get the product you want. These include YA OTTA PINATA, Unique, Rhode Island Novelty, Juvale, Shindigz, and BirthdayExpress, among others. You can find them all or even more at along with authentic online shops to make your shopping a seamless experience.

Question & Answer

Are pinatas horses or donkeys?

When the trend started in the earlier times, the pinatas were a donkey, but now you can also find the shape of horses, unicorns, and other animals. Animal shapes have also replaced cartoon characters in television shows and movies. Pinatas also have religious significance when their shape resembles a nine-point star, and each point is a sign of deadly sins. The blindfolded person represents faith, and as he struggles with breaking the pinata, he struggles with his evils inside. The treats inside ultimately is a reward for his keeping the faith. So, pinatas are not only about the shapes of horses and donkeys; they have a history of their own.

Can pull string pinatas be a hit product?

Of course, especially with small children where you fear if they can handle the stick or hit some other children while searching for the pinata. In that case, parents hang lots of strings to the pinata, hand it over to every child, but only one string will pull out the fillers. All the children pull strings together and enjoy the fillers that can be toys, candies, glow sticks, play jewellery, and lots more other options. You just have to make sure the fillings inside do not have edgy stuff that can hurt the children when they drop.

What were pinatas originally used for?

Different countries seem to have followed different customs when it comes to celebrating with pinatas. China had cow-shaped pinatas filled with seeds and was beaten as a custom to please God for the upcoming growing season. The practice in some countries also serves faithful communities believing that the treats inside are a reward from God. Likewise, there are many customs, but the patterns are the same. They all have a religious faith, which now is a fun activity for some.

What is the symbolic meaning of the pinata?

The symbol of a pinata, be it an animal-shaped, star-shaped, or clay pot, represents a new life. There is a meaning behind beating up the pinatas because beating is the effort that you need to do in order to bring change and newness to your life. Back then, the tradition associates with the growing season wherein farmers wanted ample rain and pinatas beating represents the sky pouring rain. It also symbolises the victory of faith over evil wherein the efforts made by the faithful believers results in rewards as a filler.

Although pinatas have religious sentiments attached, they are now a part of celebration worldwide with a little twist. Designs, shapes, meaning everything has changed, but the fun remains intact. If you too are planning to have something at your gathering, can provide you with lots of options. Do visit and see all the products worth your shopping cart!