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It’s a shame if you still hold on to conspiracies that the world was flat, in this 20th century. Otherwise, you’d want to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office with an excellent world globe. Globes are something unique that can mesmerise you with its beautiful construction. But, remember that not all worlds are the same. In this article, we shall highlight the various types of globes and a few quick tips to buy the best globes online.  

Most of us see these round structures as the perfect models of the Earth. And of course, why wouldn’t you! After all, you can view the enticing pictures of trees, seas, glaciers, mountains, rivers, and geopolitical boundaries with just a single spin. Indeed, you can quench your thirst if you fancy yourself travelling around the world. That said, we can confidently state that world globes are not only educative but also serve as thematic enhancements of the room. Based on their design, you can place them in the kid’s room, your basement, office space, or even in your living room. If you wish to buy one for yourself, then you’re at the right place. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of various world models that you’ll love to the core. So read on!   

The various globes that you’ll love   

From historical, inflatable, levitating, to relief, educational, magnetic, and puzzle models, the list is endless when it comes to the types of globes out there on the market. You’ll find a plethora of world models that spins for a moment if you give them a good, hard nudge. But, there are so many that, they might spin indefinitely. Some illuminated models have become so popular that you’ll be put into a dilemma when you set out to purchase them with their sheer number of options. Which is why it’s imperative to keep a keen eye on the details, characteristics, and features of each model. Below we’ve compiled a list of fantastic globes that you can consider investing in.   

The best snow globe gifts  

It’s a fact that a snow globe makes a wonderful decoration in your homes. Whether you intend to fill in an empty spot on a coffee table or wish to keep them as a mantelpiece, there’s nothing more festive as the globes are. Besides, they also make up for ideal presents. So, if you’re in search of some gifting ideas, then you can indeed include them in. But, make sure you pick some quirky designs. For example, if you want to add a touch of festive decor to your personal space then go for world model with Christmas scenes. Not only does this model make an ideal Christmas gift but also enhances the interiors with its fantastic designs. You can easily buy snow globe online these days.  

The perfect world globe gifts 

Did you know that the only true map of the Earth lies in the spherical globe? We bet you didn’t! It’s true because this world model lives up to its name. The distances, directions and relationships between the areas marked in the map aren’t distorted. Moreover, there are various benefits of having the world globes. One of the obvious ones is the correct, three-dimensional representation of the Earth. Moreover, this three-dimensional model helps you accurately study the entire world. Also, the visual precision in terms of shape, distance, and size allows students to create an accurate mental picture of the locations. And yes, these days you can buy big globe online effortlessly.   

The best spinning globe 

In general, most world models sit on an axis that runs through the North and South Poles. This allows you to spin them as the Earth spins. However, some globes are a step ahead and spin without any impetus under solar power. Similarly, some models sit on an axis that they continue turning long after you set them in motion. Indeed, you can find several types of these spinning globes online. But, when it comes to spinning globes, you cannot beat the Magic Creations from MOVA International magical creations. It features ambient light and torque from the Earth’s magnetic field. Similarly, there’s another option. However, this huge globe beautifully sits on the axis that its smooth spinning is a sight to behold.  

The Magic globe aquarium 

If you want to buy globes that add a twist to your interiors, then there’s nothing better than the Magic aquarium balls. They provide mind soothing yet visually spectacular aquatic showcases. It comes with a sealed top that’s filled with water. It also has waterfalls that’s placed on the side openings. The running water from the waterfalls goes through a self-contained filtration system. It cycles clean water back to the aquarium. This world model also has an LED system that projects a light spectrum. This makes the Magic globe glow in the dark and becomes crystal ball in the night. Another such example is the Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit.  

Tips on how to buy Globes online

Now that you know their various types buying the globes might seem like an easy job. Of course, it is! But, the globe as a gift needs a little more attention before you make the final call on your pick. It would be best if you had a few smart hacks in hand to make sure that you’re buying the apt product. Below we’ve compiled a few such tips that you can keep in mind while purchasing globes online.  

