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About Money Banks

Do you know that the oldest find of a money bank dates back to2ns century BC? It was from the Greek colony Priene, Asia Minor. This bank featured a shape of a miniature Greek temple with a slit in the pediment.

Today’s money bank is much different from this very first ancestor of the group. The most recent ancestor of money banks is usually made of porcelain and ceramic. They are painted and serve as pedagogical devices to teach rudiments of saving and thrifts to kids early. But for adults, there have been some major advancements in money banks. They incorporate an electronic system that calculates the amount of money deposited. Some come with separate sections for inserting coins and keeping the bills separate from coins. Plus, there is variety in the material used, the method of money insertion and other features.

Basic types of money-saving boxes

Money boxes have been around for thousands of years. Since the introduction, they are helping people to store and hide money in different forms. Previously they were shaped with durable material and a hole to put money in. However, with time, the design evolved exclusively. The basic design of money boxes includes a slot for putting money into the container. But The ways of taking money out have changed. You don’t necessarily need to destroy the money box to take money out. Now you can use digital or key locks to open the boxes and take money out. Here are some common types of these money storage boxes that you can see around you.

Ceramic/Porcelain fireproof money safe

These boxes are made of different types and combinations of ceramics. Commonly these types of boxes are ideal for kids at an early age. These are the most common and famous types of money boxes. You can find colourful piggy boxes made of ceramics. Generally, these ceramic and porcelain figurines are used to hide money in plain sight. Therefore today, you can also find them in the shape of simple decorative pieces. They are generally more vulnerable to breakage with a hit but are fireproof and keep your money secure easily without much effort.

Tin cash boxes with locks

The development in melting and reshaping of metal led to advancements in different daily use products. A money box is, therefore, no exception. However, money boxes are generally used for donation collection. Typical, these tin boxes look like larger tin cans with a lock on the outside. They have a slot on the top for putting money on it. You can also find them with combination codes. Today many highly durable tin boxes look like miniature safes. This mini safe can be seen in public places, or the advanced versions are used in 7-star hotels for guest to keep their precious stuff in there.

Digital storage cash box with a slot

Digital money boxes are the 21st-century version of the piggy banks that we used in our childhood. Here the designs vary greatly, and you can find them in the shape of a mini-safe or an ATM. Just like everything else around us, these money boxes have come with digital locking features. Hence you will need to enter a code to open these boxes. Some of the boxes also have features to display the amount you put into the money box to know how much is inside. And these boxes are not limited to adults for use. You can also find them in fun shapes like toys, statuary or footballs etc.

Tips on how to buy Money Boxes online in the UAE

Today, when you head to look for a money box for sale, the choices will exhaust your right away. This is because of the ever-increasing demands and expectations of the consumer and brands’ race to serve them with the best. As a result of the competition, we have dozens of brands with hundreds of best money boxes to buy. Each of the offered items is ideally perfect for one or two consumer looking for something extraordinary. But the question of how to pick the right option for you is of great importance, specifically if you are buying a money box for the first time. And here are some tips on how you can make a smart buying decision.

  • Know the needs – Going for a cheap money box will be just a waste of your money if the product cannot serve your needs. This is important if you are an adult and need a money box for serious money securing needs.
  • The age of user – Money boxes for toddlers or kids are different in shape, material, and other specifications as of the money boxes for adults. Therefore you must consider the age and expected needs of the user before you head to buy a money box.
  • The brand – Brands are important when it comes to buying products like money boxes. A top brand will also offer you a durable product that will secure your money well and stay longer than ordinary make and material.
  • The price – With the right brand comes high quality and a bit increased price. But these additional bucks are worth investing. However, a bit of market search can save you from a lot of hassle and time of buying a new product soon again.
  • Product specifications – Money boxes these days have become advance. There are more and more features incorporate into these boxes. Therefore it is important to read the product descriptions section to know the hidden features of products before you buy them.

Here at, you can find the most variety of money boxes for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a piggy bank, unicorn style money back, or a Barbie styled money saver for your toddler; you can find all. Plus, there is a wide collection of money banks for adults that you can find at with just one click. Enjoy the endless exploration and make a sound investment by buying products from reliable manufacturers and sellers online in UAE.

Question & Answer

Which money box for toddlers?

A money box gadget for toddlers must be durable, lightweight and fascinating enough to provoke them to spend more time paying attention to adding buck into the money box. Some of the best-selling items you can buy for your toddler include HUSAN Great Gift Toy for Kids Code Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Save Money, Digital Coin Bank, Amago Piggy Bank, and Classic Dubble Bubble Gumball Coin Bank.

Are money boxes necessary for kids at an early age?

Money boxes are not a basic necessity for living and have no role in the essential growth and development of the mind and body of a growing kid. But when it comes to adopting good habits, specifically associated with money, spending and investing, money banks are important. They can help teach kids about money management and learn its importance through experience. Therefore it is a good idea to imbue a sound habit of saving money rather than spending it on tempting things.

Where to buy a money box online?

Some of the best brands you can buy with trust are Jssmst, Money Boxes, SentrySafe, MMF Industries, Sparco, and First alert. And is a one-stop solution where you can find all these brands with a single tap and many other products that fall under gifts and gadgets. Plus, this is where you can also use the unique price comparison tool to find reliable products within your budget or price limit. Plus, you can review the amazingly endless options before making a final decision.

What is the best money box?

Today the market offers a wide collection of money boxes for people of different ages, needs and personal preferences. Some of the best selling items that you can consider buy include  SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box with Key Lock, the Kyodoled Medium Cash Box with Money Tray, Small Safe Lock Box with Key and Cash Drawer, and  INFUN Cash Box with Money Tray and Lock, Durable Large Steel Money Boxes for Adults. Besides, there are many other options you can explore and choose from.

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