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About Car Vouchers

A car voucher offers deals on vehicle rentals and car valet. A standard one discloses the price and other terms of the offer. Many service providers offer a car voucher as a means to attract new customers. The customers pay upfront and get a discount for it.

A car hire voucher and voucher for car valet offers attractive discounts and excellent value for money offers on basic activities. Car hire is the most comfortable, convenient, and flexible way to travel around the Emirates, spreading the places. Alternatively, if you own a car, a voucher for a car valet offers you attractive deals to clean and maintain your vehicle. Many valets offer a discount in the form of voucher coupons as part of their promotion strategy. Our UAE search engine lists all these vouchers. We make sure the vouchers are genuine current and offer real value for money.

Different car hire vouchers to choose from

The best car hire vouchers are Thrifty voucher, Sixt voucher, and Hertz voucher. A voucher for a car valet is also very handy and offers good utility. Today, if available, public transportation may be crowded or may not take you where you want to go at the required time. Likewise, taxis are costly and again unreliable. Hence, hiring a car using a car voucher is an affordable and convenient way to travel within the city and other parts of the Emirates. Whether you aim for a sightseeing trip, a shopping trip, an adventure trip, a trip to the desert, they are ideal. Considering the deprecation costs and the hassles of maintaining vehicles, it makes sense to opt for a car hire voucher over owning a car, even if you are a permanent resident.

Thrifty voucher

Thrifty is one of the oldest car rentals in the UAE. The company has been offering both short and long term car rentals for 40 plus years. Also, these thrifty voucher holders may approach any of the company’s 52 locations spread across the emirates. Moreover, a thrifty voucher counter is an open round the clock at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah airports. Note that thrifty car rentals’ top car models include Chevrolet Spark, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Dodge Carrier, Mazda 6, Hyundai Tucson, and more. Also, thrifty ranks among the most economical car rental in Dubai for all car models.

Sixt voucher

Sixt offers premium cars at affordable rentals and unbridled flexibility. A convenient Sixt rent a car branch exists in most parts of the world, including international airports. Also, a Sixt website offers a quick-and-easy booking process, allowing customers to select the car of their choice. Plus, most of the Sixt rental cars are new, with the average age of a rental car just three months old. Plus, they come with attractive terms, like unlimited miles on standard vehicles, 24×7 customer support, and liberal cancellation policies. At the same time, you can buy a voucher for a Sixt car rental from our online store in Dubai. Moreover, these Sixt vouchers offer attractive discounts and great deals that make Sixt rentals an even more attractive proposition. So, get an attractive Sixt voucher from our best shopping search engine.

Hertz voucher

Hertz has 20 car rental branches spread across the UAE, including twelve in Dubai alone. Additionally, these Hertz car rentals offer the best way to explore Dubai. Indeed, Hertz offers an extensive fleet, with a wide range of full-option and feature-rich cars. Also, the fleet scores high in safety, with regular maintenance undertaken by manufacturer-certified technicians and more. Moreover, you can get transparent pricing with no hidden charges and flexible options that make Hertz a favourite among car renters in Dubai. Luckily, there are different types of Hertz vouchers available in Dubai. Get the best Hertz voucher from our online store Dubai.

Voucher for car valet

The most popular voucher are rental cars vouchers, which offer attractive discounts and other special offers on car hire rates. The other popular type of car voucher is a voucher for car valet. Car valet vouchers offer attractive discounts on car cleaning and detailing. Depending on the offer’s terms, the voucher for car valet delivers cleaning of windows, mirrors, wheels, vacuuming of the interiors, full-body car shampooing, and more. Professional cleaning using high-pressure hoses and steam cleaners deliver a thorough job and extends the cleaning to the engine, frame and wheel arches. Buy a car wash voucher online UAE from our online store Dubai. Our online search engines offer a host of cheap vouchers for all purposes.

