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About Party Tablecloths

Whether it is a small get-together or a big gathering, the setup, food, and host play a major role. We don’t think it would look good without covers on the table unless you are going by a different theme. Also, a party tablecloth that compliments the theme is important here. You cannot just pick any fabric, colour, or size. Well, party planning surely is tiresome, but it will be victorious in the end when you see your arrangement from the entrance. So, plan your purchase before you hit the button.

Let us give you one instance of how your party can look from the entrance. A small, subtle party with 4-5 round tables – a combination of blue and white linen cloths hanging with beautiful seams. It could be another party with the same arrangement but with mermaid table covers. The whole mood can go from subtle high tea to cheerful kids’ party. We hope you now understand how essential it is to pick the right cover and other party decorations. There are plenty of products in the marketplace, and you often juggle amongst the options. A good way is to know them all and see what fits best.

Line of thoughts while fixing the budget for party tablecloths

While setting the budget, you should not think of the present gathering and validate the budget right away. Instead, a list of considerations goes into some order for the best outcome. For example, how often do you party? How many party tablecloths do you want, including extras? Do you want a protective cover too? Let’s say you party often, then probably you need something sturdy and durable. Also, the maintenance cost for washing, drying and ironing the covers are accountable too. All in all, we want you to buy the item perfect for the first time and remain satisfied for a long time. Unfortunately, after some time, we want more from the products and end up replacing them. To avoid such things, you need to follow a sensible approach comprising ample research, explore, compare, and finally shop.

Disposable table covers

There are so many reasons you may go for disposable party tablecloths. For example, you are going for a picnic outdoors. There, you already have to carry food baskets, foldable stools, cutlery and other stuff. So, it is better to save some space and buy a roll of disposable table covers. You can cut it according to the table size, so there is no way you can grab the wrong size. Some of the varieties are for one-time use, while some can be re-used. Other than this, you might be looking for a product for an indoor party. In that case, you have an option to buy a foil tablecloth. It is metallic, shiny and comes in different colours. Also, it is one of the cheap party table cloths. Likewise, you can search for different products that suit your purpose.

Paper table covers

Paper table covers sound illogical, but these are different. The covers are a blend of polyester and tissue, just like some kitchen towel varieties. They can also have a 3-ply design, meaning two-layer of tissue and one layer of polyester. The top layer of the table cover is the tissue that can absorb spills. However, since the bottom layer is polyester, the liquid will not reach the table surface. So, your table remains protected. After all, this is the purpose of party tablecloths, which a paper table cover fulfils. These can even be the best table cloths for birthday parties if there is a big gathering and you want to maintain uniformity, just buy these in bulk. Find more in our shopping platform,!

Birthday Table cover

When it’s a kids’ party, you can expect stains on your party tablecloths more than any other party. It doesn’t mean we are saying kids do not know how to eat, but this is just the excitement of a party they cannot contain and spills just happen. So, you have to be pre-prepared for it. A simple solution is to remain economical with your purchase. You can choose some cheap party table cloths, or even disposable ones could be great. Then, you can throw them away without worrying about washing them afterwards. Now, looks and aesthetics are personal preferences. You can choose amongst mermaid table cover, unicorn table cover, foil cloth, or any character your child adore. Explore them all on our shopping search engine, and do not forget to refine our flexible budget range.

Tips on how to buy Party tablecloths online

Buying a party tablecloth is not a daunting task when you know your requirements. After all, your awareness is what makes or breaks your every purchase, be it a tablecloth or any other party decoration. Therefore, it becomes imperative to research before buying and reading a few tips to kickstart your shopping drive. Here, we have compiled some fine points for you to buy party tablecloths online in UAE.

  • Dimensions – All you have to do is measure your party tables and order the right size. But, a lot of makeshift things happen at the party, so you better be prepared for that. Despite any disorder, things should not look chaotic. Looking at the possibilities of a party, you will find the same product in different sizes. You may grab extra in the same size if anyone gets dirty. Or, you can have a bigger size if there is a need to join two tables.
  • Aesthetics – Half of your worries gets sorted out when a tablecloth fits well. Along with that, you should also consider the height. Do you want it touching the ground? Or do you want it hanging in the middle? Then, the design at the seams or do you prefer seamless cloth? Another aspect of aesthetics is compatibility. So, the tablecloth must blend well with the surroundings. If you consider these tiny details, you will end up with a satisfying result, for sure.
  • Material – Most of you prefer polyester or plastic because they are easy to clean. But if the event is elegant, you should choose other fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or blended ones. Lace in the end or beautiful embellishments all over can really set the right tone. If you want them protected from spills, a transparent sheet on the top is an excellent way to do that.
  • Maintenance – You should check washing, drying, and ironing instructions before hitting the buy button. Machine washable fabrics and tumble drying can save your time. Otherwise, sensitive fabrics require hand wash, air drying, and low iron to keep them intact. Choosing the fabrics is your personal preference, so following the care instructions come additionally.

We hope the tips will help your purchase get better. Further, brands like Royal and LinenTablecloth can make your way to the right product easier. You can also begin your shopping drive with our discounted section wherein we have party table cloths for sale. Our shopping platform, comprises brands, shops, sale events, genuine reviews, and lots more to make your time here hassle-free.

Question & Answer

Where to buy party tablecloths for rent?

ShiDianYi, TRLYC, LinenTablecloth are some reliable brands you can explore on our shopping platform, These name can give you an excellent start for your shopping drive. However, do not forget to explore all the variants and refine your search results upon your visit. Our multitude of brands, online shops, genuine reviews, everything will make your purchase an informed decision. So, hop on to it and see what fits your purpose.

Which tablecloth is suitable for a birthday?

It is difficult to comprehend whether you like pomp and show at your birthday or just subtle decoration. If the latter is your choice, you should definitely explore the VEEYOO brand. Here, you will find solid red, blue, green, white colours in square, round, and rectangular sizes. For more information about exact dimensions, you can visit However, if you want a glamorous birthday party, we have the best brand for you: ShiDianYi. Here, you will get sequin tablecloths in a lovely shimmer look, and the fabric is also not see-through. This brand also has sizing options you should consider before hitting the buy button.

What is the price of a party tablecloth?

One piece of tablecloth can cost you in the range of AED20 to AED100. Of course, the price can go up based on your requirements. It is apparent that you probably require more than one piece of a tablecloth. So, consider the number, size, and fabric to make an economical choice. Along with that, you should also consider the budget for other party decoration items like cutlery, banners, napkins, pinatas, treats, and more. All these products in total should be affordable, not just tablecloths. Pre-plan your purchase, and nothing will go out of budget!

Can you get party tablecloths for rent?

When you are throwing a big party, it may be not affordable to buy all the party decoration in bulk unless you party often. In that case, you should be better off buying all the required products. If not, then a viable option is to get them on rent. There are pros and cons of renting. For example, you can make your party look different every time, but at the same time, you have to be very careful with the maintenance. Even the items you receive may not be in good condition every time. So, it is crucial to find an authentic renting agency and read the terms and conditions before fixing any contract.

Explore variants of party tablecloths online on our shopping platform, You will be amazed to find a wide assortment of gifs & gadgets from various brands. So, visit and see what fits best!