  • Explore their types – From the inflated to the illuminated and handmade; there are a plethora of globes out there in the market. Which is why it’s crucial to explore the various types of world models before you buy them. Try and understand their features and characteristics.
  • Keep an eye on their designs – Remember, there are not only world models. You can find other designs of globes too. For example, you can see the moon on some, planets or other stars as well. Similarly, many others show a particular city, island, or even a country mapped out on the surface of a sphere. Apart from that, there are aquariums, crystals, and gemstones too.
  • Size is vital – The balls come in a variety of sizes. They can range from the size of a marble to the size of your room. Some of the available sizes include the miniature styled, pocket, small, and desktop, floor, and substantial sized. Makes sure you pick one that suits the space. You do not want something that’s too big nor too tiny.
  • Check out the colours – Globes are one of the best interior décor items. And, of course, when decorating one of the most critical considerations is colour. Luckily, you can find the balls in all types of colours out there. You can find the classic blue world design colours; then there are those in pink, clear crystal and more. 
  • Know the purpose of use – Understanding your intended purpose for the globe is also essential. It is important to understand that typically the larger the world, the more information contained. If your main objective is to gift them, then keep an eye on their designs. Go for enticing makes and unique designs.  

Bottom line, selecting these world models ultimately boils down to what you will be mainly using it for. You now know that these days, you use the world model not just for educational purposes, but as decorative pieces as well. Which is why it’s imperative to keep in mind what you want them for when selecting them online. You don’t have to spend a lot on a globe with precise and accurate details if you are going to place it on top of a table. 

Question & Answer

Is a snow globe a good gift?

Indeed it is! There are several reasons to prove why snow globes are fantastic gadgets to gift any of your loved ones. Being beautiful is, of course, the most ultimate and convincing reason to pick them as a gift. But there’s more. They’re not just a mere beauty alone, but enhances the look of an entire place. And it’s a snowball from a different city, then that adds an entirely different meaning to your gesture of love.

How much is a snow globe?

At this point, you know that there are several kinds of these beautiful balls available everywhere. Each comes with a specific design, style, shapes and features. Now, this indicates that they’re priced at different values too. Today, you can find a wide variety of them at different price ranges. Some models might cost you as much as several thousand dollars. However, ideally, you can get a decent-sized, beautiful globe gift from AED 50 up to AED 500 and more.

How to beautifully gift wrap the globes?

Globes are a tricky piece of gift to wrap around, as most of the time you encounter only square-shaped gifts that you can wrap quickly. Well, a few smart tricks can help you wrap up the balls easily. First and foremost, make sure that you can get enough gift-wrapping papers to wrap the ball. Ideally, it’s best to go for fabrics, as the paper might tear off easily when trying to cover the round structure. By the way, one of the easiest ways to wrap them is to slip the balls into a box and then wrap them in the same as you wrap the other gifts. Add in some innovative ideas.

What are the best globes to gift?

As mentioned earlier, you can find several types of globes out there. However, there are a few makeups to the best gifts. Snowballs, world globes, and magic globe aquariums make up for the best gifts. Well, this doesn’t mean that you should go for other options. You need to make sure that whatever you buy has good quality and sturdy designs. Check out the brands like Amosfun, VOSAREA, Fun Express, Mova, Bradford, Exchange, Educa, and Borras offer you some of the best.

Where to buy globes online?

With high demand and popularity, today you can find all kinds of globes out there on several online stores. However, you need to make sure that you get the best quality. Do not go for unheard brands or unreliable platforms, instead choose to shop on Our product search engine brings to you some of the best gifts & gadgets collection from over 500+ online stores. Here you can explore and buy unicorn snow globe music box, buy masterpiece shimmering crystal globe and even buy floating magnetic globe all under a single roof, that too from your favourite brands.

Well, that’s all about the globes! We know that you’re already a pro. But we hope this guide has offered you the necessary insights to pick them wisely. So, without much ado, jump in to explore the options on and get that perfect globe for your loved one.