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About Hot Air Balloon Rides

Do you wish to experience the thrill of the first-ever human journey in the air? If yes, you must look for the best hot air balloon rides on your next weekend.  

A hot air balloon is lighter than air aircraft that consists of a large bag (known as an envelope). This bag contains heated air, and suspended beneath is a wicker basket or capsule. This big basket carries passengers and a technological source of heat that creates a flame caused by burning liquid propane. These balloons can go up in the air to certain heights. Today these balloon rides are mostly for fun. People across the globe book for these rides provided by special services providers. These rides are meant for entertainment and a unique experience. 

Reasons to book for hot air balloon ride today 

Hot air balloons are common sights in many parts of the world, including Temecula, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE.  The only thing that is far much better than watching them floating gently across the sky is to ride one by yourself. To help you do that, several companies offer rides with cheap hot air balloon deals in the UAE. With the ease of booking for excitement, it should be your entertainment spot for next weekend. But apart from enjoying the breathtaking views from the height, a hot air balloon ride can serve you many other benefits. Every rider from the past claimed it to be a great experience with a unique combination of serenity, thrill and excitement. Here are some common reasons why we think everyone must experience these rides at least once in their life.  

A nod to history! 

A hot air balloon first appeared in the sky in 220 AD. It was the time when the first balloons, the Chinese lanterns, appeared above the human head. Following the same concept, in 1783, the first manned flight took place. Soon after that, the hot air balloons become a part of reconnaissance as a military strategy. Once you experience tethered balloon rides, you will feel the history by yourself. Hence, it will really be like taking a step back in time. Also, if you are lucky enough to get your hot air balloon packages from a professional service provider, you will experience more than just a ride. It can give you a glimpse of the history with the explanatory tour to the surroundings and of the history of what you are experiencing in the air.    

Challenging the fears 

Fear of height is one of many common phobias in people around the globe. It is also accompanied by nausea and motion sickness, as moist air rides are aggressive. But with a hot air balloon ride, you can cope with the fear without feeling any burden on your mind and body. This is why many people claim that a balloon ride is the best way to cope with heights’ fear.  A hot air balloon rides and floats gently and goes upward at a slow pace. There is no sensation of movement with such a slow speed as it moves with the wind and eliminates any uncomfortable sensation like motion sickness or whatsoever. It will not be anything like being near the edge of a tall building or cliff because there will be no fixed point of reference. So of not expect to face any real dear of height. 

A family-friendly fun 

The best part of a hot air balloon ride is that you can enjoy it alone, with friends or even with family members. All you need to do is find the right hot air balloon packages for your friends or family. If you intend to take your family for a ride, make sure no kid is less than 6 years of age. Also, make sure you have enough information about the ride and the members are mentally prepared about it. With a hot air ride, you can enjoy the best views of The Palm and much more across the UAE. You can also capture breathtaking views from the eye of your camera and show them to your loved ones once you are back to the land.  

Choosing professional company 

To enjoy all the perks without wasting your money and ensuring the safety of yourself and those who are on the ride with you, book with a   professional balloon safari company online in the UAE. You can also buy hot air balloon ride vouchers online in the UAE to make an exciting gift for your loved one. But before doing that, make sure the company you choose offers services with experienced pilots and guides. The staff must be knowledgeable and friendly. To find such a reliable option, you can either ask your peer who already has had such an experience. Or you can head to any website online to read the reviews and comments of customers about the quality of services of any company that offers hot air balloon rides for the family.

Tips on how to buy Hot Air Balloon Vouchers online in the UAE

Serenity is something anyone can crave at least once in a lifetime. And there can nothing be more enchanting and mesmerizing than a hot air balloon ride. However, you need to be sure of choosing the best time for a hot air balloon ride alongside the best place for a hot air balloon ride for an optimum experience. But there is a rare chance to get these rides at cheaper rates. But a sure-fire way to get cheaper options is to look at a retail search engine. You shall also look for gift card vouchers for advance and cheaper booking. And while searching for the best hot air balloon vouchers, here are points you can consider.

