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Summers keep you indoors and bored. But of course, there’s something you can do about it. You can party! Gathering with your family and friends, sipping a glass of wine, or boozing to the core is indeed fun. But, sitting down and drinking can become pretty dreary. Hence the need for a beverage game to cheer up the experience. Irrespective of the number of participants, a drinking game never goes pear-shaped in lightening the party. In this article, we shall look at various types of economically cheap & fun drinking games that you consider buying online. Besides, we also give some useful tips to help you buy drinking games online in UAE effortlessly.

Before we explore the very many kinds of drinking games that you can play while you’re boozing, let’s check out first what exactly do these beverage games involve and how do you do it? To put it in layman terms, it’s a competition that embroils alcohol drinking when you fail to do a certain task, answer a particular question or do not fulfil the required winning criteria. Participating in beverage games is a thrilling experience. Plus, it is a reliable way of fuelling your mind, ingenuity, and emotional security. Now that you know how you can benefit from drinking games, it’s time to check out a few beverage games that are any day better than the others.

The best and easy drinking games for your next party

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find a plethora of drinking games that are suitable for every person out there. Beverage games, for example, those between partners, offer an inordinate way to liven up a relationship. It makes no difference whether you are new in marriage or have been there for a while; drinking games gives a healthier way of understanding each other. Similarly, for those who have been married for a long, drinking games for couples can enliven a romantic relationship. If you have been hunting for the best drinking games for couples, we got you covered. Below, we’ve come up with a list of erogenous and funniest drinking games offered out there on various online shops!

The drunken tower

‘Jenga’ or the drunken tower game is one of the most interesting beverage games of all. The game requires you to stack up wooden pieces carefully. In a game of steady hands, serious strategy, and seeing double, this fun beverage game demands you to stay focused. No matter how many ‘drink one or go again’ commands you pull from the tower! In short, this drinking game is an exciting twist to the classic old favourite. Remember, in this game, the last player to take a turn without collapsing the tower wins the game! Indeed, it guarantees a good time and a good shot for all members playing the game. And yes! You can call it one of the best drinking games for adults out there boozing.

The beer pong

Also known as Beirut, beer pong is a drinking game where, as players, you need to throw a ping pong ball across the table and try to land it in a cup of beer on the other side. The game usually consists of opposing teams of two or more players. Each player side has 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. Once you have this set, each team then takes turns to land the ping pong balls into the opponent’s cup. If a ball ends up in one of the cups, the opponent must consume the contents of that cup. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent team’s cup is the winner.

The monopoly drinking game

Monopoly alone is a fun game. Add a few more rules, and it turns into your favourite, best, and cheap drinking board game. So, how do you turn your regular monopoly into a fun-filled beverage game? Play the game as usual, but just add a few additional rules. While playing the game, drink once when you land on someone’s property. Similarly, drink three times if your co-player owns all of that colour. Take a short if you land at a hotel. You could also consider finishing your drink to get out of jail. Similarly, you can add many such rules to make your drinking monopoly game fun and thrilling.  

The dice drinking games

Snappa, commonly known as beer die, is a table-based beverage game. In this game, the opposing players sit or stand at the opposite ends and throw a die over a particular height. Remember, the rule is to try and land the die in the opponent’s cup. You can also have the die hit the table and bounce over a scoring area to the floor. The defended team should try to catch the die one-handed once it touches the table. The game usually requires two-player teams, with each of them having four players and designated cups on the table. However, you can also play them one-vs-one. You define a beer die thrower by three essential attributes – the offence, defence, and stamina.

Tips on how to buy Drinking Games

Regardless of the number of people you are inviting, nothing can beat the joy of drinking games. With many drinking games available in the market, getting the best one can be daunting. If you have been struggling to get the best drinking games without success, we are here to guide you. Here is the list of factors to consider before buying any of the drinking games online. They include:

  • Look at the cost – While shopping online, price is an important factor to consider. You must certify that the deal you procure is the best offered in the market. Make sure you check numerous sites to compare the charges of different drinking games. You can as well look into bonuses offered in some online stores which you can benefit from. Logically, you stick to your budget to avoid lavishness. Remember, offers the best drinking game for every budget.
  • Consider the method of payment – To finalise the acquisition process, you will be required to pay for your favourite product. With several payment options available like PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, etc., make sure you check out the payment options provided on that given online store and choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Check out the eligibility – Depending on the set of drinking games you are looking for, site eligibility is an important factor to look into. Numerous online stores offer various varieties of goods but not all deliver all types of goods. To prevent scam, it’s advisable to check whether the site you are stopping at is eligible to vend these products.
  • Consider your convenience – Some online sites are easy to navigate while others are difficult to navigate. So it would be best if you chose an online store that permits you to browse through their goods in a relaxed and more resourceful way. The checkout course must also be smooth and candid to enable you to go through your shopping minus third-party assistance.

A drinking game is a must-have if you want your party to be jovial. For those hunting for the best drinking games to enliven a party, we believe in following the above tips; you can now make an educated decision. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at! Home page. Otherwise, have blissful online shopping!

Question & Answer

What drinking games can you play with dice?

It makes no difference whether you plan to spend time with your best friends or host a cocktail party. Drinking games are always full of gratification. With several drinking games out there, choosing the best one is somehow challenging. If you are looking for drinking games to play with dice, we got you covered. We have selected some of the best drinking games you can play with dice. They include; the Yohtzee drinking game, which is one of the prominent dice games. This game can be played either by a large or a small number of individuals. Six cups is a cool drinking game that a maximum of 6 individuals can play. This game doesn’t need too much space. Seven eleven Double is a perfect drinking game for a large number of individuals. Explore to explore more of the same. 

What drinking games can you play with cards?

Are you considering having some fun over the night with some of your best friends? If so, here are the preeminent card games you can play, minus putting down your beverages. They include; King’s drinking game, which is the most popular game ideal for many people. Beermid is a simple drinking game that everyone can play. The Bullshit is the hottest drinking game to play. It’s doesn’t need a large group of participants. – A cross the bridge is another simple card game to play that doesn’t encompass many guidelines. Totally Tober, the Buzzed drinking game made purposefully for adults so perfect for adult-only merriment. The last call is the most straightforward drinking game, which everybody can play. Its rule is uncomplicated. Explore our online search engine for more details.

Where to buy drinking games online in the UAE?

These games are available in both local and online shops. If you want to acquire the best, online shops must be considered. Do you know why? It’s because more than a thousand online stores are offering a huge variety of goods. With numerous stores giving bonuses, you can treasure quality products at a low price. Getting unstandardized goods is next to impossible as you have the opportunity to go through customers’ recommendations. This will give you a clear picture of what you are about to buy. For a better online shopping experience, you must visit only reliable sites. Explore and treasure a comprehensive collection of drinking games from over 500 shops and brands like Hasbro, Mattel, USAopoly, Gamewright, Wild and Wolf, etc. We also have a dedicated section of gifts & gadgets where you can explore a whole lot of other games, accessories, and gadgets. Check that out too!