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About Cocktail Picks

Talking about party decorations, there is absolutely no way that one can forget about cocktail picksThis fantastic choice is the best way to brighten up any event or party in a creative way. There are also many beautiful ways to use it apart from food. 

In the purest sense, cocktail picks are nothing but toothpicks that are given a makeover! Yes, the base of these is still your simple toothpicks; however, some of the newer ones could be of different materials. It works by holding your food for you, so you don’t get your hands messed up while trying to eat them. They are finger-sized and work very well for all types of finger food and starters and appetizers. They are very common at parties and gatherings, as opposed to seeing them in a restaurant. The standard choices are far better looking, and some are even reusable. There is a trend-setter option in this variant as well that you can pick to match the décor, your clothing, the theme of the party or something else. 

Different types of cocktail pick you can check out today 

When it comes to checking out cocktail picks, there are so many terrific variations around us. Some of them are super for decoration, while others look excellent with different foods. Some also work with them to make them stand out with drink toppers and stirrers. There is a lot of different ways to improvise on the essential picks, and you can go about with it as you please. The most important thing is they should serve their purpose and also meet the need of the hour. The good part is you can find so many variations in stores today, and it’s the perfect thing to brighten up and make events very creative. Here are some of the best types of cocktail picks. 

Disposable cocktail picks  

For those who cannot repurpose sticks because they feel it is unhygienic, or they cannot store them well and find them in time for their next use, the disposable ones are your best choice. These sticks are simple and could be of wooden or plastic make. It is essential to choose something very affordable since you won’t be using them more than once. It is necessary to go this way if you’re concerned with hygiene or have kids around, in which care using a new set each time is ideal. There isn’t much personalization you can do with them; however; you can get creative with some non-toxic paints and decorate them. 

Bamboo cocktail picks  

Bamboo picks are a classic choice as they look great and serve the purpose too. Many different ones are readily available today, so don’t forget to check out the different variants online. The bamboo ones are entirely made of wood, so you are doing your bit for the environment by not using plastic. However, you want to check for good quality ones. The cheap bamboo ones tend to release small but dangerous fibre-like substances from its body. This could result in getting into your drinks or food and lead to a hazardous situation. Make sure you buy from a reliable source, even if you have to spend a little more. 

Garnish picks 

A lot of different finger foods and appetizers require you to add a creative touch to them. They could also have some form of garnishes that won’t hold too well. In this case, a cocktail garnish pick is ideal. You simply need a good one to keep your garnish in place and push it into the food. So, it is just two jobs at once – it holds the garnish for you and adds some visual appeal to the food. These picks are generally smaller than the regular ones, so they do not overshadow the food. You can use them for mini burgers, mini sub sandwiches, cutlets, bite foods and other variations too. Again, it is imperative to ensure that you use good quality picks only. 

Cocktail finger food picks 

Cocktail finger food is delicious but again, they aren’t a part of your meals but something you consume while chatting with friends and with drinks. So, you need to be able to have it without messing with your hands and your outfits. In most cases, you don’t even have access to plates to be able to eat the food comfortably and end up using a napkin or tissues. The best way to make the experience comfortable is to use food picks. You can pick one into each bite, if they are bigger, or just place them in the platter. As it is served, everybody can help themselves to the food by using the picks conveniently. 

Tips on how to buy Cocktail Picks Online in the UAE  

Buying cocktail picks isn’t tricky; however, there are way too many options available today. This makes it slightly confusing to choose. The type of food, mainly appetizers and bite foods, has also changed, and we now have the option from around the world on our platter. The best thing in such a scenario is to have the best and most comfortable gear to make it easy to eat these delicious appetizers and party food. Here is how to choose them.

  • Consider the type of food you will be serving – The kind of cocktail picks is widely dependent on what you are planning to serve. For bigger ones, you can go with the smaller picks and vice versa. They should also stand out with the food.
  • Always go for a reliable brand – Check for good brands that are into making such types of things. You can buy from them without doubting the quality of what you are buying. That is extremely crucial and something you should certainly consider.
  • Choose to buy online – Online shopping is secure, and it gets you access to so many different variations of products on a single platform. You can also compare prices and various types of products and then choose the best one.
  • Check if you can borrow – If you have friends who host parties pretty often, and your requirement is for a one-time event, see if you can borrow some. They might have something stocked up, or you can use the reusable ones.
  • Reusable ones will last you long – They make sure you do your bit for the environments, as you repurpose them several times. So, make sure you check for these variants. You can also keep them handy if someone needs them urgently.
  • See which ones you can add a personal touch – You can simply go for regular cocktail picks and check if you can add your touch to it. Make them work as per the theme or the party or add some fresh décor additions to make them stand out!

Make sure you look at all the different prospects before you go ahead with something. There are so many different and detailed choices that you will be astonished. If you want to add more flair to the setup, check for brands that offer the complete party kit setup, complete with balloons, napkins, reusable/disposable cutlery and more. They are not only fabulous for kids’ parties but also work wonderfully well for things such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduation parties, anniversaries and many more.

Question & Answer

Which are the best cocktail picks?

Whether you are looking for wooden cocktail picks for sale, or another type of variant, you can easily find them all online. Many companies are entirely into party décor and have a stunning choice. They make house parties so much more fun and can turn around even the most boring-looking appetizers and drinks instantly. Some of the cook variants for party picks are – Him and Her Pic in sterling silver, Celtic Martini Pick in Pennsylvania cherrywood, Kate Spade New York Acrylic Arrows in black or cream, Chateau Antique Key Cocktail Picks by Twine in zinc and stainless steel, Branch & Twig Cocktail Pick in brass and nickel,  and KegWorks Stainless Steel Martini Picks.

What can you do with used cocktail picks?

Whether they are cheap cocktail picks or expensive ones, it helps to reuse them, so they don’t end up in landfills. You can do so much with used picks. Firstly, sanitize them in an antibacterial solution and allow them to soak thoroughly before washing them. The wooden ones are more prone to bacteria, so make sure you clean them thoroughly. Once they are completely dry, use them to make photo frames, lamp covers, and beautiful artworks for kids. You can also use them again for different appetizers, so it makes eating them easy. The metal ones can also be used as a paperweight, once you clump up a few and tie them together.

Are cocktail picks safe for kids?

While kids adore the idea of cocktail picks, especially the colourful ones, there is always a concern. You can use them for kids above the ages of 5+ years. However, make sure you check for picks that are not very sharp. You can also find some variants in which the top surface is blunt or covered with another product, so it doesn’t hurt your fingers while using them. Make sure your kids know they are only for use and then dispose of them after. Kids above this age will be able to understand they are not for consuming and won’t play around with them, which could also be hazardous.

Where can you buy picks in the UAE?

With so many stores that supply some of the best garnish picks for parties, you can easily buy a lot of them online. Shopping online is a great way to get your hands on the best supplies with ease. The critical part here is to select the right type and good quality of picks. Make sure you check for the best options and look for those in This terrific product search engine is the best when it comes to making the right decision. While buying decorative cocktail picks online in the UAE, don’t forget to check out the top brands such as PuTwo, Prodyne, Royal, WoodU, Viski and Cork Pops, among others.

So explore now to buy top-quality gifts and gadgets at economical prices.