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It is no older than a couple of decades that the light bulbs were just light bulbs, no matter what is the budget, demand or taste of the users. There was fewer as no options in lighting gadgets. The only modification time gave was the freedom to select a voltage.

But time changed, and so did the technology of lighting gadgets, including bulbs. Today we have a variety of colours, shapes, voltage and much more that fall under two major categories of modern light bulbs namely LEDs and CFLs. And surely these two have put incandescent lighting to shame. Today these are the most energy-efficient options that can last for years or even decades. In the meantime, the price has played its role. There is a clear decreased and increased efficiency and popularity of the LED light bulbs. As a result, the incandescent light bulbs are entirely phased out because they are doing nothing else than a waste of energy that can be saved with an LED bulb. And this is why you must also opt for LED light-up gadgets for your home and office. And before that here is what you may need to know.

Everything you need to know about automated LED light gadgets

From colour bulbs and gadgets to smart wall panels and switches, smart lighting products are the famous smart honey entry point. With a lot of amazing smart lighting products, one can easily get tempted to fill the whole house with a big or small light gadget. And maybe you should do it because there is a lot to be said for an entire-home connected light setup with benefits like automated vacation-mode lighting or Wi-Fi operated colour-changing bulbs for parties; there is massive technology in LED light gadgets available in the market. But before you start filling the shopping cart, there is much to know about these light gadgets. Here is some of that crucial information you need to skim in your mind.

You will need to pick a platform

The first thing is to decide what platform you would like to use to control your LED lights. Most of the options available online come with their own control apps that let you group the light together to schedule them to turn off and on at particular times. Do you still want to smarten up more than just your lights? If it is so, you will want to consider a wider smart home platform that can handle varying devices you might end up using. Here is the best idea to pair your smart light with voice assistance. You can consider a Good Assistant, Alexa or Siri, each comes with compatibility and options. With such options, you can take complete control over the light and other smart gadgets at home.

You might need a hub for your smart bulb

The varieties of smart lighting gadgets are endless, and there are chances that you might need smart hubs for your bulbs. There are many smart lights that use wireless transmission to receive or send signals and to get many other matters done. Some options come with built-in Wi-Fi to connect directly with your router. IT allows you to control the devices remotely using an internet connection. Whereas others might use Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone if you are in 50 feet range. To control them from a further distance, you will again need a Wi-Fi hub. So better is to consider using the Wi-Fi-based blubs to save money and time.

They are cheaper than you think

Surprisingly, these smart bulbs are much cheaper than they are believed to be. The recent advancement in technology has led to rising efficiency standards. Whereas the market-moving government subsidies spurred the industry into action. It led to the introduction of many options in the lighting aisle. This competition helped to reduce the price of smart LED, while the demand from consumers incentivized the innovation in the industry. As a result, the LED got better and cheaper too as of what it was previously. So, today you can find a standard LED bulb with a price as low as $15 per bulb. However, as you step up in technology the price will increase automatically.

Consider bulbs plus plugs and switches – all are important

The time when you head to shop for smart lights, you will find a lot of options in terms of price, brands, and much more. No matter how smart shopping you have in your cart, if the blubs differs from the plugs and switches you already own at your place (home or work), the blubs will be useless. Therefore you must consider all three elements, switches, plugs and blubs. They should be compatible with each other. Even in plugs, you can find plenty of options in the price range of $20 or less. With a nice plug, you can use the same bulb even with a lamp and can turn it on and off with voice. These small features can add uploads of comfort in using the smart bulbs.

Tips on how to buy Lighting Gadgets online in the UAE

With innovation and development in technology, life has changed dramatically. More and more people are looking for life easing options in their daily life matters. Meanwhile, the lighting industry has made massive progress in the past few decades. As a result, now we can see a lot of cheap lighting gadgets for home and office, equipped with advanced technology like voice recognition and remote management. However, these overwhelming amounts of options have made the buying process a bit tricky. Therefore we are here to help you make your best-led lights bulbs for kitchen shopping the best experience of your life.

  • The size of the area – In simple words, the lighting gadgets for sale come with different power/lightning capacities. The size or capacity of the gadget depends on the space or area you want to adjust it in. Therefore know the size of space where you want to install the gadget plus, how much light you need.
  • The power source voltage capacity – By power source we mean the source that will facilitate the electric current to the lighting gadgets after installation. This can be a two-phase or three phases. Make sure you are buying products according to the supply phase in the specific area.
  • The type of technology – From smart Wi-Fi controlled lights to remote-controlled LED lights, the market offers a wide range of technologically advanced options. Before you head to buy one, make sure you have done enough homework and know what can be an ideal option according to your needs and budget.
  • Read product details – When it comes to buying online, the product description is the most important thing you need to consider. This dedicated section helps you know everything about make, model, usage and other instructions related to your product.
  • Consider brand and budget – Buying technologically advanced lighting products is a serious investment. You must be sure to invest in the right quality product. Therefore look for reliable brands to buy a lighting gadget. Consider that the price of a specific technology may vary from one brand to another.

Tech-based products come with a lot of technical parts, machines and much more. Slight malfunctions can ruin the entire system, as a result, the product becomes a useless piece acquiring space in your drawer and desk. Therefore important is to look for a reliable option that can last with you longer. A pro tip is to buy the product from top brands and with higher customer reviews. These reviews mean that the product is offering all the claimed services hence secure to invest in.

Question & Answer

Is it good to use Wi-Fi controlled lights in the office?

Indifferent to Bluetooth bulbs, the smart lightning bulbs with Wi-Fi capability connect to smart homes office hubs and other devices through a router. It allows the users to control lighting through mobile devices in different locations and the help of an internet connection. With such property, there is nothing bad in using these lighting gadgets in your officer setup. In such settings, they can be of great help in managing luminance remotely.

What are the best light gadgets for the home?

Some of the latest and best-selling items that you can consider for your home include; Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor, Wyze Bulb, Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (Color), Ring Smart Lighting System, and the Philips Hue Connected Bulb. Luckily at you can find all these products with a wide range of latest lighting gadgets for your home and office. All these products are trusted and rated as the best by users from around the globe.

Where to buy light gadgets online?

The best idea is to look for products in a reliable retail search engine online. Websites like can offer your facilities. Here you can connect with top global brands like Nilight, Cutequeen, SUPERNIGHT, Northpole Light, LE, and TaoTronics. With a one-click system, you can find dozens of products based on brand, category price and much. Therefore it helps in making your buying easier and fun with the guarantee of quality product and in time delivery.

Are led light bulbs expensive to buy?

According to statistics, LED light bulbs can last from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. This lifetime is about 5 times longer than traditional blubs in the market. But the cost comes with a combination of durability and efficiency. Therefore the production of LEDs cost more than the traditional CFLs or incandescent bulbs. However, despite the differences and the production costs, there is an increased popularity in LED bulbs for a number of reasons. Therefore there is a decrease in the price of LED bulbs to as $5 as compared to the initial number of $200 or so.

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