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About Party Napkins

Party napkins are a staple in party decoration items without which you cannot think of throwing a party. They serve two important purposes. First is cleaning as they prevent spillages, mop up spillages, and let your guest keep their mouth, hands, and fingers clean. The second purpose is that they add an aesthetic appeal to the dinner table. For both these purposes, you should invest a little time and research towards buying this product.

Purchasing party napkins need you to divide your attention towards quality and looks. You need to decide between fabric or paper napkins. If it is fabric, then the type of fabric is the next choice to make. And then, the beauty appeal that party napkins and tablecloths should complement each other. In between, do not forget to estimate the number of napkins by counting the number of guests. It is quite logical that you can’t spend too much time thinking about the napkins as you have other party decorations to look for. So, we have compiled the types of napkins and a few brands for you to choose from while buying party napkins online in the UAE.

Types of party napkins and the required quantity

Beverage napkins, luncheons, dinner napkins, and guest towels are some kinds you should have at your party. Beverage ones are usually the smallest as they are used for drinks, appetisers, and desserts. So, if yours is a 5-hour long party including cocktail house, open bar and dessert, you need ten beverage napkins per guest. Coming to luncheon napkins, they are perfect for sit down meals or buffet and thus one to two per guest is sufficient. Similar quantity with dinner napkins as well, but the difference is that they are larger than luncheons and are often folded into cute shapes to beautify the table. Last but not least, guest towels have the standard size but the most absorbent material. You can have them two to three per guest.

Do’s and don’t’s with paper cocktail napkins

You cannot underestimate the impression a beverage napkin will make on your guests. These can even give a good reason to encourage conversations with others. As a host, you should make sure that every guest gets a fresh napkin with each drink, but not necessary with an additional beverage. Keep an extra supply handy at your place in case of an emergency. You can check out bulk party napkins for sale for that matter. One thing that you should not do as a guest is using a reusable napkin to blot your waxy lip gloss. You should think of the cleaning chaos for the host and thus handle the napkin gently. If you find the need to remove something into your napkin, consider having a new one after disposing of the first one.

One-ply versus two-ply paper cocktail napkins

There are also three-ply napkins available in the market, but you really can’t tell the difference between them and two-ply. So, cutting the description short, the only difference between the two types is the thickness. The difference affects cost, durability, and absorbency. One-ply products are way too thin. Although they are a good option if you want them in bulk as they will be affordable, the choice depends on the party as well. You do not want to embarrass yourself in a formal or corporate event by having thin napkins. In that case, you can go for two-ply with more thickness and more absorbency. Check out the best party napkin decorations for your birthday.

Unique and impressive baby shower napkins

Whenever you go to buy party napkins, it is the occasion you have to filter first. When it is the baby shower, you will see a plethora of amazing ideas in front of you. You can check Ginger Ray to look at some overwhelming design you will love at first sight. If you do not want texts but subtle designs with bright colours, you can go for the Susty Party collection. Also, no baby shower is complete with relevant party decorations. And for that, you can explore Amscan as it has got you covered with table decorations, hanging decorations, gifts & gadgets boxes, and games.

Tips on how to buy Party napkins online

Other than keeping our hands clean, napkins beautify the dinner tables and add a touch of sophistication. Despite the purpose, they have often been ignored while purchasing essential items for the party. We highly recommend investing some time in choosing the kind of napkins you should buy that can perfectly match the theme of the party. We have also compiled some brief points to save your time and money in the napkin purchase.

  • Size – Most party napkins come in a square shape with different sizes’ availability. We suggest going for as small as 30cm to 30cm for light dinner meals. For buffet meals, you can pick 45cm to 45cm napkins. However, a formal dinner party demands a larger one that is 65cm to 65cm. The mentioned sizes are the unfolded size, but it depends on your preferences too. If you like the idea of small napkins that take up less space on the table, go for it.
  • Material – Paper, cotton, linen, cotton blends, and polyester are some materials worth buying. Fabric napkins cost more than paper napkins because they are machine-usable and hence you can reuse them for your next party. However, if you have a huge get-together and after-the-party cleaning sounds like chaos, you can go for paper napkins. If you want to pick between different fabrics, cotton and linen are the most popular choices.
  • Design – Napkin is a small item to be considered for design. But this small item brings uniqueness to the table, especially if it is a formal event. For casual occasions also, we suggest considering the personalised products as they make the environment lively, vibrant, and lively. You can choose to have your dinner napkins embossed with monograms or choose bright solid colours. You can pair them with white napkins to balance the colour madness.
  • Renting – It is a great option to cut cost from upkeeping the product. However, renting catering items involves lots of hidden charges and service fees that will be added to your expense. If you are a professional caterer, renting napkins for a year will cost you the same with hidden charges as purchasing the product. The choice is yours keeping in mind that there are other budgets involves other than napkins.

We hope the tips will help you emphasise more on this tiny but useful product. As you now have understood the purpose way better, it is indeed a good time to start exploring products visibly. Our product search engine could be an excellent platform to start, and we highly recommend taking a sneak peek. You can find good brands, authentic shops, and the best deals to grab. You can start with one of the best brands that are Susty Party or Amscan.

Question & Answer

How to fold party napkins?

A basic napkin fold that everyone can do is the necktie shape. In it, you take a square shape napkin and fold it diagonally. Then, fold the right corner of the napkin over to the left and overlap the right side with the left corner. Once done, you will get a necktie shape with a sleeve where you can put your cutlery. This one is easy and will not require much time. With this, you can move forward with more creative folds like flower shape or even the fish shape. But do not forget that these napkin folds should be according to the theme of the party. You can be all funky and flashy with kids parties but not with formal ones.

Which party napkins for a baby shower?

With the arrival of a newborn, everything must look good and happening. To amp up, personalising even the napkins at the baby shower is a great idea. You can look at Ginger Ray brand, and you will find great ideas there. There are napkins with text such as ‘Hello World’, Oh Baby’, or ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. Another awesome idea is to have a gender reveal party napkins. We have more such unique products at expressing more ideas for a special day.

Are the unicorn party napkins expensive?

Not just unicorn printed napkins, but any product with personalised party theme prints is on a higher range than normal napkins. For instance, a theme party disposable napkins can cost you around AED30-100 for 16 or more napkins. However, if you go buy solid colours napkins, you can get them at just AED3-10 for 25 or more pieces. We hope you have got the idea of the budget range, so you can make your budget. Before that, we also recommend checking out some brands at as some reputed ones deal with higher range products.

Where to buy party napkins?

The place to buy totally depends on the theme of the party. Let’s say you are throwing a fancy cocktail party. For that, Vanity Fair is the perfect brand to grab some white colour beverage napkins to match up with the entertainment. For banquets or dinner parties, you can rely on luncheon napkins from Nicole Home Collection and Creative converting. Both these brands have different designs and styling of their products. And the latter one even has beverage napkin in bright solid colours if that is what you have been finding.

Find party napkins of your choice based on the outing, get-together, or for regular household chores. You can explore all variants on our retail search engine. We have a multitude of brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and what not to make your shopping drive as seamless as it sounds.