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About City Trips

City trips are a fantastic way to explore the city’s sights and soak up its culture and food. The best city trips offer an organised, conducted tour of all the important places in the city, in a time-bound manner. Visitors get a glimpse of everything the city offers, allowing them to visit the sites they like the best later. If you’re on this page, it means you’re eagerly waiting to explore this city – the city of Dubai, to be precise. In this post, we’ll cover some great city trip coupons that you can avail of. Also, stick with us till the end to find out some secret tips for getting various city trip vouchers online.

In a city like Dubai, with plenty of attractions, it may not be possible to co-opt everything in a single day city trips itinerary. City trips Dubai comes in various iterations, such as city-based sightseeing tours, theme park-based city tours, desert tours, and more. The best city tours Dubai covers all the major attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates, Jumeirah, the historic district near Bur Dubai, and other places. Some visitors prefer to extend their city trips to Abu Dhabi. Still, others like to co-opt a stint in the desert, indulging in Desert Safari or 4WD adventure sports. Apart from city trips to Dubai, packages that offer city trips to Abu Dhabi and excursions to nearby cities such as Sharjah and Al Ain are also popular. Let us look at a few of them that you can avail yourself of online.

The various city tour vouchers that you can avail yourself here in Dubai

The city of Dubai offers you numerous types of city trips that you can avail of at your convenience. For instance, some of you would like to have a peaceful weekend getaway with your family. Fortunately, you’ll find several websites that offer such getaway coupons. Some even offer you bus tours and sightseeing tours. In the end, it all depends on your preference, as to which city trip you want to opt for. However, to do that, you should have adequate knowledge about these tours. Below, we’ve compiled a few such city trips coupons that you can avail yourself of across the city.

Dubai city tour vouchers for an adventurous outing

The best city tour in Dubai covers all the important attractions in the region. These tours cover the iconic Burj Khalifa, the adjacent Dubai Mall, and the enchanting Dubai fountain. It covers the other top malls in the city, such as the Ibn Battuta Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. No city tour of Dubai is complete without a visit to old town Bur Dubai and Deira and the adjacent Al Fahidi historic district. The Dubai museum is another must-see. Jumeira, with its souqs and beaches, is another tourist hot spot. Depending on the time available, the city tour Dubai may cover theme parts such as Wild Wadi waterpark, Ski Dubai, Motiongate, Legoland, and more. Adventure lovers would The Dubai miracle garden and Dubai frame are two options for those preferring a sedentary time outdoors.

The solo weekend getaway vouchers for a serene experience

Solo weekend getaways are a breeze amidst your daily, hectic routines. Fortunately, this city offers you several getaway city trips. One of the best options for a solo weekend getaway around Dubai is travelling to Jebal Jais. The destination is around 165 kilometres from the city, located in Ras Al Khaimah. Similarly, the beautiful Al Ain oasis offers another viable alternative for a solo weekend getaway from Dubai. Other options include a visit to Hatta and the quaint villages nearby. Jebel Shams and Al Hoota coves, 400- kilometres away from Dubai, offers another interesting solo weekend getaway option. However, you do not always have to shun civilisation and go off to remote locales for solo weekend getaways. It is quite possible to have interesting and fun solo weekend getaways at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi amid civilisation. Another refreshing choice is a Dubai desert safari.

The informative sightseeing tour coupons

Sightseeing tours make a good add-on to any sort of city trip. Luckily, you’ll find several options for sightseeing across the city. Some sightseeing tours from Dubai include a full-day or half-day Dubai city tour, cheap Abu Dhabi city tours, Alexandria Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina, Dubai sightseeing boat tour and more. If you could always use our Dubai search engine to find out the best sightseeing tours trending across the city if in a dilemma on which one to choose. Our product comparison sites allow you to compare different tours and select the ones that suit your tastes and preferences best and offer the best value for money.

Convenient city bus tours to explore the city on wheels

A coach is the best and the most convenient way to travel around the UAE. A city bus tour takes you to the major places of interest, with total comfort and ease. Several city bus tour coupons allow riding on top of the Easy Tour Dubai double-decker bus. This sightseeing bus offers two-hour or four-hour trips, covering the major attractions in the city. The trips offer guided commentary, refreshments, and a complimentary entrance to the Dubai Museum. Other options include hop-on hop-off busses where you can spend as much time as you like at a destination before moving over to the next destination. Use our online search engines to get the best city tour vouchers for sale online in the UAE.

