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About Paint Balls

Have you ever heard of the paintball vouchers and wondered what it is about? Paint Ball is a competitive shooting sport. In this sport, the players eliminate the opponents from the game by hitting them with special spherical dye-filled gelatine capsules. These small size capsules are known as paintballs. These balls are made of delicate material and can break on impact.  

The paintballs are shot using specially designs low energy air weapons called paintball markers. These markers are powered by compressed air (normally nitrogen) or carbon dioxide. These markers were initially designed for the remote marking of cattle and trees. The game was initially introduced in 1981. This sport is played for recreating and also at formal sporting events with organized competitions. These competitions involve significant tournaments, with professional players and teams. The paintball games can be played both indoor and outdoor filed of varying sizes. In recent years, the game is becoming much popular among youngsters, and thus there is an increasing variety of accessories available for the sport.

Things you need to know before starting to play paintballs

Paintball games are played all across the globe and loved equally by adults and youngsters. And when it comes to playing playball in the UAE, you can find a lot of sporting venues to play paintball in Abu Dhabi Dubai and across. Each of these sporting venues offers a wide range of discounts and coupon codes for groups to enjoy the sport at its best without worrying about the budget. However, everyone recommends the players have the right type of accessories, including high-quality paintball guns, and protective clothing items apart from paintball vouchers. They also want you to have all the basic information about the activity. That is why we are here to share information necessary for a paintball beginner to know.

Age requirement for playing paintballs 

When we hear about a shooting sport like playball, the question that pops in mind is more likely “how old does the player have to be?” Considering the roughness of this sport, it is a valid question. And the answer is that different countries have different age restrictions. And with that in mind, most of the venues have clear rules and regulations about the age of the players. Many have an age set at being ten to get permission to play only with parents’ consent. In contrast, the majority of venues require an age of 16 years with parental consent to play. Nonetheless, these beginner paintball players have to follow directions and rules regarding the use of paintball markers before they are allowed to play infield.

Experience and communication

Once you get over your nerves, the sport is all fun to play. It is an ideal excuse to go out, socialize, exercise, think and respond strategically. Many say that paintball is an adult version of the game tag that we use to play in our childhood. Also, many believe that it is all about timing and being the sharpest shooter. But in actuality, it is much more than that. A successful paintballer knows how to communicate and talk tactics. It also demands a higher level of cohesiveness and ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing whilst playing. You can usually find all the tips and tricks to play while you buy paintball vouchers from any authentic seller.

Practice and responsive attitude

When it comes to paintball, no number of books and videos can make you a pro. You need to get up and get out in the fields to polish your skills. The more you play the pro you will become. All you need to do is to attend paintball games regularly and see improvements in your gameplay. For additional help, listen to the tips from seasons players and instructors.  One basic piece of advice is that when a step in the field embraces yourself to get shot. You should not get scared and do not try to hide to avoid getting shot. But if you are worried about the pain factor, dress properly.

What to wear for paintball

To eliminate fear or be smart, the right clothing is always important for any sporting activity. Likewise, for paintball, wear casual clothing that is easier to manoeuvre in. Thick clothing is ideal to avoid stings of paintball. Jeans, joggers, tracksuits, and other thick attire are also ideal for putting on but do not forget putting on an overall the house will provide you before the game. Besides closed-toe shoes, you will also need to wear gloves with harder padded knuckles. Another important item is proper headwear to avoid the hit from the ridiculous 200mph speed of the paintball.

Tips on how to buy Paintball discount vouchers online in the UAE

For sure everyone will want to enjoy games for long hours. But special sporting activities like paintballs, you will need to pay for each hour in the fields. So, the best way to enjoy the post of this sport is to look for cheaper places to play. Besides many deals and packages for groups, you can also cut the cost by using paintball vouchers for sale in UAE. These include different options like paintballs for beginners, paintball for kids or adults. Interestingly, just like the sport, finding and applying for a voucher is an interesting process to deal with. Here is how you can do that like a pro.

  • Choose the type of card – There are different types of gift voucher cards available in the market. Some can generally be but mostly are store or service provider-specific. It would help if you were sure that the card you pick is applicable in the store and area you want to use.
  • Select your venue – There are many paintball venues across UAE. Therefore, considering the state and location is important while choosing a voucher card. This is because you might not be able to apply for a paintball voucher in Abu Dhabi that is meant to be used in Dubai only.
  • Study the market – Explore different stores to find the best gift vouchers or discount coupons online. There can be chances to enjoy some add-ons or other perks with the gift card. So, studying the market before making a purchase is always safer.
  • Check the expiry – Almost all the gift cards come with a specific validity period. Therefore, it is important to pick a gift card with a longer expiry date. Past the date, the card will be of no use. Also, make sure that your friend is aware of the expiry date of the card and must use it within time.
  • Check terms and conditions – Most of the time, there are limitations and rules for using a gift card voucher. All such information is either given on the back of the card or available on some link online. You can read the card back and forth to get all such information.
  • Consider the costs – It is important to keep the cost of the card within your budget. It is also possible that you will find the same gift card at different price ranges. Therefore, you should settle for a price limit and look at different stores online to buy paintball voucher cards online in the UAE.

Now that you have an idea of how to find cheap gifts vouchers for your friends to find out who will be interested and happy to get them. Before you head to buy one, check with your friends to find out if they will be free to avail it before it gets expired or it will end up being a piece of paper after some time. Once you are sure about their interest and availability, you can go online on any retail search engine to find the best deals on paintball vouchers online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What are paintball places open in the UEA?

Some of the best places that you can visit to enjoy paintball in UAE includes The Pursuit games in Dubai; Sharjah paintball park; Xtreme laser tag in Dubai; and Sharjah golf and shooting club in Sharjah. In Abu Dhabi, you can visit the paintball field, battle park sports and recreational park and Al Forsan internal sports resort. These are some of the top-rated places to play paintball and other shooting sports.

Which is the best paintball voucher?

Many brands and websites are offering exciting deals on paintball vouchers online in the UAE. Some of the best deals are available on the group on and Cobone. They are mainly selling products that are usable across UAE. To find better options, you can explore the website in detail to find the best paintball vouchers for your needs.

How much is paintball shooting in Dubai?

There are different levels or types of paintball sports. The packages vary based on the type of game you want to play. It also depends on the venue you choose to play in. Generally, the Pee Wee will cost around AED 80 whereas the Econo and Weekend Warrior will cost you about AED 90 and AED 155, respectively. But for Rambo you will have to pay about AED 205 and the Freak will cost you around AED 315 on average.

Where to buy a paintball voucher online in the UAE?

If you are looking for cheaper ways to play paintball in the UAE, look for paintball vouchers online in the UAE. To find the best deal for you and your friends, explore Here you can find the best vouchers and gift card deals from top sellers and sport organizing communities. Here you can also find gift vouchers from sports accessories suppliers to make paintball more fun with the best deals on paintball accessories online.

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