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About Birthday Candles

As unique as birthdays are, all of its celebrations and everything that goes into it is also very essential. Birthdays come once a year, and it‘s essential to make the most of them. A delicious cake, birthday candles, some party supplies and of course your favourite people should also be a part of it.

Birthday candles aren‘t new – you will see them on every birthday cake or pastry that someone is cutting. They are in the number of the age the person is turning, and kids especially love to count them. Blowing on them after you cut your cake is probably the best childhood memory, so many of us carry even today. Of course, other things such as the people you spend the day with also add to your treasured possession of fond memories. As we grow up, these instances stay with us for a very long time. Birthdays are also an excellent way for people to socialise.

Different types of birthday candles for your special day

A lot of us might not think much of birthday candles since it‘s prevalent to have a cake with candles on your birthday. However, the concept has evolved today, and you can find so many variants of it. Everything from candles for cupcakes, magic candles and shooting candles are now a reality, and they make birthdays a whole lot of fun! You can choose the best type depending on personal preferences. However, it is also essential to choose right if the candles are for a child, as the shooting ones and other similar styles might not be the best idea. If you cannot figure out how to go about with it, their different types will make it very easy to decide:

Happy birthday candles

Perfect for any birthday celebration, they come in a delightful pack with varying colours. You can also find them in words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY“ spelt out. Simply pierce the bottoms gently on the surface of the cake, and it’s ready. The smaller ones can also be added to the different tiers of the cake if you have a larger one. Either way, you can check for the best options and go with them. There are many variations in this, including scented ones; however, they are not ideal around food. It‘s best to go for small but attractive variants. Candles also release hot wax while burning, so make sure the cake or frosting does not get ruined due to this.

Sparkler birthday candles

For a glam night such as a bachelorette or a ladies night out, you can go for sparkle candles instead of the regular ones. The outcome of these is bright and makes a style statement. In a lot of cases, people are intent on having them in their hands and waving around while the cake is being cut. They are designed in a way that the sparklers don‘t affect the cake when it falls on them, so it‘s a safe option. However, it‘s equally important to check on this factor and buy candles of good brands to start with. Make sure you look for the best ones and then decide accordingly. You can also find them in different colours and types.

Birthday candles for cupcakes

Cupcakes are the latest trend – they work exceptionally well for a small party or even for a more massive party where you don‘t want to get into the hassle of cutting the cake. Everybody can simply grab one cupcake after the party, and that‘s all. Simple, no mess, and so much fun too! These are very tiny and sit perfectly on an average-sized cupcake. Even if you are just two or three people, you can put a candle on one cake for the person whose birthday it is and have them blow it out! They look adorable and come in different colours too. However, it is essential to choose just the right size, especially if you have mini or large cupcakes.

Birthday candles fireworks

Who doesn‘t love to see a mini party on their birthday cake? Yes, the birthday firework candles are just that – a whole lot of fun! You can very conveniently use them on any cake. They especially look splendid on the larger cake since they burn out with a little bit of a ‘show‘. They resemble fireworks, and a lot of people prefer to use them on the size and not directly on the cake. It is best to read the packet instructions in this case and then decide accordingly. You can pick candles in varying colours and then make the best pick. You can also use them as per the theme and more to make it look fantastic.

Tips on how to buy Birthday Candles

It is imperative to decide on the right kind of birthday décor. Some may throw someone a surprise party, a themed one, or just a good old party and birthday celebration with some family. Whatever is the reason, it always helps to pick just the right type of balloons and candles to make the place look just right. You can also choose the best stuff for kids. Here are some ideas to make all your celebrations easy:

  • Buy the best quality candles – With good quality candles, you can be less worried about issues like melting too fast, burning too bright or the wax getting on the cake. Check for the top brands, even if that means spending a tad more.
  • Make sure it suits the occasion – The candles that you pick should also work for the opportunity – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or more. Go for the best ones that suit the ambience, and it will end up looking fabulous!
  • Avoid too many in a closed area – Don‘t have too many candles, especially if the celebration is indoors. Even if it’s completely safe, there can be chances of the oxygen levels going down and making it worrisome for everybody.
  • Try to develop a theme to make it easy – Themes are one way of making sure you make the right choice in terms of the balloons, candles, decoration and party decorations. They put things in sync and make them look pretty.
  • Always have some water close by – It is better to be safe than sorry, so always have a jug of water and of course a fire extinguisher in your home too. Teach your kids the hazard of playing with fire before you proceed.
  • Monitor kids – If you have quite a few young kids attending the party, always be with them during the cake cutting or any celebration that includes candles or any other source of the fire. You can never be too sure, and it’s best to be cautious.

Candles might seem like the most popular birthday or party essential, but sometimes negligence on this part too can create havoc. At the end of the day, it‘s a fire source or medium, and it’s best to be entirely sure before using them at a party. Some research would also help to understand which are the best ones for kids. At the same time, not using any might also not go down well with your kids. Take your time up and come to a reasonable conclusion.

Question & Answer

Which are the best birthday candles to buy this year?

There are quite a lot of different variations when it comes to the best birthday candles today. It is sometimes impossible to decide because they all end up looking so attractive. Probably, filtering the choices as per your theme or the concept is an easy way of determining. Make sure you check out options such as – KIMBAR Birthday Gold Candles, American Greetings Spiral Birthday Candles, LUTER Large Birthday Candles with Gold Glitter, PartyMart Giltter Candles, Jacent Polka Dot Birthday Candles, LadyRobyn Spell Candles, Birthday Party Long Thin Cake Candles by KALEFO, White Small Chime Candles by Candle Charisma, IronBuddy 30 Count Cake Candles and Kemladio Birthday Cake Candles.

Can you reuse birthday candles?

The birthday candles you buy on sale are excellent for reuse. Make sure you wipe the candles, wash under plain tap water and dry them. Wax wears off the water, so this won‘t affect the quality. Dry and store wrapped in paper or some cloth, and you can reuse them later. You can also trim them shortly from the base if they appear of uneven height. However, this is mostly not needed as the bottom goes into the cake. Another important tip is to use the candles on the side of the cake and not on it. This makes sure it’s not covered in cream or frosting by the time they are blown out. It also keeps your cake safe from wax. The larger candles last long and are worth investing in if you wish to reuse them.

How can you decorate with candles and balloons?

It is so easy to buy the best birthday candles for toddlers and adults today since they come in varying colours, shapes and types. The best part is some stores will have party sets with candles, balloons and more in a package together. Thus, it gets effortless to pick something that will work well for your party, especially if it‘s as per a theme. For the balloons, you can have them sit on the ceiling for helium ones or pin them in clusters on the walls. You can also simply let them be on the floor. Candles work in places where you can monitor them so they don‘t melt or cause a fire. In this case, artificial LED candles work the best. They are not harmful, and you can use them in the décor all over the place too.

Where can you buy candles in the UAE?

It is effortless to find cheap birthday candles in most online stores today. There are amazing variations that you can pick from, and some of the themes are also pretty unique. Make sure you figure out well how to make them stand out, so everybody can have a look. You should undoubtedly check out, a stunning product search engine. This one has more than 500+ online stores under it. This makes it the best online search engine in the UAE and will save so much of your time. Check out brands such as Wilton, Meri Meri, Creative Converting, Unique, Amscan and Tag for more choices.

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