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About Hiking Tours

Hiking tours involve exploring a place by walking. It consists of a sense of adventure with various difficulty levels. Most of such tours include hiking through the countryside, through set routes, to connect with nature.

Hiking tours are now very popular as people prefer to connect with nature. Post the COVID-19 lockdowns; most people are eager to go outdoors. These tours offer a great way to explore the delights of nature. With most people being in front of their computer and leading boring lives, hiking tours become a good option to become active. Hiking tours offer fun and thrill. Further, the best tours follow trails leading to a specific destination. Use our product search engine to identify the right hiking tours matching your choice of place, time, difficulty level, and budget.

Different types of hiking tours

These tours are of different types. However, all hiking tours are walking trips, where the major activity is walking. Many people prefer trips, where they go on budget hikes and treks solo or in the company of friends. Further, others prefer walking holidays or solo walking holidays. Further, some people prefer guided hiking tours, similar to sightseeing trips. Many people opt for hiking, which are vacations with hiking as the main activity of the vacation. The tour agent arranging the hiking vacation make all the arrangements. Our UAE search engine leads to cheap websites where you can browse through various hiking tours vouchers and buy the right one based on your choices, skill level, and budget.

Backpacking trips

This refers to low-cost travel. These trips usually include travelling in public transit, staying in cheap hotels, eating at local non-touristy hotels, and avoiding anything expensive. Further, a backpacker travels light and carries all things in a backpack. Such trips are now one of the most popular modes of hiking tours among the youth and other thrill-seekers. They explore cities and hiking trails on their own and maintain their own pace. Most of them do not have a rigid schedule, except for a set arrival and departure date. They often stay at youth hostels.

Walking holidays

Walking holidays and solo walking holidays are popular. As the name shows, walking tours are tours taken to a place on foot. All hiking tours are the same as the walking tours. Many people prefer the freedom of being alone and going on solo walking holidays. Additionally, for such people, being able to dictate their journey and pace, select their menu, skip a meal at a whim, and follow a trail as their heart desires is priceless. Another type of walking holiday is a trekking trip. It focuses on walking from one point to another. Walking hours entails hiking or trekking for the whole or substantial part of the trip.

Guided hiking tours

Guided hiking tours are the most popular way for families, couples, and others who cannot afford the backpacking trips to go on hiking tours. These tours are structured conducted tours, with a detailed itinerary and a fixed schedule. The tour provider takes care of everything, including stay, food, taking permits, if required, and so on. But the success of such tours, however, depends largely on the experience of the guide. A good guide adds value to a trip, which the traveller could otherwise have undertaken independently. In addition, several travel agencies offer guided hiking tours. Our product search engine lists many guided hiking tours in the UAE and other countries.

Hiking vacations

Hiking vacations add a healthy dose of nature to the itinerary. In these trips, the bulk of the time is spent on hiking trails. In addition to that, the itinerary may also include an overnight stay in tourist huts or tents. For the traveller, these are mentally refreshing and stress-free. The major focus of hiking vacations is exploring the great outdoors on foot. Further, these tours take the visitors through splendid scenery, rich biodiversity and history that exists in the real world, outside the museum. Hiking vacations naturally involve a lot of walking. But you do not need to be a professional or a fitness freak to partake in hiking vacations. In addition, You can choose your difficulty levels, depending on your level of strength and endurance. Hence, hiking vacations are easy to organise, cost less, and offer rich memories.

Tips on how to buy Hiking Tour Vouchers online in the UAE

There is always some uncertainty and tension associated with hiking tours. These tours almost always entail venturing out into a remote, unfamiliar place. Buying hiking tours vouchers helps you to undertake your hiking tours with peace of mind. The voucher confirms the price. It also confirms the availability of guides, transportation, food, and other essential requirements to complete the trip. Buying a hiking tour voucher also offers the spin-off benefit of hiking in a group, having fun, and creating friendships with people with similar interests. But not all hiking tours vouchers are equal. Our product comparison site offers the best hiking tour vouchers. Compare the available vouchers based on the following factors:

  • Cost – Consider the cost of the hiking tours and the value on offer. Make sure the hiking tours cover all essentials, such as the services of a guide, transportation to the hiking trail, food, and backup support.
  • Duration – Consider the length of the hiking trail and the total duration of the hiking tours. Probe intro details, such as breaks for lengthy hikes, overnight stay arrangements if required, and more.
  • Difficulty – Hiking trails come in various levels of difficulty, such as easy, moderate, and hard. Consider your physical stamina, experience, and endurance levels, and make sure the hiking tours cater to your requirements.
  • Guide and resource persons – The real worth of hiking tours is the services of a guide and other resource persons. Many hiking tours may reduce the price by compromising on the support staff and resource persons.
  • Pick up and drop off – Opt for hiking tours that offer pick up and drop off, even if such services cost extra. Most hiking trails are far away from civilization, with little or no public transportation.

Use the online shops featured on our product search engine and buy the best hiking tour voucher for sale online in UAE. Our product comparison site enables comparison on the cost, duration, the difficulty of the hike, availability of resource persons & support staff, pick-up and drop-off arrangements, and more to help you make an informed decision. What’s more, you can also check out the Gifts & Gadgets category for other exciting products.

Question & Answer

What are the best hiking trails in the UAE?

The best hiking trails in the UAE are Jebel Jais at Ras Al Khaimah, Hajar hiking trail in Fujairah, Wadi Monay in Ras al Khaimah, Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, and the Hatta hike trail. The 1.5-kilometre-long Wadi Monay at Ras al Khaimah transverses through rich flora and fauna. Several intriguing plants, rocks, and animals complement the excellent views. This is a very easy hike, suitable for even kids, and just an hour and a half drive away from Dubai. The Hatta hike, another popular hiking tour near Dubai, passes through many valleys, gorges, farms, and small villages. The trail extends to 10 kilometres. The 5 kilometres long Hajar hiking trail at Dibbah in Fujairah, another easy trail, meanders through a picturesque valley.

Tour agents offer several hiking tours. The difference among various options is related to the choice of hiking trails, duration, and the facilities on offer. If you have considerable spare time, the best hiking tours vouchers are ones that offer multiple days of hiking, with an overnight stay in tents. Those hard-pressed for the time would do well to opt for hiking tour vouchers that complete the hike in one day or even less. Different hiking tour vouchers focus on different hiking destinations. The best hiking tour voucher again depends on your tastes. For instance, if you do not prefer mountain climbing, the best vouchers are those offering easy hikes at surface levels. Use the best shopping search engine to buy the best hiking tour voucher for sale online in the UAE.

Where to buy hiking tour vouchers online UAE?

It is important to buy hiking tour vouchers from credible online shops. Reputed retailers stock a wide variety of hiking tours vouchers, offering you the freedom of choice. Take basic precautions when buying hiking tours online in UAE. There are a lot of vouchers scams in the online marketplace. For instance, some attractively priced vouchers may be near expiry or already expired. Other vouchers may be bait-and-switch tactics, quoting a low price with add-ons, even unavoidable add-ons, charged extra. Make sure the vouchers suit the theme of your hiking vacations, such as trekking trips or walking holidays. Buy hiking tour vouchers online UAE using our product comparison website. We offer the best deals to ensure your satisfaction.

UAE offers several popular and well-patronised hiking trails. But it is always safe and convenient to opt to join hiking tours. Guided hiking tours, with the services of an experienced guide, would allow you to enjoy the hike in a much better way compared to backpacking trips and solo walking holidays. Use our online search engine to buy the best hiking tour vouchers and other gift vouchers in the UAE!