Tips on how to buy City Trip Vouchers

City trips are great, but only if you get the ones that suit your liking. And to make sure you have the best city trip packages, you should have a concise plan. Apart from that, you must also know where to look to get the best city trip coupons. Remember, there’s quite a lot of stuff to consider when it comes to getting your tour gift vouchers online. To make things straightforward, we’ve laid out some useful tips that’ll help you buy city tour vouchers online in the UAE effortlessly.

  • Know what and how you want to explore – What kind of city trips do you prefer taking up? Are you a solo traveller who likes to spend some quality’ me time’? Or do you wish to explore the city with your loved one? Make sure you’re clear about your tour needs before you begin searching for the city tour vouchers.
  • Research a bit online – Remember, research is the key to any coupon purchase. The more you know about your travel needs and the tours’ availability, the better it is. Also, it’s better to understand the entire process of the city trip coupons, how they work and from where you need to get them. Once you have adequate information about the trips, getting the vouchers isn’t a big deal.
  • Explore the available types of coupons – As mentioned earlier in the article, you’ll find distinct types of city trips that you can avail of. From city tours to bus trips and weekend getaways, you’ll find a trip in every genre. Therefore, you need not worry about not getting something that doesn’t fit the deal. As you see, there’s one suitable for every person’s liking.
  • Keep an eye on the inclusions – The worth of city trips depends on the inclusions. Make sure the package includes all the popular places based on the theme of the tour. However, you also need to see that the inclusions are not too many, to the point it becomes unrealistic to cover all the promised places within the available time. Over-promising is indicative of bait-and-switch tactics.
  • See if you can get refunds – Circumstance’s change. At times, you may not be able to make the city trips that you so eagerly looked forward to. At other times, the tour operators might call off the city trips due to circumstances out of anyone’s control, such as a coronavirus outbreak. Make sure the terms of the city trips offer a clear refund policy for such eventualities.
  • Buy from a reliable voucher listing site – Many online platforms offer you various city tour voucher options. Of course, you can get them from these sites. Fact is, some even offer voucher codes that you can while you’re out booking your city trips. However, you must also make sure that the sites are reliable and do not commit fraud.
  • Read reviews online if necessary – Many a time, we become sceptical about a subject, particularly when it comes to travelling to the place. Will it be worth it? Are the vouchers genuine? If you ever find yourself in such a dilemma, there is no better way than reading through a few online reviews. These help you figure out the essence of the trips through various customers. Their experience helps you a great deal while making your decision.

Following the above tips will surely get your perfect city tour vouchers in no time. However, just as we said before, pay attention to the details, especially on what it includes and what it doesn’t. Consider the vehicle on offer, whether an experienced guide accompanying your city trips, where will the city trips stop for lunch, and other factors, down to the minute detail. Most city trips package offers the same thing, but the costs differ greatly. So, choose wisely!

Question & Answer

Which is the best Dubai city tour package?

The best city tour packages are something that suits your taste. However, in general, a perfect Dubai city trip would be the one that takes you to all the major destinations in the city. The major destinations include world-famous landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s only seven-star hotel- Burj Al Arab, the Frame, and many more as such. Apart from these, some other destinations that the best Dubai city tours cover include popular malls, historic destinations, and a traditional boat ride – an ‘Abra’ as the Arabs call it. Dubai being the epitome of world-class shopping, we cannot leave out places like Gold Souq and Dubai Mall when it comes to the best city tour package.

What is included in the Abu Dhabi city tour?

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, offer several interesting hot spots for tourists. Thrill-seekers find themselves at home at the Ferrari World theme park. The Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque attracts those interested in art and architecture. The Qasr al Hosn is a landmark 18th-century fort that encapsulates the history of the region. The Yas Water world and Corniche Beach are two other popular attractions. The best Abu Dhabi city tour covers all these places at much more. It would also include visiting some of the famous restaurants in the region to taste the delightful local cuisine. Use our UAE search engine to identify cheap Abu Dhabi city tour, which covers all the popular tourist hot spots in the region.

Where to buy city tour vouchers online in the UAE?

Indeed, you can buy them from several sites online. However, if you’re looking out for a smart, superfast, and reliable search engine, then you’re at the right place. Our product search engine lists several city tour vouchers. Better yet, you can use our filter and comparison function to compare each tour on its merits and identify the best city trip vouchers across the city. With so much, our shopping search engine assures you that you’ll find vouchers that suit your tastes, preferences, budget, and time frame. Besides, the voucher options listed on our site are always live and popular.

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