Tips on how to buy Car Vouchers Online in the UAE 

Buying a car voucher is not a simple task of sorting the available vouchers in price and selecting the lowest priced voucher for your dates. The restrictions, terms and conditions, and add-ons make pricing complex. Insurance is another complication. Some car rental agencies include basic insurance in the rate, with only optional extra protection. Others may consist of insurance as an add-on. When buying a voucher for a car valet, compare the offered services. Always compare vouchers on the same pane. Use our cheap shopping website to compare vouchers based on cost, expiry dates, and other filters. Last but not least, make sure the selected car voucher has not expired. Many vouchers come with a time limit. Here are some quick tips for purchasing a car rental voucher online.

  • Price – Look for any hidden charges in the car voucher. Many vouchers offer attractive rates and then include add-ons mentioned in the fine print. Opt for car hire providers who offer transparent break-up prices and do not lure customers with bait and switch tactics.
  • Terms and conditions – Do blindly follow an attractive discount offered by the car rental. Look into the fine print for any restrictive terms and conditions. At times, penalties or charges for non-compliance with a very restrictive condition may exceed the advertised offer’s gains. Also, look at the fuel policy.
  • Add-Ons – The car hire’s price is often only one part of the total cost. Consider the cost of add-ons, such as GPS, insurance, and other costs. Most of these add-ons are optional. Pick an option that can offer you more discounts and perks as compared to the total cost.
  • As a rule, pick and drop – Opt for a cause archer, which offers a drop at any location within the country or the same city. This offers you the flexibility to drop the car off at your most convenient location, which may not always be the place where you took the car.
  • Travel outside the emirates – When availing of a car hire voucher in Dubai, consider your hire’s purpose and check whether the car hire agency allows it. Some car vouchers may not allow taking the car to next door Oman. Others may have restrictions on travelling within the emirates.

After careful consideration of all inclusions and exclusions and comparing it with other available vouchers, buying a car voucher gives you the best bang for your buck. You get a car voucher that suits your specific need at a great price. On, you can also find many other vouchers, including a discount or gift vouchers for special occasions, photography or leisure activities. Here you can also compare products from different brands and sellers to make the most practical gifts and gadgets per your needs and budget.

Question & Answer

What is a rental car voucher?

A rental car voucher is a coupon for renting a car. Renting a car is the best way to explore Dubai or even go around the city for essential chores such as shopping. Many car rental companies, such as Thrifty, Hertz, and Sixt, offer attractive vouchers through our product search engine. A voucher car rental offer gives you access to your preferred model and unbridled freedom to go where you want to go or when you want to go. Most of the time, such vouchers, purchased in advance, come at a significant discount compared to walk-ins. Since the customer commits to the car rental agency in advance, they get a discount. Car rental agencies offer deep discounts or other attractive terms through car vouchers during the lean season as part of a promotional strategy.

Which is the best car voucher to buy?

The best car voucher to buy depends on your needs and the time. Most car vouchers are helpful at a specific time of the year. When there are not many car rentals, the rental agencies offer coupon vouchers with attractive discounts during the lean season. They find it operationally better to keep their cars running on a no-profit basis than suffering losses by maintaining idle vehicles. Car valets go by the same principle when they offer a voucher for car valet at discounts. Use our cheap shopping website to compare all available car categories, prices, and coupons. Our product search engine lists the latest car vouchers and offers the best deals. The site offers over 500 brands and shops products, curating the best and most current deals.

Where to buy a car voucher online in the UAE?

The best place to buy a car wash voucher online in the UAE is our product search engine. We offer a car voucher host, including rental car vouchers such as Thrifty voucher, Sixt voucher, and Hertz voucher. Our cheap shopping website also lists a wide selection of vouchers for car valets. Explore now to choose a car voucher that offers the best value in convenience, utility, and low cost. Compare offers from a wide selection of brands and shops, and take steps to highlight the best offers on the top. Unlike many other sites, we do not highlight offers that have expired. You are guaranteed a genuine car voucher with us, which will always be honoured by the service provider.

Our Dubai search engine lists the best car voucher for sale online in the UAE. The site lists a host of vouchers, including voucher car rentals and vouchers for car valets. These live and current coupons deliver the best deals and offer excellent value for money. Use our UAE search engine to pick up the best car voucher for sale online UAE!