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So you’ve got the event details sorted? Probably, you also have your branding on fire and got sponsors queuing up to have their logos printed on everything, including the lanyards. Well, the lanyards are the actual deal-breakers. But then what the heck is a lanyard? And what exactly does it do? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Read on, and you’ll get through this jargon!

So, first things first, let’s define what precisely a lanyard is. A lanyard is typically a bit of cord that goes around your neck. It holds a badge or laminate pass. And yes, it isn’t uncommon to find these referred to as neck ribbons, neckstraps, event strings, and the list goes on. But, few people use this as a collective term for both pass and the neck strap. Regardless of what you call them, you can use these lanyards, including holding RFID critical cards to the coveted VIP and backstage passes. And you can even fully customise them, with a choice of widths, clips and attachments. In short, you can use several types of lanyards for various purposes.

The popular lanyards for various uses

Ranging from fashion brands to neck lanyards and neck straps with whistles, you’ll find a myriad of options out there. Indeed, with so many options, finding one isn’t tough after all. However, choosing the one that suits your profile might be. But, indeed, with some research and patience, you can find a model that’s a visually appealing, cost-effective, yet durable lanyard. You can commence by first exploring a few best lanyards that you can consider investing in. This increases your knowledge about the product and makes your shopping process a breeze. Check them out below.

The coolest lanyard for keys

As the name, this neck strap is apt for holding all types of keys. They have a unique nickel-plated split ring, where you usually attach an ID badge. Moreover, this ring lets you intertwine your key sets in the inner circle, thereby keeping the keys safe. Usually, the hooks aren’t strong enough to hold many sets of keys. But this keyring comes with a sturdy build that’s strong enough to endure the weight of multiple key sets. Also, the polyester materials of the lanyard make sure you can confidently attach ID cards and even mobile phones. Above all, this particular model comes in 12 colours.

The premium quality lanyard with card holder

Don’t be in a delusion that the lanyards are just for the IDs. You need these neckstraps for several other occasions. Some of their functions include holding your keys, compass, and even pen knives. The ZARIO 5 neck strap is one such model that comes in handy on various occasions. It comes in a set of five high-quality handmade polyester straps. You confidently invest in them because of their sturdy and unique build. Apart from this, the product has handmade best key lanyards to hold your ID cards. It’s true that numerous brands and manufacturers offer you different kinds of neckstraps. However, we must say that nothing beats the styles, structure and quality of the ones from ZARIO.

The dapper badge lanyards

How many lanyards do you generally need? One, two, most probably ten? Who would need fifty-five quality neck straps? Well, many of us love the versatility and the idea of having different options in hand. These straps are just the right fit for a bulk purchase. The heavy-duty and professional nature of the model makes it an ideal choice for corporate settings like employees’ badge holders. You can also secure guest tags with them. Besides, the ID holders attached to the neckstraps allow your employees or guests to slide in the ID cards easily. This is mainly because of their user-friendly dimensions. Moreover, you can also easily install thicker name tags. Above all, these neckstraps are one of the cheapest lanyard cardholders out there.

The shock-absorbing lanyard

Unlike other lanyards, this shock absorber neck strap absorbs the energy of a fall. Without any doubt, this is the safest product to own. That’s why this tag comes with a shock pack that soaks up kinetic energy. On the other hand, the non-shock absorbing neckstraps are only good for stabilisation and resistance. If a fall happens in such a case, you become the shock receiver. The shock devouring neckstraps avoid this and keep you safe. The best part is you can find them in lengths of up to six feet. Their unique shock-absorbing structure is ideal for fall-protection setups, particularly used by construction workers.

Tips on how to buy Lanyards

You’re now aware of the various types of lanyards and their uses. What next? Well, of course, you need to go ahead and purchase one. But wait! Do you have everything you need to pick the right one for yourself? We know you don’t. So, here are a few intelligent hacks that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the lanyards online.

