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Do you know that the marketing of disposable tableware is huge, with an estimate of $7.5 billion in 2012?

Party cutlery, also known as disposable tableware, refers to the type of cutlery that can be used only once. Today they are a reliable and preferred means to serve guests, leaving a lesser mess behind. These products were prevalent in takeaways, fast-food restaurants, and also in airline meals. But with certain advancements in design and material, these products can now be used at homes in office parties. Such products have proven much popular amount customer who is looking for quick and easy cleanup after gatherings in these settings.

Different types of party cutlery are available in the market

There can never be enough time and words to say the benefits of using disposable cutlery. From saving a lot of money to making this world a better place for coming generations, disposable cutlery offers all. Even then, the experts are working day and night to make these cutlery items more and more user and environment friendly. But as a consumer, you need to know what the market has to offer you and how you can make a user and eco-friendly choice for any party decoration. And here are the possible choices market has to offer for consumers of Party cutlery and plates.

Plastic party plates and cutlery

It is the most common type of disposable cutlery. It is made of polypropylene or polystyrene, generally called plastic. They are the cheapest form of disposable cutlery options and are made of flexible plastic. High quality can easily withstand most twisting and bending before braking. This cutlery is available in light, medium and heavyweight. Plus, you can find them in different shapes, colours, and sizes. However, a drawback is that they do not dispose of naturally. Rather they need manual artificial recycling methods to reduce the impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly party cutlery

It is also known as the PSM- stands for Plant starch material. This cutlery is made from a combination of plastics and plant starch material. Generally, the combination includes polypropylene with potato or corn starch. This is expensive as compared to polypropylene or polystyrene plastic cutlery. However, it can offer cost savings compared to other environmentally friendly disposable cutlery options. The unique combination of plastic and nature gives these cutlery items sufficient strength to bend before breaking. In recent years the introduction of new products has lowered the population of these items.

Moulded party tableware supplies

This type is the most appreciated and widely used recyclable party cutlery. They are made of a blend of recycled paperboard, sugarcane, newsprints, wheat fibre, and many other natural fibres. Plus, they are economical and come in the price same as bamboo cutlery for parties.  Moulded fibre cutlery is certified compostable and will compost within 60 – 180 days in commercial composting facilities. This cutlery has a higher heat tolerance of up to 250℉. This type of cutlery is an ideal option for the consumer to look for safe (and not sharp) cutlery options. Therefore they are commonly used in hospitals or prisons.

Disposable bamboo party cutlery

Among all in the list, bamboo is the most rapidly renewable resource of cutlery for a party. Therefore it is a great option for use on a wide scale. However, bamboo is expensive as compared to CPLA or plastic cutlery available in the market. This is majorly due to the production costs. But it is the same as the price of moulded fibre cutlery. Besides being an eco-friendly option, the bamboo cutlery is also lightweight and smooth. Today you can find this type of cutlery in different prints and patterns to add more fun and colour to your event.

Tips on how to buy Party Cutlery online in the UAE

Cutlery is a must for any gathering. But the most difficult part comes after the guests are gone. It is cleaning and maintenance of kitchen, accessories and stuff at home. Disposable party cutlery can help you clear the mess easily. Also, it can save you money that you may lose due to breakage and damage to your ceramics. However, it really doesn’t call you to compromise on your aesthetics while serving guests with disposable cutlery. But the overwhelming amount of choices makes the buying processes difficult. Therefore we are here to share some tips to help you complete a purchase smartly.

  • Occasion – The type of event is an important point to consider when you head to buy party cutlery. There are different types of cutlery available in the market. Some are ideal for a kid’s birthday party, while others are specifically designed to suit a business party. So make choices as per event and audience.
  • Material – Disposable cutlery is of many different types. You can find them made of paper, plants, or other types of bio-degradable materials. Or you can find them made of plastic. They need to go under artificial recycling after use. Either way, you are open to choose.
  • The number of guests – While buying, you should carefully note the number of expected guests you will have at the event. Always keep some extra cutlery handy. It can help you stay away from any embracement in case of a sudden guest or any unexpected event.
  • Brands – When you head to shop online, you will find a long list of global brands selling top quality products in the market. For sure, the quality of products, look, feel, material, making process, and price varies from one brand to another. You can choose any brand that suits your needs; feel free.
  • Price – Price is a major factor. There are many options for cheap party cutlery when you head to buy disposable party cutlery online. Sometimes you may need to pay a bit extra for special features like the best eco-friendly party cutlery. Therefore better is to set a budget limit and look for products within that.

You can find the best options for biodegradable party cutlery for sale online in the UAE at online retail search engines. But in Stores like Shops. You can find easy to use price comparison tools that are exceptional. Such tools can help you simplify the screening and buying process. With such versatile stores, you can also review the products from different new brands and get to know what is latest in the market. It will help you make smarter decisions and update your style before anyone else.

Question & Answer

Can we use party cutlery again?

No, you cannot use the party cutlery again. Modern-day party cutlery is either made of biodegradable material or plastics. And in both cases, it is recommended not to use these items more than once. Doing so can cause health risks and serious health issues. Being specific to biodegradables, the items must be used and discarded right away. But for plastic products, it is recommended to dispose of them to reach the recycling system, leaving a letter impact on the environment.

How to find disposable party cutlery?

The first thing is to decide your need. In this regard, you may need to note the type of event, appropriate cutlery for the event, and guests’ number at the event. In the meantime, you must also consider the age group of attendees. As for kids better, you can find funky cultured fun fillet disposable party cutlery. But ideal options for business even can be a bit different in look and feel. Once you are clear with the demands of the event, go to any top retail search engine online to make a purchase.

What is the most eco-friendly party cutlery?

Several brands are selling top quality eco-friendly and biodegradable party products and all types of gifts and gadgets online. This variety of products includes cutlery and decorative accessories along with many others. Although the products are unlimited, the more you explore, the more you will find to suit your party theme and needs. Some of the bestselling items that you can start your search with these hotpack|biodegradable plate, Talking tables palm leaf paper plates, and Bamboo forks. Else you can also look at Black bamboo plates or a complete MOOD Party 24-Piece Flatware Set.

Where to buy party cutlery online?

Some of the best brands you can buy with trust are Party Dimensions, Party Bargains, Oasis Creations, Newchic, Reflections, and Party Essentials. And is a one-stop solution to find all these brands with a single tap. Plus, this is where you can also use the unique price comparison tool to find reliable products within your budget or price limit. Plus, you can review the amazingly endless options before making a final decision.

Here at our product search engine, you can also explore products from top trusted shops from around the globe. So, explore now to find everything for your home to personal needs and enjoy the convenience of modern shopping with trust.

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