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About Laser Gaming

Laser tag game is a recreational shooting sport where the players use infrared-emitting light guns to tag an opponent. Here an infrared-sensitive signalling device is worn by each player to register hits. These devices are sometimes integrated within the special gaming arena.

Laser tagging is a shooting game that is much similar to paintball and airsoft. A major difference between laser tag and other shooting sports is that it is cleaner and safer. While playing laser tag, you do not need to put on any safety equipment because they won’t shoot pellets or paintballs. Rather, the laser tag uses safe beams that will not hurt anyone. Unlike paintball, it doesn’t involve any pellets or paints. Hence there will be no residue or clean up involved after playing. The laser tag involves airsoft guns to send a beam of light on the target. Besides the mentioned, there is a lot more that you need to know about the game before you step into the arena for a real-time play.

Everything you need to know about laser tag

Back in the days when we were kids, hide-and-seek and tag were not just fun games, but these activities were healthier for growth in several ways. Such activities demand reasoning skills think of complicated and multi-dimensional ways to beat the competition. Today, in this age of next-gen technology and ever-changing experience, famous childhood games have gone to a new level. And thus, we have the riveting game of laser tags on the table. When video games like PlayStation ad Xbox have reined the digital gaming industry for years, the laser tags games in Dubai are also gaining popularity among the masses. But before you book a venue to experience all the excitement on your own, here is what you need to know about adult laser tag.

What is a laser tag game

blurring the lines between the real and virtual, a laser tag game offers the thrill-seekers and battlefield rovers an interactive and fulfilled gaming environment. Once you enter the gaming venue, you will find it covered with well-planned layouts, glowing laser guns, neon highlights, and exhilarating sound effects. You will also experience swirling fog and zapping spaces that offer transcending high definition experience during the game. However, you need many best buddies with the same level of excitement to enjoy tracking and shooting with a laser.

Equipment and rules for laser tag

A specialized gun is the core item you will need for playing laser tag. The player will also need to wear a Sun band with proper fitting. It will light up when you hit the other player. You will need the gun to target the player and shoot a laser light with the gun. But it would help if you made sure that the other player hears the shooting sound. As these guns, targeting, and reloading are unique, you need to know the operations and what type of sound the gun will make on a hit. The rules of the game restrict you from climbing trees. You should also avoid going within 4 feet of the other player, and if anyone falls or gets hurt, you must stop and help the player get out of the field.

About playing laser tag

In this game, you will use a laser gun or phaser to zap the opponent’s vest. You will start by choosing an indoor or outdoor arena and gathering all the players. If you are a beginner, get the briefing on the game before starting. Always put on the specially designed lightweight vest. It comes with sensors and specialized non-projectile laser guns that emit a beam of light. After briefing and dressing up, disperse in the combat area. Now you need to start hunting other players in the recreational area and target them with your gun; push trigger once you get anyone in the zone. A beam of light will be fired from the gun. If it hits the opponent, the phaser will freeze for a few seconds. And you will eliminate the player from the gaming zone. As you work on eliminating other players, you should also secure yourself from being a target.

Tips for playing laser tags

Before you head to buy laser tag vouchers for booking with the best price of ultra-zone laser tag in the UAE, learn about the game. At first, you should know and understand the basic rules of the game. Once you step into the venue for playing, learn the layout in detail and split the friends into two equal groups. Always split the players into different parts of the arena; it will increase your chances to win. I prefer wearing dark colour clothes and pick comfortable footwear like boots or sneakers. High-heels or sandals are a big no-no for such games. Always pay close attention to an opponent’s movement and keep shooting as the rapid-fire will surely increase your chances to win.

Tips on how to buy Laser Tag Vouchers online in the UAE

For sure, everyone will want to enjoy games for long hours. But special sporting activities like best laser tag for kids or adults will need to pay for each hour in the fields. The best way to enjoy most of this sport is to look for cheaper places to play. Besides many deals and packages for groups, you can also cut the cost using laser tag vouchers for sale in UAE. These include different options like laser tags for beginners, laser tags for kids or adults. Interestingly, just like the sport, finding and applying for a voucher is an interesting process to deal with. Here is how you can do that like a pro.

  • Choose the type of card – There are different types of gift voucher cards available in the market. Some can generally be but mostly are store or service provider-specific. It would help if you were sure that the card you pick is applicable in the store and area you want to use.
  • Select your venue – There are many laser tag venues across UAE. Therefore, considering the state and location is important while choosing a voucher card. This is because you might not be able to apply for a voucher in Abu Dhabi meant to be used in Dubai only.
  • Study the market – Explore different stores to find the best gift vouchers or discount coupons online. There can be chances to enjoy some add-ons or other perks with the gift card. So, studying the market before making a purchase is always safer.
  • Check the expiry – Almost all the gift cards come with a specific validity period. Therefore, it is important to pick a gift card with a longer expiry date. Past the date, the card will be of no use. Also, make sure that your friend is aware of the card’s expiry date and must use it within time.
  • Check terms and conditions – Most of the time, there are limitations and rules for using a gift card voucher. All such information is either given on the back of the card or available on some link online. You can read the card back and forth to get all such information.
  • Consider the costs – It is important to keep the cost of the card within your budget. It is also possible that you will find the same gift card at different price ranges. Therefore, you should settle for a price limit and look at different stores online to buy laser tag voucher cards online in the UAE.

Now that you have an idea of finding cheap gifts and gadgets for your friends to find out who will be interested and happy to get them. Before you head to buy one, check with your friends to find if they will be free to avail it before it expires or end up being a piece of paper after some time. Once you are sure about their interest and availability, you can go online on any retail search engine to find the best deals on laser tag vouchers online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

How much does a laser tag cost?

The standard laser tag price for a ticket is about $1 per minute of gaming in any indoor arena. For outdoors, it costs about 0.50 cents per minute on the battlefield.  In UAE, the standard public session is 2 hours, during which the gamer gets 4×15 minutes of gaming. The prices vary based on the location, the player’s age, and the number of people playing at a time. You can also book for a week or more than one person as a group.

What are laser tag places open in the UAE?

There are many laser tag places across the UAE. If you are playing in Dubai, you can go to an arena like Laser drome Dubai; Xtreme laser tag Dubai, Hub zero Dubai – gears of war: laser siege, and the Laser tag thrill zone Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, the most popular playing areas are Thrill zone Abu Dhabi; Xtreme zone; Orange hub Abu Dhabi; Battle park Abu Dhabi. In Al-Ain, the best place to play laser tag is Xtreme laser tag.

What is a laser tag party?

A laser tag party is private party activity mostly designed for kids on their birthday and other such gatherings. These parties are designed for outdoor spaces with closed boundaries. These parties have special laser tagging equipment that you can rent from the laser tag gaming service providers. For parties, you can find special professional assistance and equipment based on the location and age of the players attending the party.

Where to buy laser tag vouchers online in the UAE?

Many brands and companies offer laser tagging gaming space and equipment for sale and rent online in the UAE. Although you can have a laser tag party in your space, it will be more fun if you book a dedicated arena for gaming. You can book these spaces on rent for a few hours, days or a week. A laser tag voucher card will help you pre-book the arena at cheaper costs. You can find these vouchers at any retail search engine online.

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