  • Consider the wearer – Always make sure to check out the wearer of the neck strap. Depending on who would wear the lanyard, you should go for the satin polyester or high-quality embossed models. Note, you can include both of them on the luxury neck-straps list. Moreover, they’re very comfortable too. Above all, the unique shine on the straps helps you highlight the name and logo of your company.
  • See if it serves as a giveaway – Are you on a budget and want to get the best possible model? You can still choose a perfect model from tons of colours and attachments. For example, you can buy bootlace neck-straps. They’re one of the finest choices for attaching cards, keys, or USB flash drives. But make sure you pick the proper attachment.
  • Go for something eco-friendly – Indeed, polyester neck-straps are one of the most common types. However, if you wish to choose something eco-friendly, go for bamboo or straps made of recycled materials. The best thing about these straps is that they’re soft. Additionally, you can easily print on both sides. Also, this might be a perfect choice if you do not want to leave a carbon footprint.
  • Check out the available materials – Some of the common materials include polyester and nylon. Other choices include denim, cotton, elastic, neoprene and vinyl. They’re apt if you want tags for promotional events. Moreover, they allow you to print easily. Usually, people tend to use two standard techniques to print on the tags – the screen-printing and dye sublimation.
  • Consider the front clip attachment – When it comes to front clip attachments, you have tons of options to choose from. First, you should go for either a metal or plastic attachment. Metal attachments are heavy and look great. On the other hand, plastic clips are an excellent choice for you if you work in a place where you work with electricity or large magnets.

We hope the above tips and factors will help you effortlessly buy lanyards. Make sure you consider all your options before making the final decision. After all, you don’t want to buy a gift & gadget product that won’t serve your purpose.

Question & Answer

Why lanyards are called lanyards?

The origins of lanyards go way beyond the typical thought of holding your ID cards. Even though that’s among the most common uses, they still have been around for centuries. It was the French soldiers and privateers who first used these strings in the 15th century. It allowed them to keep their weapons close to them while climbing up their ships. The word lanyard actually originates from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’. The original lanyards were simple straps that people used to tie around a weapon or a whistle.

Why do lanyards have a twist?

If you’ve seen and used these straps, then you would’ve probably noticed the twist at the end of these strings. The reason why they’re twisted is that they usually lay flat on your neck while you wear them. This helps to keep the strings intact and keeps them from flipping back and forth all the time. Besides, it also makes sure that your badge stays in place on the front side. Above all, the twist helps to showcase the right side of the string where you intend to advertise your brand.

How do you make a lanyard?

Whether for yourself or to gift to your beloved, lanyards are cute and fun to make. Also, they have several uses too. So how do you make them? For that first cut out one piece of fabric. You can use your rotary cutter to measure out 3″ wide x 40″ long. Next, fold each long side inward towards the middle and iron. Then, fold the derived strip in half and iron it again. Now, you’ve created a custom bias tape. The next step is to stitch down the entire length of the open side as close to the edge as possible. Repeat along the other side. Once done, next flip the strip inside out and move the swivel hook to hang at the stitching. This allows you to close the loop. Finally, trim the dangling threads, if any.

What is the best lanyard?

The best lanyard is something that best suits your needs. Besides, it should portray high-performance and quality too. So how do you find such models online? Well, it’s simple, get yourself the branded ones. Some of the popular brands that you can buy lanyards from include Coach, Emporio Armani, MIFFLIN, Stationery King, Nike, Under Armour, Wisdompro, and Vera Bradley. There can be more authentic brands like these. You can commence your shopping drive with these brands and can find the perfect one eventually from this brand or any other. Do not forget to explore as much as you can.

Where to buy lanyards online?

You can easily buy lanyards online in UAE from various online stores. And if you want some incredible deals and discounts, you can never go wrong shopping online on Here on our product search engine , we give you the best of the bests. Apart from a wide array of lanyard selections at great prices, we also offer a smooth buying experience through our clean interface. Plus, you can compare the prices of various other gadgets with ease so that you can have an informed buying decision. Check out now! Have a happy shopping here on our superfast retail search engine!

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