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Sometimes, we avoid fixing a budget for small party items, which then often get compromised. These small items could be party treats, party straws, balloons, napkins, and confetti, among others. Out of all, party straws are decorative as well functional. You cannot miss these but also cannot compromise with their quality. So, put special emphasis on their purchase and spend a little time exploring their fun variants available in the online marketplace.

There is always a specific time for food at every party, but drinks take turns throughout. It could be a welcome drink, complimentary drink, side beverage, or just a mocktail on the counter for every guest. So, party treats and straws are decided based on the type of drinks. For example, a thick drink like shakes will have a big-sized straw, and a cocktail will have a small one. Here, size refers to the diameter of the straw. Also, there are drinks with added ice-cream scoop on the top, which needs both a spoon and straw. Else, you can have a straw with a spoon in the end. So, you see, there are varieties for every need with a functional and fun element. You must explore all to get the best.

Party straws qualifying for different purposes

Parties can be indoors or outdoors, formal or informal, decent or lavish – each of these types calls for different products. For example, if you are planning a garden party with your family and friends, you can choose collapsible straws that are portable. And because there will be a minimum of 5to15 straws, you will not feel exhausted while cleaning them. But if there are more than 20 people gathered, you may feel the need to use disposable straws. Also, some people like to have straws with their hot beverage. So you need to take care of it while hosting a party. And not all straws are good with hot drinks. For example, wheat or pasta straws may get soggy. In that case, you can trust silicone, PLA, or metal types. So, all in all, considering your guests’ preferences, you should grab the right kind of party straws.

Bachelorette party straws

Bachelorette party are fun, and so should be the party decorations. Even if the straws or party treats we are talking about, you should try adding fun elements to these too. For example, you can get flexible straws or bendable ones with text displaying as “bride to be”. Decors are also trending these days. You can purchase fun cut-outs and put them on the straws. Explore our shopping search engine , and you will find plenty of such items from multiple brands. One such brand is Big Dot of Happiness. You hop on it, and you will see a particular item for events, such as political party, Christmas, baby shower, birthday party, and many more. If aesthetics is your prime focus, you should definitely think of these décor items and party treats.

Striped paper straws

When the party is subtle themed, but you still want to add an oomph factor, striped straws fit best. The brand Food with Fashion has floral items that look as elegant as it sounds. It cannot necessarily be a floral theme party, but a small thing like straws can be unique. But remember to match the colour or at least have the combination that complements other decoration. Another brand Talking Tables comprises products with striped fashion. As the name says, these can surely brighten up the table and make it look fun and exciting. It is so true that people eat with their eyes first, so setting up the table right is foremost for a party host—even a tiny detail like straw matters.

Party cups and straws

You have the option to buy cups and straws together, which can be reusable or disposable. Sometimes, the straws come in-built or attached with the cup’s lid, while other times it is detachable. Let’s say you are having an evening tea party with your close friends. In that case, you can show your expensive cutlery pieces and cups and straws that are stylish. One of the premium brands Talking Tables can show you likewise items. One of their fun variants is a cup in the form of a disco ball with a straw. It sounds perfect for themed parties or fun teen parties, even for a wedding or reception. You can explore more products or find more ideas under our gifts & gadgets section.

Tips on how to buy Party straws online

Party straws are something you buy in bulk as drinks take rounds throughout the party. Apart from being functional, you can also invest in some aesthetics that match your party theme. Or, you can also buy an assortment of different colours, designs, and décor. Although the purchase seems easy, there are still a few considerations that can improve the outcome. We have compiled some of these tips for your convenience.

  • Types to choose – Several countries or cities have completely banned plastic straws. Since then, you can see alternatives in the online marketplace. Some of these include metal, paper, PLA, pasta straws, and wheat straws. Metal straws are great if you are looking for reusable products. Out of all, PLA straws resemble plastic made up of starch and sugarcane, ideal for party planners looking to continue plastic without guilt. And don’t worry, plastic and wheat ones do not become soggy in the drink. So, choose whichever pleases you the most.
  • Straw sizes – You can find six common sizes that differ from each other in terms of diameter. The sizes include school milk, jumbo, super jumbo, giant, boba, and colossal. The diameter goes from 0.13″ to 0.47″. Speaking of functions, school milk size is best for carton drinks, super jumbo for thick drinks, and jumbo straws for fountain sodas and fruit juices. Giant and colossal sizes are for semi-solid drinks and gourmet drinks, respectively. Keep in mind that boba and colossal are interchangeable as the size is almost the same.
  • Straw styles – Buying an assortment of colours is common that you can choose. Other than this, if you want to keep the kids entertained, you can buy flexible straws. They can even help drinkers with limited dexterity. But then, if you are serving smoothies, shakes, and slushies, spoons straws should be good. These types have open ends that double up as a small spoon, convenient for thick drinks, and fun to use. Want to make the straws more fun? You can buy cut-outs that stick on the straws.
  • Storage options – You can choose a proper storage option, keeping safety and sanity in mind. It can be a dispenser that works with a push of the button or whatever the mechanism is. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. If not dispenser, you can have a box with or without a lid and keep all the straws inside. Another safe option is to buy wrapped straws that remain untouched till use. Your choice depends on the number of guests, budget, and whether the party is formal or informal.

These are most likely all about party straws. Now that you know much about them and have a broader perspective, you can begin your shopping drive. Our retail search engine , along with party straws for sale, can prove to be affordable and reliable. So, get on it and see all the products worth your shopping cart!

Question & Answer

Where to buy party paper straws?

You can explore brands like Charmed, HEHALI, and Talking Tables while searching for quality party straws. You will get varieties of straws to choose, and highly likely stumble upon the one you have been looking for. Not just these brands, but you can find even more on our shopping platform, In addition, you can also check out our discounted section, wherein party straws for sale have plenty of options. So, hop on to it and see what fits you best.

Which party straw is best for a baby shower?

When the theme is baby shower, you should check out the brand Big Dot of Happiness. You will find sets of straw decors here. These are simple cut-outs that stick on paper straws. Simple application, but the looks come out amazing. You can choose tropical bird décor, baby feet décor, or many more options in different colours. Small details like these straw decors really set the mood of the gathering. So, do explore the variations before hitting the buy button.

Are party straws biodegradable?

For those not aware, biodegradable products are those consumed by living organisms or bacteria. The benefit of these products is that the process of decomposition helps to avoid pollution. And about the question, not all products are biodegradable. You have to search with the specific keyword if you want to buy. Or, when you are scrolling through the products, do not forget to read the specifications list. The points in this list will give you every tiny detail about the product you are eyeing.

Are party straws cheap?

You can find ten pieces of decorative party straws at AED34. So, yes! Party straws are most likely remain one of the cheap items out of all party decorations. Napkins, balloons, confetti, candles are some other cheap items. So, you can just put these things under a fixed budget and buy them together to save some quids. However, large party straws like the one in bachelorette parties can cost you AED20 per piece. So, you see, straws are cheap when you just want them to be functional but slightly expensive when you want them fancy.

You can automatically make better choices when the options in front of you are true to their function. So, in the end, your job is just knowing your requirements to pick the right product. Our shopping platform, delivers amazing search results. With many brands, online shops, and genuine reviews, your shopping drive continues to be a seamless experience here. Find more upon your visit!

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