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One of the gadgets that categorise in the “old is gold “domain – hip flasks are still popular today. It is very common to see men, and sometimes women flaunt them at house parties and non-commercial events.

A hip flask, as the name suggests, is a non-electronic gadget that people use around their hips. The reason is basically to make any liquid more travel-friendly in terms of storage, travel and general usage. There are also similar style baby bottles today; however, you cannot necessarily categorise them under this domain. Mainly, you find hip flasks for alcohol, juices and water. The flash is designed in a way to make the storage comfortable – such as come could be for hot or cold liquids. They make it convenient to keep the beverage at a suitable temperature, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is a fantastic thing to carry on a picnic or a trek. The best part is that it fits around your hip, so it’s completely hands-free.

Different types of the best hip flasks you can buy today

The reason for buying hip flasks could be plenty. They make for excellent gifts and are preferred for pre-wedding gift packages to the best men. You can try to get their names or initials engraved on the flasks for a personalised touch! You can also gift it to a senior person if you know they are fond of their liquor. Even for your collection, flasks are excellent, and you can buy as many as you want. You never know when one might come in handy, be it for a trip or if someone needs to borrow it. You can skip carrying your regular heavy flask and pick the hip flask for a more comfortable choice. If you’re going on a holiday, definitely take one, and it will easily fit in any bag too.

Hip flasks for women

Choices such as the ladies hip flasks are new, but their popularity is growing tremendously. A lot of women also use them as a style quotient, without the purpose of carrying any liquid in them. There are also more popular variants that come with colourful straps, attachments like embellishments and more. You can also pick something to match your outfit and add a unique style factor to it. For women, the hip flasks are lighter, and the straps are even thinner. Depending on how and where you are planning to use it, you can choose an ideal one. You can also find flasks with animated characters, prints, quotes, an embroidered strap and many other exciting choices.

Alcohol hip flask

Options such as the whiskey hip flask are excellent for gifting and also to add to your collection. Some of the essential flasks are used for carrying alcohol and make the process extremely convenient. You can also use it for storage. The popularity is also because such flasks are small and fit conveniently into any bag. They don’t spill, are so easy to carry and work well for any type of liquid. They are excellent gifts for your guy gang or just for anybody who fancies alcohol. You can quickly empty a small bottle in it and carry it to a picnic or any night–out. Make sure you check out all the different types available in stores and then buy.

Personalised hip flask

If you are considering gifting someone a hip flask, it’s an excellent choice. However, you can take it to another level with engraved hip flasks. Most of the online stores from where you buy the flask will give you an option to engrave it. If not, your local utensil store or supermarket can also do the needful. Try to etch their name, initials or something fun, so they remember you. A lot of people own hip flasks, so it’s a good idea to check if they do have it before gifting one. You can choose to make it unique with some beautiful designs too, as per your preference.

Leather hip flask

For something more classic, the leather hip flask is a superb choice! This one is the regular stainless-steel flask but comes with a leather carrier. The cover is suitable to hold the flask and is also a part of the strap. If you want, you can always opt for a leather cover separately and use it for a flask you already have. A good leather case will last you long and also helps to improve the temperature control factor of the beverage it’s holding. It makes for a superb style statement with the right outfit. There are some fake variants too of the leather flask if you don’t have the budget for it. But of course, they won’t last as long and aren’t recommended for gifting.

Tips on how to buy Hip Flask

A lot of people might say the concept of pocket hip flasks is no longer in style. However, some classics never fade away, and the hip flask falls into this category. With so many beautiful options, it makes it easy to decide on the best one. Whether it is for gifting or adding it to your collection, you cannot go wrong with it. Sometimes this very factor can make it a challenge to land the best one. Here are some tips to make sure you buy the right hip flask:

