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About Flight Vouchers

Flight vouchers are coupons that one can redeem for future travel. There are many types you can find online. Many airlines and booking portals offer flight gift vouchers as part of promotions. Airlines may also offer them instead of refunds for cancelled flights or when they offload passengers. All these come with various terms and conditions.

These vouchers are a win-win for both the airlines and the customers. By issuing them, airlines do not have to refund cash. They are assured of the customer making their next flight on the same airline without going to a competitor. For these reasons, most airlines offer attractive terms for flight vouchers compared to normal ticket rates. Compared to normal ticket rates, the customers may avail these vouchers and get the ticket at a considerable discount. The major caveat when considering them is to ensure it is genuine. Many customers end up with counterfeit vouchers or vouchers which are near their expiry dates. Use the below guide to get the best flight vouchers.

Things to know about flight ticket voucher

Some popular flight ticket vouchers are Emirates compensation vouchers, British Airways companion vouchers, Cebu Pacific travel vouchers, and more. Many flight ticket and search portals offer attractive flight discount vouchers, such as Skyscanner vouchers. The passengers may use such vouchers within the time limit specified in the voucher. Some vouchers offer a straight discount code, redeemable at the time of booking. Other vouchers come with various terms and conditions. The option to transfer the benefits to third parties also depends on the voucher terms.

British Airways companion voucher

Officially known as the “Travel Together Ticket”, it allows the main British Airways account holder who books a return ticket through Avios to book an extra seat on the same journey. The companion does not have to pay the Avios flight price. The scheme is open only for BA Executive Club members who fulfil specific eligibility criteria. The voucher covers only the ticket fare, excluding taxes and other airline fees. Bookings made using this voucher is subject to seat availability, and the main account holder has to travel with the companion. A member with two valid vouchers can redeem both simultaneously on one flight booking, meaning two companions may travel with the member.

Skyscanner voucher

It is one of the most popular flight comparison websites. Users may query the various options between two or more destinations for the required date. A dynamic search option helps users query flights during the cheapest month and several other options—the options list by cost, speed, or time. The listing also shows options with one or two stops, which though taking longer, may offer a considerable discount compared to the direct option. Skyscanner offers various coupons and discount vouchers from time to time. The advantage of these discount coupons is a direct discount on the flight ticket at the time of billing, with no restrictive conditions. However, the tickets themselves may come with certain restrictive conditions, such as non-refundable or extra taxes.

Emirates compensation voucher

Emirates airline issue this for cancelled flights or when the aircraft denies boarding to the passenger. A confirmed ticket does not always guarantee to board the aircraft. The airline may deny boarding to a passenger for many reasons. The terms and conditions of the Emirates compensation voucher depend on the original journey and the type of ticket. However, the compensation voucher may be redeemed on any flights in an Emirates operated route within the zone of the original ticket. It is possible to change the date or route of the compensation voucher, but It is impossible to exchange it for cash. These vouchers are not eligible for Skywards Miles accrual either.

Flight gift vouchers

Many travel portals offer flight gift vouchers . They make a good gifting option, as it gifts memories and experiences instead of material objects. Most portals deliver flight gift vouchers in digital mode, to be sent as an eGift. They may also ship out a personalised physical card to the recipient’s address. Flight gift vouchers may also come with terms and conditions similar to normal flight vouchers. Most flight gift vouchers have an expiry of 12 or 24 months and may not be used with other discounts or promotions. Many flight gift vouchers are redeemable only on a single flight, and the balance amount, if any, cannot be carried forward.

Tips on how to buy Flight Vouchers online in Dubai

Buying flight vouchers require some careful thought and analysis. Certainly, not all flight vouchers are simple discount codes, where the buyer gets the specified sum off, or the entire ticket free, at the time of booking. Additionally, most vouchers come with various terms and conditions and time limits. Some vouchers block off certain dates even within the validity period. Many vouchers do not allow use in combination with other offers or discounts. Even when claiming to offer a free flight, many vouchers may exclude taxes, fees, and or other charges. In other words, no two vouchers are equal. Consider the following factors to get the best deal when buying flight vouchers.

