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Cooking and working in the kitchen are now seen in a very different viewpoint than before. Gone are the days when it was a tiresome chore to do every morning and evening. With exciting and handy kitchen gadgets , there is very little that a person has to worry about.

It is so essential for everybody to know the basics of cooking. In case of an urgent case scenario, not knowing how to cook can be very difficult, or you might have to shell out a lot of money to buy ready meals. This is a typical instance among students and individuals who move to other countries to study or work. Thus, while trying to adjust to the new lifestyle, there is an additional task at hand too. The best way out and to avoid such a time is to try your hand in your home kitchen whenever you can. You always have your mom and dad around who can teach you at least the basics of cooking some dishes—further, it‘s upon your interest and learning. Ideally, if you know a few basic principles, it is easy to make most of the essential recipes.

Different types of the best kitchen gadgets you can buy today

One thing that comes to our rescue in the kitchen is the convenient kitchen equipment. Today‘s day and age are such that you can find something for every stage of cooking – be it a food chopper, juicer, griller or something else. They all do their bit to make the process faster and easier. It also makes it interesting to create more dishes, and as your interest deepens, the food automatically turns out well. With these in place, even a person who has had very limited time in a kitchen can easily make some super and basic dishes by themselves. Thus, it is a boon for those who don‘t mind investing some money if it gives them less hassle in the kitchen. Here are some of the different types of kitchen gadgets today.

Basic kitchen gadgets

Anything that you use for everyday cooking comes under this category. Today, there could be several more that make the job easy, and we use them almost every day. They also protect your hands and safeguard you against accidents in the kitchen, making them a great invention and investment. Some of the best ones are a kitchen knife, colander and grater, that is used almost every day. Others such as can opener, sieve, cutting board and mixing bowls also fall under the same category. Spoons, spatulas, tongs and peelers are also very handy. You might use them all, or some, depending on the cuisine you are cooking. However, most basic kitchens and homes around the world use them frequently.

Boiled egg slicer

A super invention that took everybody by storm when it was released, this one is a must-buy. You notice how tricky it is to slice a hard-boiled egg with a knife—the two critical components, the egg yolk and white separate inside while the egg is cooking. Thus, even the slimmest or the sharpest knife doesn‘t do the job well at times. Also, if you manage to do it, you always end up with bits of egg on the blade. The egg slice is a base with very thin, almost wire-like edges. You just place a boiled egg on it and bring the slicer down gently. The blades are laid horizontally across and work on the whole egg at once, separating it correctly. You can also serve it in the same.

Unique kitchen gadgets

It is not uncommon to see some different gadgets on a television show or even at a friends‘ home. There are still so many undiscovered gems today that people don‘t know about. There are perhaps not marketed well or not available in select countries. Options such as a mini cheese melting pan for instant cheese in liquid form is one. The warming butter knife is an excellent pick for those who love butter, but butter out of the fridge is difficult to apply. The pancake mould is another one that guarantees even and round pancakes each time. The avocado slicer is just like the one for an egg and works brilliantly for the delicate fruit. Another amazing one is the rotating spatula, to avoid being at the stove and stirring a pot constantly.

Kitchen gadgets for the disabled

With so many amazing choices out there, it is very fortunate that we live in an age where the disabled too, can quickly cook for themselves. Doing all tasks and making a complete meal might still be tricky for most, but some useful gadgets make it easy for them to work. The bread maker, for one, is a classic example. You simply put all your ingredients, and it will create the perfect dough. So, proving and shaping is all that is left. There are also non-slip products, adapted cutlery and perching stools that make it easy for them to work in the kitchen.

Tips on how to buy Kitchen Gadgets for your home 

Kitchen gadgets could be the best, the smallest, bigger ones or the most affordable; it all depends on what you cook and what works for you. While taking advice from someone who has been preparing for long or chefs is one, you need to make sure that the product will work for you. If it pertains to something that you end up making not too often, and it‘s pricey, you must re-consider. It is also about not wasting resources unnecessarily. Here are some tips for making your buying easier.