  • Pick the right size – A lot of flasks range from 3 to 8 ounces, so it makes it easy to decide on the perfect one to match your needs. You can alternatively go for the standard variants, which suits most people. It is also essential to determine its use to make choosing the right size easier.
  • Go with solid material – The most common choice of material for hip flasks is stainless steel. However, you can also pick other variants. For a more pleasing appearance, the stainless steel is coated with gold, rose gold and different metallic shades.
  • Prefer to buy it online – Buying online is a great way to see everything that is available. It saves time and effort, and money too if you spot some deals. You can also read reviews and compare features, which can be exhausting to do in a mall.
  • Buy the right cleaning equipment – It is essential to know how to maintain a flask, and cleaning is a big part of that. A small and long brush is the ideal equipment, along with suitable solvents to wash the inside. You cannot fit your hand inside, so making sure you know how to get the job done is essential here.
  • Check for hinged tops – The hip flask should be handy to consume from, and in most cases, a hinged top works for this. You can also go for shot lids, which help for alcohol flasks. The ones with a funnel also make it easy to drink conveniently without spilling. Check for flasks with attached tops so they don‘t go missing.
  • A good grip is always an ideal point – The major issue with a stainless-steel flask is that sometimes it can get slippery, especially when the outer surface is wet. Thus, checking for a coated flask, such as leather or fabric, is a good idea. Alternatively, a case also works well.

The best thing about buying a flask is that you don‘t need to consider a whole lot of other factors. Most of the reliable brands have some classic choices that everybody loves. So, if you can‘t seem to the device, opting for these instead is the best thing to do! You can also check for flasks without the straps so the person can carry it in their hand and not be bound by the holder. It would be wise to get in touch with their close friend or spouse to understand their convenience before you go ahead and buy.

Question & Answer

Which are the best hip flasks for sale?

While the classic stainless-steel or the silver hip flask, as it’s popularly known, is something that has been around for ages, there is more to explore today. The best thing is you can buy something that is personalised and works for your personality. If you don’t know which is the best one today, here are some fantastic choices – Stanley Classic Flask, Jacob Bromwell Vermonter Flask, Snow Peak Titanium Flask, Izola ZYX Flask, VSSL Compact Camp Flask, Ted Baker hip flask and shot cups and Rex London garden birds hip flask.

Which are the popular hip flasks for wedding gifts?

It is a well-known fact that something such as hip flasks make for classic wedding gifts. Everybody loves them, and you can get a get for something extravagant too. There are also choices for a couple of hip flasks today, and they will make for ideal wedding gifts. If you’re looking at gifting someone a hip flask, consider these – The GlenDronach and Walker Slater hip flask gift set, Savage Round Hip Flask with Transparent Glass Window, Erik Magnussen Hip Flask, Hord Rust leather hip flask, The Pocket Hip Flask Company, rose gold bangle hip flask, Areaware Liquid Body Flask, Miscellaneous Goods Co. Ceramic Flask, Ettinger Sterling Flask and GSI Outdoors Boulder.

How much do hip flasks hold?

Most of the standard hip flasks can conveniently hold around 8oz of alcohol, which works to approximately five shots. However, for a longer journey, you can consider a bigger flask. Here, it is essential to understand that the bigger flasks will hold more but will be more substantial too. So, for something like a trek or picnic where you will be carrying the flask over long stretches, this wouldn’t be the ideal thing to do. However, for a road trip or for gifting, it would work well. If you don’t know if it’s the right choice or not, then you can consult with a friend. You can also read online reviews, as most of them will state what the ideal use of the flask is.

Where can you buy a leather-wrapped stainless steel hip flask in Dubai?

Do all your research before buying a hip flask if you’re not too familiar with them. The little points go a long way in picking the right one, whether it is for yourself or the purpose of gifting. One thing is they are undoubtedly convenient, and you will end up using yours for way longer than you think. Online shopping is an easy way to pick one, and you can always check This terrific product search engine is one of the best and will make your shopping experience very easy!

Brands such as John Lewis, Pewter, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Hennessy, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Glenfiddich are some of the best – you can find it all or more gifts & gadgets on our shopping platform –

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