  • Inclusions – As the adage goes, the devil is often in the details. Most flight vouchers do not include the full cost of the trip. Many vouchers include only the base fare, with the user having to pay taxes, fuel surcharge, luggage fees, and other add-ons. The inclusions and exclusions can make a big difference in the actual worth of a flight voucher.
  • Validity – Most flight vouchers have time limits. At times, a beautiful voucher may have a time limit of just a few weeks, rendering it non-viable for the user. Unless you plan to travel immediately, opt for flight vouchers with a validity of six months or more.
  • Terms of use –Most vouchers allow the passenger to carry over unused credit to a future flight within the voucher’s validity. Thus, the passenger may avail two low-cost flights instead of a single high priced, But some vouchers are one-use. The terms of the voucher may specify only a single-use.
  • Refunds – Since vouchers are for future use, many people do not use them as circumstances change. Check if the voucher is refundable. Many vouchers are refundable with a cancellation fee, but some vouchers are non-refundable. It is risky to avail of a non-refundable voucher, even if it comes with desirable terms.
  • Assignment – Check if the value of the voucher is limited only to the person who brought it or whether the buyer can use it to buy someone else a ticket. Some vouchers allow a transfer only to a family member. Hence, the ability to re-assign vouchers makes even non-refundable vouchers a relatively safe option.

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Question & Answer

How do flight vouchers work?

Availing of it requires visiting the website or downloading an app where the voucher is available. After purchasing the coupon, the user books the flight as normal, and at the time of the payment, enters the voucher or coupon code received during the time of voucher purchase. Some airlines and flight-booking sites allow users to buy vouchers at the time of making the booking itself. The portal deducts the value of the coupon from the total billed amount, or the eligible discount is credited to the buyer’s wallet or account in the form of cashback. The cashback may be transferred to the buyer’s bank account or used for a subsequent booking, depending on the terms and conditions of the voucher.

Are flight vouchers transferable?

They may be transferrable depending on the listed terms and conditions. Many vouchers, such as American Airlines eVouchers, are non-transferable. Other airlines issue partially transferrable vouchers, which allow transferring the vouchers to family members. Still, others offer fully transferable vouchers, meaning the vouchers may be used to buy tickets for friends or family. Some airlines, even when issuing fully transferrable vouchers, may impose restrictions on re-selling the voucher. It is always risky to commit to a non-transferable voucher. Since the voucher is redeemed at a future date, circumstances might change, making you unable to make your trip. A non-transferable voucher would mean you lose the money or be denied the opportunity.

Where to buy flight vouchers online in the UAE?

Buy flight vouchers online in the UAE from stores listed on our product search engine . is home to over 500 online stores that offer amazing deals on different things. This includes a flight voucher from many airlines and portals. Our product comparison sites list airlines’ flight vouchers and flight discount vouchers, allowing you to make informed comparisons. We allow you to filter the search based on your preferences. For instance, check the terms and conditions of the flight voucher for transferability options. You can also find low-cost and best value vouchers and the shops that offer cheap flight voucher codes without any bait-and-switch tactics.

Can you buy flight vouchers as gifts?

When buying a good gift for someone special, we want it to be unique and interesting. So, if you’re looking for something good, you can surely surprise them with plane tickets for their next vacation. You can go for an airline gift card or vouchers for sure. They come in a wide range of options. They don’t always have to cover just the tickets; some can even be used for other things. Like, some cards even comprise baggage fees and other purchases. The offering may depend hugely upon the airline and the kind of voucher you purchase.

Use to find the best deals on flight vouchers. We offer a huge collection of valid flight vouchers offered by airlines and flight booking portals. We allow you to make easy comparisons between different vouchers and make informed choices, depending on your travel requirements and dates. Also, we allow you to make price comparisons to find deals under your budget easily. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a voucher that suits your specific needs, with the best value for money.