  • See which areas in the kitchen you require help with – You can check the most suitable gadgets for the necessary tasks. However, for something that doesn‘t feel very time consuming, it’s best to do it manually. Such stirring might not be necessary, need a particular gadget, but something like kneading flour for your bread might be handy.
  • Read online reviews about the product – Don‘t go with the first gadget you like. There are many components to kitchen gadgets, so you need to be sure. Read their reviews and try to find the best brands you are familiar with.
  • Don‘t skimp on the quality – With kitchen gadgets and something you will be using for your family meals every day, you don‘t want it to be of substandard quality. This can also mean chipping or the paint coming off, which is hazardous if ingested. So always buy only reliable products.
  • Buy from a reliable store – Sometimes, a few stores might charge you more than others; however, it helps to examine whether there are genuine sellers. This is very important, especially when the difference is sky-high. Be sure you are getting your money‘s worth.
  • Check for an all-in-one option – Many combination kitchen gadgets allow you to do many things in one. Such as, you can use a processor to chop, blend, puree, knead dough and more. This saves space also money in buying multiple ones.
  • The product warranty/guarantee is essential – With any electric gadget especially, you have to ensure you‘re getting a warranty on it and a slip/receipt for that. This will help save some bucks if it sees some faults in the coming few months or years.

There is no end to kitchen gadgets today. From the most straightforward process like chopping and stirring too, there are so many gadgets designed to make it easy. However, someone who loves to cook also prefers to be hands-on with some processes. This makes you more involved in the outcome. So, it‘s entirely your choice how you look at it. In another scenario, where you feel cooking takes up a good chunk of your time every day, then go ahead with procuring some essential gifts & gadgets .

Question & Answer

Which are the best kitchen gadgets this year?

Some of the very best kitchen gadgets make the process of working in the kitchen extremely easy these days. They also help you cook better since the process is smoother and better as compared to manually doing them. If you struggle in the kitchen, then there are hundreds of different gadgets that you can consider today to make it easy to work. Here are some of the coolest ones – OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, Tovolo Tiki Pop Molds, Benriner Vegetable Slicer, KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender, KRUPS Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder, Microplane Zester Grater, GIR Silicone Spatula Set,  G Garden Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool, Chef‘N StemGem Strawberry Huller, Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan and Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner by Home-X.

Which are the essential and cheap kitchen gadgets for the disabled?

There are some genuinely spectacular small kitchen gadgets today that you can check out if you do not have a steady hand. It is a great way to make disabled individuals feel more comfortable cooking by themselves, and it is designed for comfort too. Here are some of them – the Economy Meat Cutter Knife by Miscellaneous, Graham-Field Graduated Medicine Cup by Graham-Field Health, Cylindrical Foam Padding spoon and fork set by MISCELLANEOUS, North Coast Medical Medi-Grip Bottle Opener with Magnifier, Freedom Gas Cap Wrench by Freedom Distributors, Click & Grow Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit and The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler White.

How should you care for kitchen gadgets at home?

Different types of gadgets require different care, so they last longer. One of the essential factors is proper care and hygiene. You use all kitchen gadgets very carefully with your food, so it is necessary to be extremely cautious in this case. For one, make sure you rinse them thoroughly after each use, even if you don‘t have the time to scrub them with soap. Use a soft scrubber for non-stick and sensitive gadgets. Make sure you store them in a moisture-free place so the metal doesn’t rust. Also, ensuring that you wash them thoroughly before each use and sanitize if necessary is very crucial.

Where can you buy kitchen gadgets online in the UAE?

Kitchen gadgets are genuinely a boon, and it is imperative to consider the right one to make your kitchen operations more effective and smoother. At a time like today, when technology is at its peak, there is so much that you can use to aid your processes. If you don‘t know where to start, then is an excellent way to commence. With more than 500+ online stores under it, our retail search engine is the most effective online search platform and makes sure you get the lowest prices.

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