  • Choose the type of card – There are different types of gift voucher cards available in the market. Some can be generic, while others come with special location and event-based services. Therefore if you are planning a ride with special celebrations, look for relevant options.
  • Select your venue – There are many hot air balloon ride venues across UAE. Decide where you want to experience it and look for vouchers for that place only. This is because you might not be able to apply a coupon in Abu Dhabi meant to be used in Dubai only.
  • Consider the time of year – Here, you will also need to consider the weather conditions coming up. As these vouchers have limited time applicability, you might not be able to use them after a certain time. Therefore make sure you are not buying vouchers too much before time.
  • Do some search – Explore different stores to find the best gift vouchers or discount coupons online? There can be chances to enjoy some add-ons or other perks with the gift card. So,  studying the market before making a purchase is always safer.
  • Check the expiry – Remember that every gift card and the voucher will expire. Therefore,  it is crucial to pick a gift card with a longer expiry date. Past due date, the card will be of no use. Also, you might need to make sure that your friend is aware of the expiry date of the card and must use it within time.
  • Check terms and conditions – Most of the time,  there are limitations and rules for using a gift card voucher. All such information is either given on the back of the card or available on the link online. You can read the card back and forth to get all such information.
  • Consider the costs – It is essential to keep the cost of the card within your budget. It is also possible that you will find the same gift card at different price ranges. Therefore, you should settle for a price limit and look at other stores online to buy musical voucher cards online in the UAE.

Now that you have an idea of finding cheap gifts vouchers for your friends to find out who will be interested and happy to get them. Before you head to buy one, check with your friends to find out if they will be free to avail of the deal before it gets expired, or it will end up being a piece of paper after some time. Once you are sure about their interest and availability, you can go online on any retail search engine to find the best deals on hot air balloon ride vouchers online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What to expect in a hot air balloon ride?

A hot air balloon ride is nothing that you can do on your own. You should expect a bunch of people with you in the sky. At least the professional pilot, guide and helper will be there with you on the ride. Also, expect to experience some change in temperature, slight air pressure along with amazing sceneries from far and wide. If you are riding with professionals, you can be sure of a safe landing once you complete the ride.

Why are hot air balloon rides so expensive?

These rides are expensive because of the surging costs incurred by the hot air balloon operating companies. It includes the cost of hot air balloons, their maintenance, fuel, transportation, and service providers’ expenses. Still, if you are willing to enjoy the ride at economical rates, you should do some market search to find what companies are offering competitive rates in the market. Likewise, discount vouchers and codes can help you get a better deal at cheaper rates.

Are hot air balloon rides safe?

Yes, hot air balloon rides are safer than anyone can expect.  According to aviation experts, these rides are an incredibly safe form of flight, and they are becoming safer with time. These balloons offer a smooth flight up and down the air; therefore, accidents are uncommon, and fatalities are rarest. However, if you are riding the balloon with an inexperienced person, it is obvious to experience bumps in flight.

How much is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

The hot air balloon ride is not cheaper in Cappadocia. Therefore, if you think to have the experience, expect to have a considerable amount of money in your pocket. The prices, however, varies based on the company you go with. It also depends on the time of year you plan to experience. The price will also vary based on how many people will be riding with you in the basket. Generally, the price will vary somewhere between 130 to 180Euros.

Where to buy a hot air balloon ride online in the UAE?

If you are looking for cheaper ways, to go up in the air and enjoy the serenity with the best hot air balloon ride, look for balloon ride vouchers online in the UAE. To find the best deal for you and your friends, explore Here you can find the best vouchers and gift card deals from top sellers and hot air balloon ride organizing communities. You can easily compare the price from best sellers and service providers in the market and make a budget-friendly decision.

Meanwhile, you can explore global shops  to buy gifts and gadgets at cheaper rates and better deals online.