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From the massive variety of party decorations that we have today, garlands are the simplest but still the best ones for any type of party. It is easy to make the right choice because of the endless varieties and options we have with us.  

Paper garlands, plastic, crepe, ribbon and handmade ones are only a few of the different ones that we have today. It is effortless to pick some choices online and add your personal touches to them! With so many excellent opportunities, it is only just that you look for some fantastic options before you make your decision. There are endless party supplies today, and they all come down to what you‘re looking for. The other factors, such as the budget and requirements related to the theme or the nature of the party are also important. Make sure you look for options that you can reuse later, instead of having to buy something new each time there is a party. With so many brands entirely focused on selling party supplies, it makes your job easier. 

Different types of party and festival garlands you can check out today 

Home or house parties are growing increasingly popular these days. People love to chill out and party at home, as compared to a lavish pub or bar. The reasons could be several – you can crash at the host‘s place if you cannot drive back, you don‘t need to be careful about your stuff, and you can let the kids play anywhere they want. The reasons could be several, and it all depends on making the best of the scenario. Of course, there are so many things that make it easy to decide and come to a conclusion. Whether you want a themed party or something simple, there are so many decorations and other options available for the same. Make sure you take a cue from everything possible and then decide accordingly. 

Christmas tree garland  

Festivals such as Christmas call for some flowers and garlands to make the occasion memorably. Decorating the Christmas tree is something that everybody from kids to adults seems to enjoy. While ornaments and edible chocolate decorations are one, you can also find Christmas tree garlands around today. These could be of paper, lights and other additions. There are several amazing variations, and some of the Christmas-themed ones are particularly gorgeous. Make sure you consider all the online options and see what new they have to offer before you go ahead and decide. It is also effortless to make Christmas garlands and decorations at home with some essential art and craft supplies. 

Pom-pom garland  

Pom-pom garlands are very popular at games and cheerleaders, and supporters love sporting them. You will also find people at parties and informal events wearing them. They are of different types and it’s very easy to make them too. The standard-length garland reaches your lower chest or tummy and should be loose enough. Again, they are easy to design right at home, and you can make them in different colours and designs too. Pom-pom is nothing but small paper balls or frilled paper that is joined together to resemble a round shape. They add a fun element to the garland and look very interesting too. Instead of buying these, look for easy DIY choices and make them at home. 

Paper garland 

Very similar to the pom-pom ones, paper garlands are also used for games and celebrations. These could be with pom-poms or simple overlapping strips of paper. They are colourful and vibrant and work wonderfully well for many different reasons. They are artificial ones with no fresh flowers, so they keep for more extended periods. Make sure you look for good quality paper that will not tear. You can also repurpose them for decorations or use them for crafts, as you need to. Kids especially will love to wear these garlands, and you can also use them for home decoration if you‘re throwing or having a birthday party or something else. 

Garland with lights  

One of the newer ones, garlands with lights is getting very popular as it is getting discovered. These have tiny rice or fairy lights all along with the crown and are excellent for evening and sundowner parties. Kids will also love them, but make sure the lights are safe and won‘t cause them any harm. The combination of lights and flowers or pom-poms is also excellent. You can use them around the house, or in your bedroom or the kids‘ room to decorate. It is reasonably easy to make such garlands, and you can create one with some flowers, paper threads and lights, of course. They will need to be plugged in or have a battery and switch that you can switch on and off. 

Tips on how to buy Garland online in the UAE

Garlands are so much fun and add a creative factor almost immediately. You can also create them by yourself. Whether it is your kids‘ party, a bachelorette party or something else, you can put some together and use them for your guests. Home garlands to make your place seem more attractive are perfect for house parties, birthdays and celebrations. You can choose how simple or loud you want them to be. Here are some tips to make it easy to buy the best garlands.

  • Determine the purpose – Try to ensure you buy something that suits the need of the hour. The smaller garlands are suitable for people, wherein the large ones are for decorating home and more. So, make the right choice.
  • Choose the right size – It is easy to decide the size and style of the garland once you understand its usage. Make sure when they are for people, they are roughly the same size. You might have to make them shorter for kids, though.
  • For DIY, get all the supplies and start ahead – You can quickly get your hands on so many DIY supplies and get started on your very own batch of garlands. This is perfect when you want them to match, or they are too expensive online.
  • Look for online options – Shopping online is more secure than having to look into each store in a mall, which is time–consuming, and you still won‘t end up with the best choices. Online shopping is comparatively speedy and secure too.
  • Buy unique themed garlands for specific occasions – If you want to add a special touch, how about something very unusual like a theme? Yes, wreaths as per the theme are easy to buy and make and make the entire thing very interesting for sure.
  • Get them when on a discount – It is also easy to pick some garlands when you find them at discounts. These are the things that make it worth the price when you see good deals. They also stay for long so you can stock up until the next party.

It is effortless to conclude and decide accordingly. With so many fantastic options in your hands reach, you really wouldn‘t know where to stop. There are genuinely some great choices of the best garlands that are reused by friends and family and probably stacked away. So, if you are not a frequent host, then you might consider borrowing them and using them instead. It is a great way to save some money, and you also do your bit for the environment by reusing supplies.

Question & Answer

Which garlands are the best?

Garlands are getting more popular these days because they are so inexpensive, and you can do a lot with them. Whether they are for weddings and parties, or to decorate the home, they instantly add a very striking look to the entire house. Make sure you look for the right choice and then decide accordingly. Here are some of the top options today – Artificial Wisteria Vine Garland by One Allium Way Shop, Bloomsbury Market 5′ Holiday Flower in Ceramic Beaded Garland, 6′ Lush Pothos Garland by Gracie Oaks,  5.3′ Wildflower Mix Garland by Rosalind Wheeler, 6′ Rose and Calla Lily Garland by Alcott Hill Shop, 9′ Artificial Pre-Lit Garland with 50 Clear/White Lights by The Holiday Aisle Shop and 10.8′ Boho Vibes Pom Pom Yarn Garland by the Amscan Shop.

How can you make paper and wood bead garlandat home?

If you cannot get your hands on cheap artificial garlands, then making them at home isn’t very difficult. You need some excellent quality string to form the base of it. Take the measurement by putting it around your neck. If it’s for the tree or your home, you can similarly put it near the space and try to get an idea of the size. Next, gather your supplies – some glue, scissors and old newspaper not to get the rea messy. Lay the paper out and start by putting the beads. You can make pom-poms out of the article by cutting them roughly into strips, scrunching and sticking them together. Add these to the garlands as well. Keep adding to the design until you get to the end and then secure the two sides.

How can you preserve the wedding garlands?

Some of the best wedding garlands are made with real flowers and other fantastic materials and can be very hard to just throw away after the ceremony. For some couples, it is also a reminder of the best day of their lives. Hence, you can try to preserve the garlands. For this, separate the flowers from the thread. You can then keep them in a thick book, segregating the flowers to ensure there is only one between a few pages and continue until you run out. You can also make them into candles with some wax and set them. They will look fantastic as part of your home décor, and you can use them too.

Where in Dubai can you buy attractive garlands and wreaths?

If you wish to buy paper garlands for sale in Dubai, there are many different part shops from where you can do that. So many brands are now catering to exclusive party supplies as well because the requirement is so huge. Make sure you check the options of everything that is on sale and then make the decision. You can conveniently check out an incredible product search engine. This one has some super quality gifts & gadgets on its listed stores to help you decide. You can also buy garlands online in the UAE from some of the best brands like Leoie, Party Propz, TOYXE, Partysanthe, DishyKooker and Fashionwu.