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Paper lanterns (or Lampions) have long made their way out of Chinese culture and have become an important part of festive celebrations and party decorations in different parts of the world.

Technically a paper lantern (Lampion) is a lantern made of brightly coloured thin paper. These lanterns come in different sizes and shapes. Plus, they have different methods of construction. But in their simplest construction, they are simple paper bags with candles placed inside. Meanwhile, some complicated lanterns consist of collapsible bamboo or metal frames of hoops covered in hard paper. Today we can find these lanterns in many different colours and shapes. These varieties of options are ideal for different occasions. Here the vinyl lanterns are more durable as they can resist rains, wind and sunlight for a considerable time. Let’s explore what else the market has to offer in this regard.

Types of lampions on paper lantern lights

This way or that, all lanterns are meant to offer you high-level decorative facility, reasonable lighting and an unimaginably dreamy ambience anywhere, anytime. With such rare and enchanting combinations, it is obvious to have a variety of options for different occasions. As a result, we have a wide range of materials, colours, shapes, and sizes of what basically are Chinese paper lanterns. Moreover, you are not limited to choosing the traditional red and white paper options with a touch of gold. Even if you have a party themed in pink or lilac, there are options to suit your needs. All you need to decide is what shape or material you wish to buy. Here are some possibilities you can choose from.

Hanging paper lanterns

These are the most common type of lanterns. They are made in ways that make them manageable, and you can hand them anywhere with or without twine or cord etc. You can see them hung in both homes as well as public places. They are common decorative items in indoor and outdoor festive decorations in China. In many parts of the world, you can see these lanterns adorning street lights, shops and public buildings. These lanterns are available in many different shades, sizes and shapes and can be an amazing part of any interior.

Flying paper lanterns

They are an entire difference between the static/installed hanging lanterns. These lanterns are used on special occasions like Mid-Autumn Festivals. These are unique types of floating lanterns being released into the sky at night. And movies like Tangled, Kung Fu Panda, and Thor- The dark world are some of the many instances you might have seen them lighting the sky. Such usage depicts that these lanterns are more a symbol of celebration on special occasions. These airborne lanterns are propelled by rising hot air generated by the flame within. They are beautiful and often released in a large group for an enchanting effect.

Round paper lanterns

Have you ever been to a candlelight dinner, to a beachside restaurant? The next time you head to such a place, pay attention to the decorative items on the venue. And you will surely find those balls with lights inside. These can be of any size and colour but in a round shape. These round paper lanterns are now an essential part of many indoors and outdoors around the globe. Therefore you will see them made of many materials other than paper. However, they are a creative way to add colour light to the surrounding with an elite touch of elegance in each case.

Floating paper lantern decorations

There is a long list of events with lantern celebrations. Let’s name the Dragon Boat festival that takes place near rivers, lakes and ponds. During the day, you will see hundreds of boats sailing in the waters, while at night, there will be an amazing reflection of rising paper lanterns to make the celebration more fun throughout the time. This time you will see lanterns are laid in waters to go free. You can find them in many shapes like lotus and other water creatures. There will be an option to light and drift the lantern in larger groups creating a spectacle view on the waters at night.

Tips on how to buy Paper Lantern online in UAE

For sure, you can make those little fun lanterns for any special festive celebration or decoration; there will always be a lacking. And those slight imperfections can be really troublesome. Therefore, even if you are on a tight budget, buying some products from the market is better. Luckily, you can easily find a wide range of cheap hanging paper lanterns without any hassle with retail search engines. This is because there are dozens of brands online that are offering hundreds of products to choose from. But if you are worried about making your selection from hundreds of products, here are some tips to help you.

  • Remember that harmony is important – No matter what the occasion is, you need to decide on a theme or colour and stick to it thought-out the purchasing process. So if it’s your girl’s birthday, everything, including the paper lantern, should match – let’s say pink or white etc.
  • Consider occasions – Can you imagine how big the disaster when a paper lantern drops and catch fire? It will surely be dangerous for kids. Therefore make sure you are buying secure items if there are kids at the venue. This is an important thing to consider and keep on your checklist.
  • Consider brands – You can make lampions at homes, but the flaws make spoil the whole ambience. Therefore party decorates prefer and suggest a little investment and party banners from brands. However, it is all fine if you choose a cheap option for one occasion.
  • Consider price – Different brands have different price. Make sure you have settled on a reasonable budget before you pay for any product. You can check different brands to find economical options that can meet your needs as well.

Many retail search engines online have made it possible for you to do an endless search of ideas and products before making a final decision. So the chances are that you could find a cheap service provider or some ready to use options as per your needs. But for that, research is necessary. You can also review the products from different new brands and get to know what is latest in the market. It will help you make smarter decisions and update your style before anyone else.

Question & Answer

How do you make paper lanterns?

Paper lanterns are fun and easy to make festive or party decoration items. You can make a simple lantern at home. You will need to start with rectangular pieces of paper. Fold them lengthwise and cut along the folded edges but not all the way to the edges. Now take two ends of the paper and wrap them around, making a round tube shape. You can use glue or tape to fix both ends. Now make a small handle using a long piece of paper and attach them to the cylinder using glue or tape. Now put a candle inside and enjoy the beautiful product at your party.

Are paper lanterns dangerous?

These paper sky lanterns are considered as open burning. They should be manned and controlled, but it is not so in reality. Therefore there are serious safety and fire hazards associated with these sky lanterns. It includes the potential to ignite an unintended fine on and off any property they are around. Therefore we can say that due to the basic unmanned and manageable shape of simple paper lanterns, they are dangerous to use.

What do paper lanterns symbolize?

Historical data show that the idea of paper lanterns came from china during 230BBC. According to myths, Emperor Ming, after having a dream, sent the scholar to India to get Hindu scripture. When they came back, the emperor ordered building a great temple for scripture and ordered many paper lampions in it as a symbol of Buddha power. However, today they are associated with the festivals and as a characteristic symbol of the east.  In China, people lit it to honour the first full moon of the year.

Where to buy a paper lantern online?

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